Reviews for Ode to the Big, Giant Rock
EmeraldEyes89 chapter 1 . 1/22/2005
ok...I just realized that I never reviewed this...mesa likes!

And as for charles...yes...he turned me down. But it is a good thing that he did. He says that he likes me better as a friend, and that he still likes his ex girlfriend Maggie. I am glad that he did turn me down. Well...Im not...but atleast he was honest enough to tell me that he still likes her, as I dont want to date someone who is stuck on his ex. That would suck! But I dont hate him for it. He and I are actually still good friends, and honestly, I think he will be over Maggie sooner tan he thinks, as I had another dream last night, and I think he and I will end up going out.

But even if we's ok. If he wants to go out with me, then he will tell me, and let me know. Im not gonna push the subject. Its now up to him to make the move. I know that he likes me...its just that he likes his ex too...who knows?

ohh and btw...*Hands over the fish that you ran over* But...I dun think thats a fishy...I think that was my gremlin friend george...ahh well...he ate my

Anywhoo...Im out. Thanks for the advice and such. I mean, it hurts that he turned me down...but Im ok with it...well sorta. Im working on getting over it though.

poetic abortion chapter 1 . 12/14/2004
;;.;; I love your poetry. X3 ::Adds to favs.:: Your such an awesome poet ! XD

~ Noelle ~