Reviews for Murmur
silverg3r chapter 1 . 8/10/2004
that was so... heartwrenching.
i loved the part about the black wings, how they disintergrated into nothingness.
and dresden's "sneak" made me laugh out load, seriously. eheh. its so sad actually.
like a little murmer that something's wrong, but yet you don't know what's coming...
you amaze me with your vocab, cos there are a thousand and one words which i am ignorant of, and don't know what they mean. i am such a fool! ah.
0808, nice date.
about special someone's... i'm quite cynical... nowadays i'm to sick of everything to even dream anymore, :( but reading your fic gives me shivers down my spine, and maybe! maybe! there's some hope XD ah. tomorrow, maybe. thanks for the information. i shall go borrow it soon - tomorrow, maybe. [wahaha]
i just wonder at what 'life's Latecomers' means... like a late awakening... sometimes i wonder what growing up really means, what loving someone means. its seems quite easy and simple to love friends, but to love someone in that special sense? -sighs*
thread of glass - so fragile yet strong at the same time? hm.
dream on. :)