Reviews for Circles of Arven
Lumaris chapter 26 . 11/24/2007
Great chapter! Off to read another xD! it's getting really interesting! Wonder what Eldan's gonna say now xD

Lumaris chapter 25 . 11/23/2007
all I can say is WOW _ Great conclusion for the duel, although I'm a bit bewildered by exactly what happened, but after rereading it, it seems like Azuren exerted some sort of magic that struck Eldan somehow... it was cool though I like the manga-inspired fights sometimes, they seem more interesting at times than otherwise :P anyway, I love the chapter _ Oh yeah, and I was reading the profile, and I have a theory that, because seemingly all girls flock to Eldan, that the one girl who DOESNT succumb into his charm, would be the one he'd be crazy for :P I dunno, it would be a sweet romance _ but most likely I'm just over-thinking it :P so, I'll read more later on _


P.S. Lord of the Rings music went well with this duel scene xD
Lumaris chapter 24 . 11/23/2007
Not much to say other than the action scene is awesome :P I like the idea of duels.. it kind of inspired an idea for another book of mine I'll write later on xD at any rate, this was written rather well and I can't wait to read the next chapter - to find out how this will end, and what surprise Eldan has in store :o!

Reading on:P

Lumaris chapter 23 . 11/22/2007
o really good chapter here I can smell romance between Azuren and Ellis :P great chapter _ it had my interest from the start :D There is one thing that I wanted to point out... well, a couple - the dialogue got a little confusing at times, because there's rarely a "he said" going on. (dunno how else to word it, sorry, hope you understood what I meant) and another thing is that, the way Eldan is talking about Ellis, is as though she isn't even there - perhaps you can make it more clear, because I don't quite understand it... did he mean to or does Ellis have a tolerance for guys talking about her like that? o.o

Aside from that though, great chapter - I was smiling the whole time I found it really cute :P and well, on to the next chappie! (probably tomorrow though, my eyes hurt :( ) Can't wait to read the duel between Elden and Azuren :P should be interesting _ and after reading Wolfblood (of which you ought to finish hehe..) I'm sure your action scenes will be awesome :P

Lumaris chapter 22 . 11/16/2007
Hey! Sorry I didn't finish reviewing :( something came up :/ Well - great chapter as always _ although, wouldn't disbanding a bunch of oraks be considered a real fight? - or maybe Azuren meant his first real fight with intelligent beings (the elves)? It's a little vague there - but that's the only thing I noticed. Aside from that, I'm really interested :D if I wasn't so tired, I'd read more... and if I wasn't so busy tomorrow I'd definitely read more lol I'll try to read more as soon as I can! _!

Great work as always :D (and I love the species of wolves, it sounds as though you put a lot of effort and thought into them _ - it's cool :D)

Lumaris chapter 21 . 11/14/2007
Great chapter! It does give better insight on Djin's agenda and background to Thelanor's image ;) great work :D I'll read more after I finish school.. (blah not wanting to do school today !X_x)

can't wait to read more! :D

Truecrypt chapter 5 . 11/13/2007
This is getting good...

When I had previously remarked that the romance seemed off to a somewhat artificial start, I find that you had given an explanation only a chapter afterwards!

Yeah, you were right in your message, I'm busy. However, I'm hoping that I will make progress with my own story soon. Its working title will be "When Leviathans Rage". Wish me luck, as I wish for you! :)
Lumaris chapter 20 . 11/6/2007
o great chapter _ the elemental spirit merging with Azuren's to aid him in his power is rather unique (least I haven't read anything else similar to it) - I like it _

free-to-dream15 chapter 39 . 11/4/2007
wow i found it kind of funny that the A/N was longer than the actual chapter, but thats ok! I mean it was necessary because it helped out a lot. Anyways, I loved the fact that there were tech. two Azuren's there because they looked the same so it made it funny because it would seriously be insane to see someone look just like yourself (ha ha imagine two matts lol that would be crazy). I'm also so excited that it's Thelanor and i really loved the fact that he kept calling him "kid". I dont know, just made the conversation better in my opinion. Hmm ive seem to bounce from subject to subject and go on random tangents so im sorry about that but anyways, hope you update again soon!
Truecrypt chapter 4 . 10/29/2007
Thanks to replying to my review. I've resolved to do so for every chapter you've written. I'll let you know when I've posted the story I'm currently working on.

