Reviews for Forever and a Day
Kymik chapter 4 . 7/15/2004
This is well written, you have a very smooth narrative and it's enjoyable to read. The characters are good and I especially like the little quirks you've given them, with relationships with one another (brittany and Terra... believe me, I've had one of those friendship "triangles") and McKenna's mixed family.
There's not a lot of conflict yet, other than McKenna's leaving in a couple months, which kind of dims down the interest level. Caleb doesn't seem overly extraordinary, which I think is your main issue. He's not good or bad, just sort of there.
Oh, and I'm just being really nitpicky when I say this (so don't mind me, really) but maybe the town's pop. should be a little higher than 1,500. With a mall and it taking 25 minutes to drive across, I'm thinking it'd be more like 10,0. Ok, I'll shut up.
cheers :)
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