Reviews for The Case Against Christianity
Belen chapter 2 . 12/5/2013
I fucking love this. PREACH my friend, PREACH! The truth never read so beautifully.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/23/2013
I believe tht you are one of the smarter people on the Internet. I agree with everything you say. Thank you for speaking sense.
JaneHarpe chapter 6 . 8/29/2012
I agree with you at some point, especially at the homosexual part. This, is a very inspiring essay. Well said! Thanks for writing it :)

Although for me, it's all a matter of suggestion really. There is no big God, only our own God that our mind made for us. If we continue to think that there is God, if we believe that God exist, then God exist. But of course every people have different minds with different preceptive on God right? So obviously, my God, his God, and her God are different.

For me, religion is a group of people gathered together who used the same method to worship their own God. But 'their own God' became blurred to 'their God', and that's it. I think.. :a
Kharysa chapter 1 . 7/20/2009
Hi :) I totally agree with you; I just read this out of curiosity to pass the time. I think you state your arguments well and clearly, but I just wanted to point out that by 'viscous' I believe you mean 'vicious'
PretzelSalt chapter 1 . 1/7/2009
I would just like to comment on the quotes against homosexuality from Leviticus - if you read the rest of his rules and laws that must be followed, they are often crazy and not followed at all today, like the one banning you from cutting your hair or the one that says people who speak rudely about God must be stoned to death by the community. None of those rules are followed nowadays, so it befuddles me as to why Christians (by the way, I am Catholic) choose to follow the homosexuality one only.

I also want to talk about your issue with faith. Now, I'm not going to try to convince you to "find your inner faith" and become a Christian again like a lot of people do. But what I think you don't understand is that faith is uncertain. I don't necessarily believe with all my heart that Christianity is correct. Honestly, even if it isn't, I'm still going to be happy because the morals that Christianity teaches are still very wholesome (when taught correctly). There is a good chance that Jesus did exist (they have found evidence) but the question is whether he was really the son of God. Witnesses claim to have seen miracles and watched him do extraordinary things, but that was centuries ago, so it is not definite that it is true. No one knows, really. So even if you do have doubts about your religion, you can still have faith. And faith is not synonymous with truth. If it isn't good for anything else, at least having faith in something bigger than you can bring some peace of mind.
Heise chapter 1 . 12/27/2008
Well, the bible definitely needs a little bit of vamping to get around to. But your essay is very interesting.

I have to say I think it's dangerous for me to read this, I'm fourteen and I haven't been to church in years. I'm not Christian, as it requires faith and stuff. So, I'll put off finishing this for awhile.
October.Leaves chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
I love this essay, I'm glad you wrote it. Christianity has so many contradictions and ideas that don't make sense that it's hard to follow or believe in God.

If all people are made in the image of god, then why are homosexuals an abomination? Homosexualy is in a person's genes, there's scientific proof for this you can find it anywhere. If God sets your genes in place, then why is homosexuality an abomination? If Incest got the world going, then why is it considered bad today? Why does Christianity have to be black and white?

Again, I love that you wrote this. I could never tell my mother that I don't believe in the bible because it makes no sense- but I'm truthfully glad that someone out there thinks the same way I do. My new favorite author definitly, I love your style.
Grayhome chapter 1 . 3/11/2007
This is a very compelling essay. At one point I always read articles and essays about religion and atheism, and then those topics kinda took a backseat for a while. Now, partially thanks to this essay, I think I'm more inspired to read more about them.

(the last line of the first chapter is funny... 10% Ha!)
Falalalala chapter 1 . 2/22/2007
On your whole Heaven argument, I was really confused about that, too. But think about it this way. Heaven is not in our world. As humans, we can't really understand what Heaven is because we shed our humanly selves when we go to Heaven (or Hell).

Does that make sense?
Da Vinci at Work chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
Religion is such a controversial matter. Being an atheist myself, I do understand the fact that God stands as morality for billions of people around the globe, but sometimes, people go to the extreme in the name of their deities.
anacharlie chapter 1 . 11/21/2006
I have no intention of arguing with you, but I'd like to tell you what I think. I'm Christian. I was born in a Christian home, but it was my decision when I was 16 (I'm 19). I have no intention to ofend you or anyone else.

Faith is defined as being certain of things you can't see. Faith isn't natural, as you've probably been told many times. Some have, some don't. Some believe in Jesus, some don't. Why? I honestly don't know.

Technically, darkness doesn't exist. It's smiply a name to the lack of light. There's no suffering in Heaven. When you're happy you don't question if you are happy, you simply know. As for a matter of comparison, I agree that many things we recognize by knowing the opposit (light and dark, hot and cold, happy and unhappy, etc). But if you remember what it was like on Earth, you have enough to compare.

