Reviews for Demon of Darkness
poetic abortion chapter 1 . 12/11/2004
Oh yes you could ! I'd be so honoured ! o

Thank you very much. Your words touched me and youradvice was very nice. Thank you. - Your too sweet. _

Beautiful poem ! Well done ! *o*

~ Noelle ~
EmeraldEyes89 chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
Heya! I al;ready reviewed this poem, on email...but ahh well...Im sitting ehre at im bored...of course.
I am writing poetry again, and isnce I managed to fix my comp. I hope to get back into FFPRESS again. As I haven't posted in like FOREVER! lol
Here is one that I recently wrote, that I thought you guys would like!
I looked to the stars , but this time you were gone. The reflection of love could not be found. The stars shone down but no love was found.
I looked to the moon and found no comfort. Tears streamed down from my eyes, yet no one seemed to notice. I didn't know then, but you were there all along.
I allowed tears to flow. I allowed them to fall from my emerald green eyes. Fifteen years of lies, Fifteen years of pain, but you took it all away by wrapping your arms around me.
I looked into your eyes and gazed upon your face, What have I done right to deserve your friendship.
Ok...I suck at writing Prose I wrote that one for Icy-Ice a while back.. hehe. No, he hasnt read it yet.
Jun, congrats on Fiona! I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!