Reviews for The Past Stays With You
anon chapter 2 . 12/5/2005
That was interesting. It's always nice to see what really goes on in the heads of other people. Fascinating how people always talk about the innocent love of children, when they're really only sharpening their claws. As for "I learned never to trust a girl with your feelings," that seems like a wise thing to do, but wiser still would be to trust no one. However, girls do seem to have an especially strong tendenancy toward cruelty. Perhaps they are only trying to prevent themselves from being vulnerable, and are unwilling to let their own tender hearts from be crushed. Or, we are just callous, cruel, and in our own insensitivity, consider other's emotions as simple entertainment. You decide :D ~Toadshade (please do update soon)
PunkLycan chapter 2 . 2/22/2005
Wow. This is a good story. I wonder why it isn't continued on. But maybe I'll find that out when I read "Who am I?" -shrug- You had a rough childhood. IT SUCKS being the outsider. The best times of my childhood were from.. 4th-6th grade. Though, in 5th grade my house caught on fire at 9 am new years day. Whee.. fun. I'm now in 9th grade. Life sucks.. it's great. But atleast I have track and field. I think that if there wasn't track and field I wouldn't even bother with school. I have no social life. I have exactly 1 friend.. Amelia. You reviewed her story Adrian before. Yes, we've been friend's since 4th grade. Then I moved 45 miles away from my hometown after 6th grade. So it's just been fun. I still see amelia now and then. I talk to her on the computer a lot. Another good friend who I recently met is Shiro.. we are so open with eachother... I like having someone to confide in. I dont know what it is... but I get along better with the opposite sex. I guess it's because I'm not your "true girl" I like to be "one of the guys". And yes.. I am straight. Well.. I'll stop telling you my life story now.. not like you care anyways..
PunkLycan chapter 1 . 2/22/2005
Wow, that sounds a lot like me.. Only in Pre-K I didn't pick on others.. I was the one being picked on... yeah.. my parents always called me boo.. then they called me katie-boo to get me to learn my name.. I later found out my full name... yeah.. I'm interested in why you are so secretive. Hopefully I found out as much as you say I will when I read your stories.
Rach chapter 2 . 8/9/2004
HI!. yeah I read who I am I have to say I could relate to this at bit I know the feeling that you can't really be yourself anywhere.
don't worry I wasn't offened by the stament you made about not trusting girls with your feelings though I hope you're not thinking all girls are like that.
I read that you have a sister well maybe she will understand what's going on besides being a teen can be very confusing at times but I'm sure you will get on top of it.
ok I don't know what your view on God is but maybe you like to read psalm 34 I always found it to be encouging (hope you're not offened by this)
well I truly hope that things get better for you and maybe you can begin to remove the mask.
if you are writing more on this then please update soon
see ya