Reviews for Iron Skeleton
Lily Peters chapter 1 . 4/28/2005
Very nice and dark, just the way I like it. Hi, it's Lily. I know we don't converse as often as we used to, but I'd like to keep in touch. If you don't mind, please review my latest poetry when you have the time. I have a one-shot in the works, so I hope you'll look forward to that as well.

I'll email you when I get the chance.

Kathryn Merlin chapter 1 . 10/17/2004
I haven't read on of your stories in a long time. Reading one is an extremely nice change.
Have you ever considered writing a story or novella of some topic similar to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury or other stories where an age of "darkness" comes to the earth and people are not free, ignorant, or other things in which the government is in control of everything? I suppose it could also be called a totalitarian enviorment, but I'm not sure if Fahrenheit 451 is exactly totalitarian...anyway, it seems like those kinds of topics are something your kind of writing style would really fit into, like something you would really be great at. Just a thought...
There is not much to say about this story other than how much I love your writing and I look forward to when you write long books that I can buy in the bookstore. Keep up the excellent work!
~Kathryn Merlin
Wicked Saint chapter 1 . 10/16/2004
Okay, I know you said this is all fiction, but the title sort of links to you somehow. I suppose. Now, please don't mind (meaning, don't be offended) if I poke my wicked thoughts about this piece (meaning, it's not really the review yet. It's more like the things that occured to me whilst I was reading this.)
First, I realized, when the guy was putting his clothes on, he didn't wear any underwear! And so, perverted and bawdy person that I am, I kept on reading with the notion that the guy is underwear-less! Lordie, but I couldn't stop myself from laughing like a hyena! (rofwlmao)
Next, I was kinda thinkin' that this guy must be really...serious what's the word? I forgot. Just that, as far as I know, most guys like girls' attention...well, twins' attention, if you know what I mean.(_-) But I keep on reminding myself that this is NOT trashy reading stuff...but still. I can't help it!
Oh oh oh, and the fact that he shaved! My goodness! That was so sexy! (this is one of the things that proves my absolute insanity)I don't know about other girls, but there is just definitely something sexy about a guy who shaves! And the hair! Lordie above! Don't even let me go there!
Oh and the part that said, " I’m dressed in something – a blue sweatshirt..." That made me laugh too cuz in my head, I keep on replacing the "in something" with "in nothing."
Who the bloody devil is Leanne?
The word "iron" just keeps on making me giggle. I have no idea why!
As for the frekled woman, there's a lot of her in this world; there's a lot of kind smiles in this miserable place taht are overlooked.
Um, what else...?You know I can't think of the other stuff I thought while I was reading...But I gotta pee now...I'll be back...just a minute...
Okay, I'm back. Now for the real review. Truthfully, the character in this fic somehow aroused my sisterly emotions to comfort some young sibling. Don't really know why, after all, you did say this is just a blurb because you missed winter.
Anyway, I'm not a winter person. I'm more of a summer kind. I love the heat, the sun, the sweat, the fun...From what I'm saying, you'll probably wonder whether am I really refering to summer or "something" else (chuckles)
Ah, now where was I? Oh okay. I like how the way the character feels as if he's all iron boned yet he has a soft heart. Why would I say such a thing you wonder? It's because the character was very sensitive, the examples are the frekled woman, his sister, his mom, etc.
What I don't understand is the winter part. And no, don't explain it to me. I'll probably understand it someday. You kids just say the darnest things these days! (lmao)
A well made fiction.