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marshmallow7 chapter 2 . 9/20/2010
i like your story, but it is highly confusing how the pov changes all of a sudden. can you put line breaks or some kind of symbol to let your readers know that there will be a change in pov. thnaks
doublestandard chapter 25 . 9/1/2010
Dude (Ryan, right), you have no idea how much l love you. You and your fics amazing. Granted, l've only read SPIN and this, but yeah. Amazing. And l plan on reading them all.

l fucking hate Koda. What a dick. You don't do that.

Awe Matt and Kate are cute. :)

Finally! The boys got their shit straight. Haha. Took 'em long enough.

l love Jamie's mom.

Great story, if a bit corny. :)
hexyz chapter 12 . 8/6/2010
Seriously, Brian is an idiot! I'll probably go 'aww' if/when he and Jamie end up together, but he really shouldn't be so pathetic. Argh!
PointlessStoriesAreMyThing chapter 12 . 7/1/2010
Oh SHIT! ...I get it now. The whole great big secret of Jamie's past lover. Oh snap, crackle, and POP...
Dreamer-Deadly-Nightshade chapter 14 . 6/23/2010
Loving the story, thanks for keeping me amused in my times of nothing-to-do-during-school-free-period ]
5redroses chapter 9 . 6/12/2010
"I don't try and seduce every bloody person I think I might be interested in, I didn't try it with Ma – " YES, I was right! :D
5redroses chapter 8 . 6/12/2010
Hmm I have a theory as to why Jamie suddenly dropped Matt like a hot's because he fancied him isn't it? Amiright?
5redroses chapter 2 . 6/12/2010
Liking it so far :) It would be a lot easier to read though if you put in asterisks or page breaks between different scenes.
LondonCallingx chapter 25 . 4/8/2010
At 1st I wasn't sure about this, I disliked Brian but that shows how much of a real character he is, it made everything realistic. It grew on me and I loved it, the ending couldhave been better but overall it was amazing
StarGateGazer chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
Very nice mah pretty...

thank you...
MrsHellman chapter 25 . 3/24/2010
Hello Dirty-Angel-Toes (Creative much?),

Okay then, I’ve read your story “Wonderwall” and as I always do, I leave a review. I’ve got a lot on my hands for the moment, so it’s always nice to take a break and read a fanfiction story on FFN or a fiction like this on FP. I can write myself pretty much all the time since I use my laptop in school, but I haven’t felt all that motivated lately, and you know what; to make things better I’m not even READING stories of the same category as the stories I write. Oh, and I write Fanfiction stories, so; I read Harry Potter stories, and then I write Naruto stories, I’m just weird sometimes . . . well . . . the majority of the time I’m (in)sane. Great. As I said, I’ve got a lot to do for the moment, so I break from that with FP reading is great.

It’s always like a wake-up call to find something that makes you frown and think twice, so stories with one of the genres being Drama is awesome – even though in a sad way – their past and what happened then etc.. Since I’m leaving a review, I’ve got to tell you about the things I liked, didn’t like that much and then of course, I’ve got to leave some constructive criticism. I’ve got some questions and wonderings as well, and I hope you’re going to read this review and answer the questions. If you don’t have the time to, it’s acceptable, but I’d appreciate it. Even though there are a lot of matters I’d like to discuss, I’ll only bring up a few under each headline. I hope you’re fine with that, or else, I’d leave a review this long for EACH AND EVERY CHAPTER, and that’s something I really don’t have the time to do, so yeah . . .


(I write this all the time, but whatever . . . this is one of the main reasons for me actually reading a story to begin with) The beginning of the story was good. It wasn’t like this; they met, put rabbits to shame and BOM! They live happily ever after. You had an introduction, and that’s something most people forget about. From my point of view, I kind of like the plot in general actually. It’s not a long story, and everything happens quite fast, and I know that in real life relationships either develops relatively slow or extremely fast. So, since a lot of stories out there have got this “long-development-relationship” going on, it’s nice to see something that’s from the other kind of “relationship development pace”.

You’re great with grammar, spelling, capitalization, as well as with the details, descriptions, emotions and realistic writing. It’s something I appreciate with stories, though . . . tyypos. Don’t you love them? Just like you love a pain in the arse . . . bet Brian would like it though, if a certain Jamie is involved. Hmm. I can understand why typos appear though – for it to be flawless and contain no mistakes whatsoever is quite inevitable, though, that doesn’t matter – I like it when there are some mistakes. It shows me that this person likes to write, for fun, and is not a perfectionist who writes for the publicity. I did notice that you wrote “James” once though, so I’m wondering; is his birth name James, and everybody call him by his nickname Jamie?


It was too short of a story. Period. Lawl. And I’m honest actually; I couldn’t find anything that bothered me. This is probably the first time I don’t have anything to say underneath the negative headline . . . so; congratulations. Hmm . . . I’m still trying to come up with something . . . nope. Nothing. Cheers.


a) How did you come up with this plot? Did you get your inspiration from an event in real life; did you read a story to get some inspiration, or what happened? I know that this may look like a strange question, but I’d like to know as a growing author, as well as a reader of this story. I want to know how you thought. Stalker waning i.e.

b) You know if we’ll see more of you in the future, or have you given up on FP writing? I can see the potential of becoming a potent author so don’t let your talents get wasted. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction writing or not, oh bloody— write a book or whatever. You sure do have some talents. I did notice though, that you’ve got some stories in your gallery, and I plan to read them, or at least give them a change, so hopefully they’ll be as good as this story was, or even better. This was written in ’04 so I think your writing skills have improves some, but that doesn’t make me less enthusiastic about reading those stories, perhaps a bit sceptic. Some authors develop as an author and all that shit, but then; bam. It’s not for the better. So yes, I hope it’s for the better with you, not to scare you or anything, but I’m just saying :]

That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’ve just very glad that you’ve written this story. I’ve said it once before, but really; this is a good story but some parts were just weird. Btw, I’m too lazy (YES! I am lazy; I think we agree on that, hmm?) to go back and look for errors in this reviews – even though I left a certain negative comment about this . . . damn . . . – so you’ll just have to bear with me today. I’ve got school tomorrow, so it’s sleep that’s next on my list of things to do. Nighty, nighty. Dream. Live. Read. Write. Eat. All for fiction. Cheers.


Grim Goodbye chapter 25 . 3/21/2010
This story was fantastic
The Moon Is My Sun chapter 25 . 3/12/2010
I really really loved this story! It took me on a very interesting ride and made me look at a few things differently. I read it in two days and I lost a lot of sleep doing so. I loved your characters and how they grew on me throughout the course of the story. I sort of thought that Brian’s friends didn’t really understand what he saw in Jamie so they didn’t really care as much if they were together or not and didn’t really try to do anything but help brain get over Jamie. They didn’t seem to understand that he really cared about Jamie and that what he needed from them was their support. Maybe it’s just me but that’s the kind of feeling I got when ever something bad happened in their relationship. I don’t know. Anyway, I really loved your story and I hope to read more from you in the near future.
Uncle Rupert chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
-Who'd recommend it? The kangaroos?-

i hate when roo's recommend things, like fixing the nice dent they made on my car lol.

aussie much? ;P
run chapter 25 . 2/2/2010
That's a great story _
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