Reviews for Crimson Kisses
this is my love for you chapter 1 . 12/14/2004
I am speechless...
Eirien chapter 1 . 12/12/2004
Wow, a truly impressive piece. The rhyme and rhythm work nicely, and I absolutely love the way you use nature to express emotions, the way you paint a landscape before us, transferring the cutting and all the emotions that lead to it and result from it into rivers, mountains etc., a great idea. If you want, have a look at my "Crossroads", where I do the very same thing. I think this poem is triggering becuase it portrays cutting in a solely positive way, which I can understand, yet it can have an unsettling effect on some. I can definitely relate to the urge for the crimson release, but I am disquieted by the speaker's complete acceptance and welcoming of it as a "dark type of healing" in which he/she basks. The negative aspects, as well as the fact that it is not so much a healing as a numbing of pain which will have to be repeated again and again, should not be completely ignored. But this is just a general remark and does not in any way detract from the terrible beauty of this poem, in fact any intimation of what I just said in the poem itself might detract from its powerful effect. great piece in any case.
poetic abortion chapter 1 . 11/4/2004
*Mouth hangs open* I've felt simliar but I've never truely gone this far. A beutiful and eloquent poem.
~ Noelle ~
EmeraldEyes89 chapter 1 . 9/18/2004
As I said when I reviewed this before...I absolutely love it...and does trigger...brings back a lot that I thought I had blocked out...but hey...that can be a good thing sometimes. But moving on to a lighter note,
I'll make a bargain with ya! Yes, Lovely...You can go after her...I dont care anymore...just make sure Bellah and Midnight don't get involved...Yes...Midnight was named after you...Midnight Zoicite...and they are 15...which is a bit on the weird side for me, as the time is different here and there...and with them being 15, and's a bit odd...but still, I love them. ::smiles:: Speaking of, 'Night is behind me...I just really dont wnat to know what he and his boyfriend are doing. ::shifty eyes:: Nothing worse than Rena and myself did... (::shudders at that memory::)
He has written a story, that I will be posting when I get the chance, and I am attemptig to post a poem right now, I hope that my computer is working.
Well lovely, I gotta run cuz dinner is almost finished, and I wanna make some fried rice to go along with it.
Loves ya!
PS: Yes, I did break my promise that pertains to this poem...that is what I spoke of before...the friends forever...was not the promise I Ray thought it was the blade that I spoke of. I have like 80 poems that have been written since the end of summer, after my freshman year...that I need to yeah...just a tad always. Loves ya though!
KageSora chapter 1 . 9/9/2004
I know how you feel... I have done this. I only reccommend doing this if you're considering suicide. The fact that I resorted to self-mutilation is the only reason that I dind't kill myself on a few ocassions... On my shoulders I have Kanji (Japanese comlex symbols) for blue and dragon. On my ankles, I have the Kanji for eyes, shining, dragon, and fire. ON my arm, I have too many little scars to count, and on my foot, I have the Katakana (Japanese symbol that is simple) for my name... I hope that you get better. I talk to ex-cutters, and that seems to help me a lot. I hope that you feel better in the future, and don't feel this way again...
armatageShanx chapter 1 . 8/24/2004
Slowly I sink
Drowning in strife
I gasp out for air
But become one with the knife
I liked that line!
And I liked this poem!
It describes how I feel sometimes, too. Good going! You... hit the nail on the head!
Siia Faerie chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
this was really good! i liked it alot, you showed a lot of emotion. this is similar to how i feel at times, so i could relate. keep writing, you are truly talented.
lunarghost chapter 1 . 8/16/2004
im trying to hold back the were right. that was triggering. it brings back memories of my long lonely nights and of gaining consiousness in pools of... umm...yeah. im still mooving. i hope you find serenity. its out heart goes out to you
Irish Rhapsody chapter 1 . 8/13/2004
Please don't do this. ;;_;;
Joli Assez chapter 1 . 8/11/2004
"The stars watch me sleep
A smirk to the heavens
At the sin that I keep"
i absolutely love those lines. and in times like that, when razors and knives and other sharp things are your only release, it does seem like the entire world around you knows your secret; feels you're weak. but you're not. you're just doing what you need to get by so you don't go farther. i wish this review was better for you. but, i love the poem.
-jen of joli assez
aka genesis burden
lozfairy chapter 1 . 8/11/2004
Wow, I can certainly relate to this poem, very well written. Definatly on my favourites list, keep writing,
~Lozfairy x~
tastes like love chapter 1 . 8/10/2004
That was very powerful,and well written...I can the way, it is nice to see a fellow pagan on the site!
Hope4TheDreamerz chapter 1 . 8/10/2004
that's a really intense poem. very well written ]
maybe you could write poetry as ur *release* instead of ur "crimson kisses"? just an idea ] ur a good writer keep it up! take care!
stuttering generations chapter 1 . 8/10/2004
i don't know what to say, that was amazing, really.