I caught only a very simple mistake that occured near the beginning of the chapter, at "someone who was gloating, overcame by avarice and sought to take the riches amassed by Lakus."

I think that overcame should be its past participle 'overcome', to make the tenses consistent.

Anyway, I can already see the stirrings of romance but again, it is kind of cliche. Perhaps you could insert a passage detailing why Julia decided to approach Azuren? This is fine if Julia is destined for a tragic death, but an unrealistic beginning will stain the course of the romance.

A simple statement of something along the lines of "his plight moved her to pity" would make the whole romance angle more pleasant. The dialogue was not as melodramatic, and now thinking back, the dialogue you employed in the previous chapter suited the scene set back earlier in the timeframe.
Truecrypt chapter 2 . 10/28/2007
I've taken a liking to your writing style, but after the epic overview of the first chapter, the second seemed to run as a Macbeth-esque play does. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it just has the whole 'Demon tempts the hero, other protagonist leaps onto the scene, denounces the demon, hero slits his neck while he gives a final proclaimation' thing, going for it.

Just giving the initial impression. A good story that you've obviously invested a significant amount of thought into.
Lyn-san chapter 14 . 10/27/2007
Mushi mushi!



I find it necessary to apologize to you for taking so long to review, but life got in the way. (That, and my internet connection got cut, so I couldn't come online. Bah.)


Anyway, I think that this chapter was a bit sad, and transitional as well. So, Azuren going to embark on the path to becoming kick ass ne? I can't wait!

See you at the next chapter!
King of Kings chapter 39 . 10/26/2007
I'm still completely elated you updated (I love initially inadvertant rhyming...XD)! I personally did not find this chapter disappointing. I thought it was actually very good, although the whole tense problems are still here. I think most of them have probably already been pointed out to you, so I'll just say this: “I advice you not to say..." - this...doesn't sound exactly right. Maybe 'I advise you'? 'Advise' is the act, 'advice' is what is being given. I think. XP Also, Thelanor sounds a little carefree, doesn't he? And a little too...modern, as has been said before. Maybe that's just Azuren's overall influence, though?

I don't know. -shrugs- Like I said, I did enjoy this chapter. I'd like to see where you take Azuren's current limitations and how he developes further. I never thought he was a Marty or Gary or Whatever Stu (he can't be a Mary Sue, because he's a guy, you know XP), but then...-shrugs- Some people are just too overlly picky. They hear the word 'powerful' and they all collectively gasp and shout 'MARY SUE!' -shrugs- But still, I like how you've started to set up Azuren's inablities now...and those stupid gods...XP...well done chapter, I'll wait patiently for the next installment!
faerie-gumdrops chapter 39 . 10/25/2007
Hello, m'dear, nice to see you back at it again! And yes, that is most definitely a mighty summary - very helpful, though, thanks!

Ooh it's Thelanor! Yeah, it must be pretty weird to see someone who looks just the same as you!

'Azuren paused as he tried to understand what was going' I think you missed out the on here.

Interesting chat they have here! Ah thelanor being all mysterious! I wonder when Azuren will find out why the God's can't tell the future and what he's got to do to stop it!

One thing, I guess Thelanor just seemed a little normal to me. I dunno, if he's like 10 years older than Azuren, he might speak really weirdly or something (I know that if I met a person from 1007 I would not have a clue what they were saying in their medieval, or whatever it was back there, tongue). But then I suppose if Thelanor is a part of Azuren, I guess he would speak in a way that was understandable. Would just be fun to add a confusing accent or something!

So yeah, really nice to see you back at this. Hope to see more from you soon.
Lumaris chapter 19 . 10/25/2007
Great chapter _ the beginning was funny too makes me wonder though, will Fenris ever become an elf again? Only reading will tell I suppose xD!

Great work xD

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