Reviews for Blind Faith
starzstruck-1 chapter 1 . 12/2/2004
This was amazing. I love this poem, and I love the fact that you have a good way to put your emotions down on paper. keep up the good work.
AngelaiR chapter 1 . 11/28/2004
I like this poem as well. Criticism is what you what, then criticism is what you'll get. Here are a few suggestions: I was reading through your poem and ran across this line; "Me your beside, no one else". I'm not sure if this is an error, but if it is, you may want to fix it. I don't understand this line. Do you mean, "Me by your side, no one else" or something else? Also, watch for punctuation. In your poem you have: "You think your the beginner", one word easily fixed makes the poem look so much better; "You think you’re the beginner". Another correction: "Never experienced, never felt, unknown the way I should react". Also, dont(s) - of course you know don't is the contraction for do not, but by adding the ‘ to the word makes the poem look cleaner. *Sheilds self* Please don't be mad at me, I just thought I'd criticize because I doubt you expected it from me. I really do like this poem though, it has great rythm and rhyme, the two key factors to making a poem great, besides the point - if you don't have either, then the poem just sucks. lol. la de da