Reviews for The Puppet Queen: A Tale of the Sleeping Beauty
B chapter 29 . 4/19/2012
I'm not gonna lie, that made me really depressed.
Stephanie M. Moore chapter 29 . 1/28/2012
Well, that's something, isn't it?

First of all, I love fairy tale re-tellings, and Sleeping Beauty is not a common choice. So you definitely have a creative concept. And you've layered it into this novel that seems to be first and foremost concerned with the political interplay with respect to your protagonist's personal development. She is definitely the best developed character.

She's nothing like a typical heroine. It's wonderful the transformation that you create throughout the story, and it's interesting that she is not necessarily transformed for the better. She gains her independence, yes, and saves the family that she loves, but she isn't the care-free, naive girl who used to run from the castle. The ending is almost bittersweet, because of it. (I did not see that ending coming, I must admit.)

Speaking of her characterization, I did like the way you handled her reactions to Gwydion's abuse. She bears under it, and it feels more realistic than the approach other authors take. Gwydion is a harder character to nail down. It feels like he is all over the place, and he never acts consistently.

The story drags at times during the in-depth political dialogue, but overall, the story keeps it pace. I found myself skipping paragraphs as Selene expounded upon some economic plan to save some industry... but I digress. The plot is so complex, sometimes it was hard to keep the entire scope of the story in my mind. But I think that's a great thing. You can definitely tell that your writing improves throughout the story. It was more formal and rigid in the early chapters. By the end, though, you sort of come into your own with some fantastic moments of witty dialogue. I would recommend some basic editing. There were some formatting errors in the late chapters, and a few common word mistakes (accept vs. except). And all the name changes. Otherwise, it looked good.

I'm trying to decide if the end feels neat and tidy. Most of the plot lines were addressed, though I think we could use a little more closure with the matter of Talia's parentage. Clearly, Selene has no intention of revealing it, but there are other people who know and that threat sort of hangs over the story's ending. And I have to wonder if she was truly changed for the better. Killing Gwydion felt a bit over-the-top, and she presumes to protect her sister by keeping the truth from her, a truth she decides her sister doesn't deserve. It's definitely an ending that'll make you ponder a bit...

So, this was a good story. I think it is well-written, and with some polishing could become a spectacular one. I didn't have the chance to see it before all of your fixes, but congratulations on your latest version. I hope my review wasn't too rambling/contradictory. And I may check out some of your other works. Great work!
Ashley chapter 18 . 5/26/2011
This is a very well written story. The characters seem real in their actions and you portray their struggles clearly. The only issue I have with your story is that you labeled it a romance/drama. I am at chapter 18 and have seen no romance. Your characters seem completely at odds with one another, the wife is beaten by her husband, and the husband just got the death sentence. I do not see romance in any of that. Sorry, I enjoy your story a lot but you should rethink the label "romance" becuase as of yet, there has been none.
WinterInk24 chapter 25 . 5/23/2011
I'm really wondering where you are going to lead with this story. The relationship between Selene and Gwydion. Their relationship provided for must of the angst and tension in the story to be honest.

I'm looking forward to the close up on how Selene will rule though. How she will deal with the upcoming possible war and securing her throne.

Also can't wait to read of the curse breaking. I wonder if that past...guy...ugg. I can't remember his name, but that guy that Selene first crushed on, I'm wondering if he will be the one that will break the curse. He seemed interested in figuring out what happened to her sister.

And looking forward for some Talia and Selene bonding time! Awful how Talia was conceived...wondering if Selene will eventually become bitter from it.

Some many forks and roads in this story. Great writing and intriguing characters. I love the twins. Love love love them. Really really can't wait to read of your direction in this story. Hope so hard to see an update soon. :D
Torticolis chapter 24 . 3/18/2011
Oh yes! Finally! She finally took action against him. Ugh, I'm so disappointed that he was able to slip away from his deserved punishment again. Gwydion is seriously one of the best characters ever, he just wrenches so many emotions from the reader, it's insane. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. He disgusts me, he angers me, and yet Serene has always been soft towards him. Furthermore, I even feel a slight bit of indignation and animosity towards Aurelia, on Selene's behalf, for having helped him be unfaithful, regardless of the fact that Aurelia couldn't have helped it.