As for the things that are too complicated for a human mind, I believe we get the simplified version. Once I was studing for my Biology test and my little sister and our cousin asked me what it was. I explained genetics to them using Brazilian comic book characters they liked. Both understood the concepts. If I can find a way of explaining Genetics to kids, He being Almighty and knowing everything will certainly find a way of explaining humans whatever is necessary.

Hell's a consequence. God's not cruel or unfair. He gave people free will. You get to choose what you want to do with your life and the salary of sin is death. All people sin at one point or another, true. And that's where the difference between regret and guilt comes in. When you regret doing something, you change directions. You stop doing it. When you feel guilty, you push it aside and keep doing whatever it is. Because God gave people free will, He's not gonna stop you from making your decisions. It would be a lot simplier if He didn't put that tree in Eden. But Adam and Eve wouldn't have had a choice to love God or not. It would have been forced and that's not love. Right?

Christians are people, therefore not perfect, so there're probably some with selective moral standarts. I'm not one of those. I believe actions have consequences, either good or bad and you're gonna have to live with them.

Once I read an interview and a man said people have to choose between Human Rights or cultural diversity, at some level. Because some of the things are painful. Like Asian girls who get their feet broken and tied up because they believe that will give them a better sex life once they're married. It's a different costume and I respect the kind intention of wanting the best for the girls, but should I sit back and pretend I don't know broken bones hurt? There are plenty of other things that go against what the Bible says, so some people have to choose what they want. Not all costumes from different cultures have to be abandoned and my life style isn't perfect.

About homossexuals, as you said Bible is very clear about that. And I know it was a comum thing around Greece, Rome and other places. I believe people should be respected no matter what. But I don't have to agree with everything they do and I won't agree. It is a complicated matter and I honestly don't understand why it happens, but it's a fact. What I do know is that God is Almighty, there's nothing too hard or too complicated. Again, it comes to faith. I believe God won't allow me to go through more than I can handle and when it comes to the point where I can't handle, as long as I allow it, He'll handle. And I mean 'allow', because I have the right to choose what to do in every situation. No matter how big or small.

- Carol
Theatre des Vampires chapter 1 . 2/24/2006

loved the paragraph on no happiness without pain, no light without dark. Well thought out.

Best essay on atheism i've ever read, managed to not get too boring or too viscious. Makes me want to delete mine. :)

Thank you, and thank you tofujunky for recommending this:

Most sincerely,~Theatre des Vampires
Itachi-kun chapter 1 . 11/9/2005
Response to Biene. Well, I'm surprised. You have never met a Christian that has backed away? I have met at least 7 people who have converted from Christianity to Islam in the last year. And if you really want to cultivate your doubts, check out .com

Response to Darqlyte: You claim that people only attack Christianity. Wrong. Check out the book 'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam' (This should make you happy, the guy who wrote it is a Christian). It manages to insult Islam in every possible way and I have realized that the only people who have enjoyed the book are extremists. I think that the religion that has been attacked the most is Islam. You do realize that calling a Muslim a Mohammedan insulting remark? And from what I have seen, the authors who write these books do seem to enjoy that.
aeria-liko chapter 1 . 7/23/2005
why should we be afraid of something we don't necessarily understand? why does mankind seem to fight and speak of its atrocities even though heoesn't understand it in the end?jesus loves all, thats all you need to understand. you have to realise that the bible was made by man, in which each one has their own beliefs. yes, lev. says homosexuality is abomination, but you have to understand that there are no levels of sin in the bible as well. so, in that case, lying is the same as murder as the same as homosexulaity, because you go to the same place for either one. humans are naturals at sin, so if you are born with that sexulaity, you are still the same as everyone else in the crimes they i offended you, im terribly sorry! its just that i actually love discussing theology and such with people, and i hope this doesn't come across as an arguement at all!anyway, this is a nice set up persuasive, good work on your poems as well.
Infinite Smiles chapter 1 . 7/20/2005
Ivy Orion,

You wrote:“It is wrong to try to destroy something people believe in, even if you are certain you are right. Let people believe what they want to believe, whether they are RIGHT or wrong. Don't try to disuade anyone from what they believe”

The purpose of Christian missionaries is to “dissuade” others from what they believe "destroy" what they are bleive in. Any religious doctrine, including the Bible, Koran, ect…, simply by definition, states this is what is true and this is what you should believe. Anyone at all that spouts religious doctrine, any preacher, any priest, anyone reciting the Bible as truth is basically telling others that that is what they should believe. So, it is completely nonsensical that you would get on my case, for stating what I believe.

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