Reviews for Crystal Soul
avani.awakening chapter 1 . 11/21/2004
I think you should include dates because all of these were obviously not written at the same time, but you published them all at once. I usually put the date when I'm writing; do you?

I read all of it and it's all very different- like I said before. Sometimes you have forced rhyming that doesn't quite fit but other times, especially during the "trippy" poems (were you on a trip?), you utilized words much more effectively. That's great because most people try to do something surreal and they're like..."pink dee da.." like that.

Everything you write has a sadness theme to it, some more obvious (like this one) and some not (like Raspberry skies), but it's sure there.

I definetely like your freeform better than your rhyming things. However, your journal entries seem much more you try writing poetry after you write one of those? The entries sort of contain more...complex emotion,I don't know.

Nicely done,