Reviews for The Veteran
logical-unreason chapter 1 . 7/15/2004
Though your writing is entirely unlike mine because it is lyrical and focuses heavily on emotional ties with other human beings what can I say, I fucking love it. It may sound contrived and you may think that I don't mean it but I do, I don't know how I can convey I'm a fan of what you write. I'll just keep reading and reviewing at a steady pace. (I find an overdose of twisting, complex and angsty poems can overwhelm my perception and probably ruin my enjoyment of them.)
Right well this is a simple but firey piece (Not like Ted Hughs firery, more like "I have real emotions" firery) Anything that feels of emotion can connect to other humans. Ironically the poem seems to be about trying to fight against the bubbling feelings inside of you:
"A battling emotion."
A piece about numbness fused with bitterness and confusion. I'd throw theories at what the subject emotional pain is but it would be pointless. It's probably deeply personal and as such couldn't be explained without metaphor.
Kick ass and please keep writing.