Reviews for The Love Of Richard Nixon
Voronwe chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
I'm about to vomit with laughter.
If you take anything Cthulhu says to be true (especially when she/he/it starts talking about American politics), then I feel really bad for you.
Also, if you're claiming that following the Spanish elections gives you some sort of bragging rights, then it just shows what a pompous piece of crap you really are.
A final note to Cthulhu (who will undoubtedly read this and insert his/her/it stupid anti-everyone opinion into this essay review list): If you're going to comment to me about something, making it interesting.
And to John Stein: *high five*
Radyn chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
Careful now. We wouldn't want to come across as a pompous, elitist European ass now would we? Don't be so presumptuous as to simply disregard the 40 million or so votes for Bush as an extension of so-called "American stupidity". When people vote for a particular candidate they don't take into consideration the opinions of that pissy liberal living 10,0 miles away in merry old England. They look at their own family and their own conditions and vote for the candidate that will best serve their OWN interests. A wealthy businessman will have different interests than a grocery store clerk. An American will have different interests than a European. It's not a case of being "self-absorbed" as you so eloquently put it, it's simply common sense and pragmatism.
holocaustpulp chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
Hm... I have many mixed feelings about this essay. I can definitely say that John Stein is a Republican opponnent of mine. However, as much as I may attack his beliefs, I still respect him as a person, no matter how contrary his beliefs are to mine or how outlanidh his arguements may seem. And while he does exhibit some haughty, nationalistic American traits, typical of the Bush-supporting American, he is usually sufficient in providing evidence for his standpoints (though I still strive to prove them wrong). I don't regard this essay highly because it is kind of a cheap shot, something that is uncouth and merely a vent of anger rather than a basis of fact. It also draws some conclusions about Stein which I personally disagree with, him having read my works in the past and I myself having reviewed his. In the end, though the message was presumably well intended (an attack on a Republican American by a liberal), I don't utterly disagree with you, I just think more fact and a more composed form would have attacked Stein better than a rant.
Calvin Fitzgerald chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
I think what annoys conservatives, and as the majority of Americans appear to be conservative these days, Americans, is that you fail to grasp that it isn't George W. Bush that is dangerous for you, it isn't the United States Armed Services that are threatening your shores and it isn't a US foriegn policy thats making the world less safe. Terrorist and petty third world despots are the ones to blame.
"We write essays because we are truely fearful for our sorry selves getting our asses blown off."
George Bush and the United States will not be the ones 'blowing your asses off'. Take a look at Spain, was it United States fanatacists that attacked the trains? Did American fanatacists kill Van Gogh? Why is it that you 'fear' us when we do nothing but protect you and your interests? Jealousy and hatred of the nation on top would be my guess. Nobody likes the top dog.
"so I do care about what kind of place I'll be arriving at when I get there."
For a place that you care about you sure don't know a lot about it? New Strapshire? Hilarious and I'm sure that nobody in America missed out on the Spanish elections, when the Spanish people turned their backs on their ally in the War on Terror. You don't seem to like Americans at all, not from what appears in this essay. You imply that we're stupid. When did having a disagreement in political views become grounds for labeling people stupid?
Judging from the views of the European press all of you fancy us Americans morons and simpletons, easily swayed by an evil Bush campaign. Which makes it all the funnier that Bush did win, despite the best efforts of the European nations to endorse the American citizenry to vote for Kerry. I hope you got this all out of your system, whether you like it or not 'Georgie' is president for another four years.
Calvin Fitzgerald
John Stein PhD chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
I had a lot of respect for you, Mercury. But my "self-centeredness" isnt so much that as it is pissing off people so sensitive and touchy that they explode at any sign of disagreement (ala Cthulhu). England is one of my favorite countries right now, by the way (after all, they're our greatest ally)

You seemed to be one of the more calm, respectable liberals on this site, now you've just proven yourself to be as touchy as him (yes, Cthulhu is a him, but you probably mistook him because of his manner of writing). See, I wasnt insulted by the "freak" comment. However, he might have flown off the handle at that.


And I thought I was the pompous nationalist. Yes, our economy has been in the crapper, but we can thank Billie boy, not Georgie. It's been getting better, hasnt it? And it's also nice how I noted how much better our movies are (not even seriously) and you bragged (and reveled in the fact) that a lot of people in America are out of jobs. That's great.

"Considering how racist and xenophobic you are, I would have thought you'd hate that."

Against whom exactly am I racist? Xenophobic? I wasn't aware that I feared Europe. Good that you were, though.

"However, because we're more outward looking and less self-absorbed than you are, we followed the Spanish elections recently."

I don't follow spanish elections because spain isnt my country, my opinion doesnt count in their elections, so I'm not going to fret over their political affairs.

"I know several people who now think most Americans are pretty stupid."

Then maybe your breath would be better used screaming at them for their "xenophobia" rather than at me.

"Georgie boy wasn't trying to defend his borders"

Maybe not, but he was helping those oppressed Iraqis to get on their feet. If we didnt do anything, you guys would be out protesting that Bush does nothing to help people who need it, and when we do something, you guys protest the action. You're never happy.

"I'm starting to see why you like him so much. You two are so similar."

You wrote a whole post directed at me. Surely you can do better?

"Voting for George Bush? they say. What's wrong with them?"

Frankly, Mercury, I dont care what they say. They live on another continent, in another country, and I could care less if people I don't know (or ever will) think there's something wrong with the ninety-six percent of the counties in the US that voted Republican.
Being liberal? I say: what's wrong with them?

But, like I told Cthulhu (twice I might add); John Kerry was no different in his foreign policy, except that he wanted to ask permission to defend his country (and not just with wars like Iraq), and he had Osama's support. Hell, even a few of the "anyone but Bush" Dems I know switched sides when they saw bin Laden quoting Mike Moore. Any candidate that Bin Laden endorses isnt worthy of the presidency.
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