Reviews for Juvenile Behavior
Qu33n of Spades chapter 3 . 7/14/2004
All right, just a couple things with this chapter. I liked it, the main character's parents are believable, real people... the first kidnapping mentioned was all right. The second one... that was pushing it, kinda like "yeah right." I'm sure it could work, just if you rephrased the whole thing about the mob boss. It makes people start thinking of the Godfather, really... but this was a good chapter, I enjoyed it, now I'm off to read some more!
Qu33n of Spades chapter 2 . 7/14/2004
Well. This chapter was as good as the first. I'm still impressed. The wussy principal is a little hard to believe, though, seeing as all the principals I've known did not get their jobs by being wussified, but everything else is fabulous. Nivola and the Winston characters are good. It would be hard to believe that everyone just took all that crap from the main character - someone needs to give it right back to him. All right, off to read the next chapter.
Qu33n of Spades chapter 1 . 7/14/2004
hey, this is pretty good. The tone is casual, real... the characters are real. Their opinions, the way they talk, everything is consistent with their attitudes. only issue is a couple of grammar things... really, not bad at all though.
Lily1156 chapter 11 . 7/13/2004
I LOVE where this is going! I honestly can't wait to read more! Please please update soon!
Lily1156 chapter 10 . 7/13/2004
I already read this chapter, and my browser wouldnt let me post a just so you know! I read it! _ Excellent btw!
ShadowsMidnightScandal chapter 11 . 7/12/2004
I love it. Hope you update soon.
Aphrodides chapter 9 . 7/8/2004
I am so stupid. I've been waiting for you to update on the story that you had before this. I didn't even realize you had started another story. I love these stories, I'm like addicted. Please update soon!
Lily1156 chapter 9 . 7/5/2004
*jumps up* MORE MORE MORE MORE! I love it so much, this story! _
Lily1156 chapter 8 . 7/4/2004
Oh my god! EXCELLENT! I loved this chapter! It was so good...I think all the people with drinking problems should read this story! _~
ShadowsMidnightScandal chapter 8 . 7/3/2004
I like that Klein and Nicole are starting to get along with each other for the moment, but Keith and Gwen can't get a seperation! Makes me sad. Hope they get everything all worked out so they all can be happy again. Update soon.
ShadowsMidnightScandal chapter 7 . 7/2/2004
Lol. Awesome chapter! Update soon.
Lily1156 chapter 7 . 7/2/2004
Poor Poor Klien! I feel so sorry for him! Its like wherever he goes, there SHE is! But I loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next! _
Lily1156 chapter 6 . 7/1/2004
Oh man, I remembered when this happened to me. My history teacher paired us up with people we hate, so that HE can get a kick out of it watching us present!
Anyways, excellent chapter! Update soon please _
ShadowsMidnightScandal chapter 6 . 7/1/2004
It's going to be very interesting to find out what happens between Klein and Nicole and too see what their book will be about. Lol. Update soon.
ShadowsMidnightScandal chapter 5 . 6/30/2004
Aww poor . Hopefully he will get to pull off one or two pranks and not get caught.
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