Seriously brilliant story telling.
Mahina chapter 24 . 3/15/2011
Is that it? Well. Gwydion remains mystifyingly hateful to the end. The story has totally lost me. The tension between him and Selene was what emotionally drove the story, and now that it's gone I find that I could care less about resolving the rest of the plot.

Good luck. There's potential, but I think you have a lot to work out.
Mahina chapter 20 . 3/15/2011
Wait. Weren't QueƱela and Hadleigh defeated by Gwydion? Shouldn't their armies be broken and their coffers suffering? How could they be considered a threat to a kingdom when they just got trounced by a young man leading a band of mercenaries?

Some of this story I like. Some of it just isn't logical.
Sami chapter 23 . 2/2/2011
What a wonderful story! I really enjoyed it. It was wicked at times... horribly sad and tangled and surprising. Thank you! Hope there is more!

Torticolis chapter 23 . 12/25/2010
I just started finally, FINALLY having an inkling of like directed towards Gwydion and you dashed it all to hell by revealing his rape of Auroera. God I hate that character so much! Both because he's such a despicable guy and because he can play (and is playing) with Selene's emotions so easily. I understand that the rape-while-she's-still-asleep part accords to the original story told by the Grimm brothers, and I enjoyed the twist you added to it as much as I hated the fact that you added the part at all. Am looking forward to the next update!
Lady of romance world88 chapter 23 . 12/9/2010
Hey. I loved this story and its so so beautiful story. :) I am sorry to hear that Queen Selena and Prince Gwyd lost their daughter, Eve. Poor thing. :( I hope that Queen Selena and her husband will have other child someday please. *hopeful* I don't understand why Prince G kill Corrick's mother and using his wife as pawn in his plans. :S I don't understand why Prince G marry to Queen Selene to get to be king. What the reason to use Queen Selene in his plans? :S Why can't Prince G marry to Princess Auroea instead? :S OMG the curse take over the Aquira and who will be Princess Auroea's true love to break the curse? *curiously* OMG Princess Auroea is pregnant by rape :( Is it F who touch her? *grim* How dare Liam's mum insult on Queen Selene that she slept with other men beside her husband. :( Selene is not like that. Because Queen Selene loves her family so much how can she think about sex when she's worried about her family? *sad smile* I hope that Queen Selene stay at Aquia and taking control of her two kingdoms in her hands. :) I don't understand why Prince G never marry his mistress. How dare he treat Queen Selene like shit. :( I hope that Prince G suffer loneliness ang guilt without Selena's warm body and her love for him. I hope that Selena make G suffer and jealously. *hopeful* I hope that Selena admit her feelings for her husband. :) Yay that Selena is voting as the queen of two kingdoms. :) How dare Princess Q and Prince H invade Aquina. *grim* I hope that Queen Selena using her power of love, determined and offer help. :) Aww Robin got married. Yay Ophelia and Selena finally reunioned together. :) Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D I am so so interesting in this story and wants to know what happens next. :D
trustnme chapter 1 . 12/8/2010
I see a great wrinkle in your explanation of the fallen First Tree. I get that a lightning bolt killed it on the night of the twins' births, but I don't see how it could be the royal family's fault since they personally didn't cause the tree to fall.

Unless the fairies blame the royal family just because the twins' births just happened to be on the night the tree died?

So I'm really confused...
torticolis chapter 22 . 10/31/2010
Love this story. And I especially love Selene to bits. Though I hate the complicated relationship she has with Gwydion it also makes her that much more real to me. I can't wait for the next chapter and I wish the plot would move on a little faster. I'm also very curious about this fairy lover of Gwydion's who was only mentioned a few times so far; does she have any part to play in the plot (what with the nature of the curse and all). Furthermore, when is Selene going to start actively trying to find a way to save her family? I am brimming with questions (and impatience). Please keep the chapters coming.
Amarantis chapter 22 . 10/24/2010
No...I can't believe she died. And Gwydion is such a mystery; I just can't figure him out. It makes me wonder if there is such thing as a happy ending in this story.
Masquerade hide your face chapter 1 . 8/3/2010
please update all of your stories very soon!
morpheusandmuse chapter 20 . 4/3/2010
so good. showing her insecurities and unsureness gives a lot of depth to her character - befitting her age and inexperience. but she's also really strong! :) keep up the good work and bring forward the romance ;)
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