Reviews for Cedar's Journey
Helix chapter 2 . 1/13/2005
You know that I love your writing. This, however, surpasses obsidion, which seems to me, no offense intended, to be a dying stagnation of the past. Compared to this... This is amazing, ma'am. Each chapter builds suspense into the next. The introduction goes semi-deep into philosophy and self-prophecy. I love the way you wrote it even. The way you utilize descriptive language adds a lot of power to your writing. I see the color gray all around. A paper maybe floats by carried by a slight breeze. An empty beer can rattles on the train tracks as the train pulls up... The lights of it coming nearer in the distance... A lone lamp hanging from above the station illuminating the small stop. Very nice. However, being this short into the story, I cannot make any accurate critiques save one: I cannot get an good image of this girl. I know, you said all would be revealed in time. As you have said that, I shall patiently (all the while pestering you) for the next.