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why can't I just be tall chapter 4 . 6/9/2007
yay I finally found a chapter that I hadn't reviewed yet. Ok WHY HAVEN'YOU UPDATEED IN SO LONG? I really really really love this story and I swear i will go even more mad (and that can't be good considering I am completely mad as it is) then I already am if I don't find out the ending (the rest of the middle as well) of this awsome story. so please UPDATE
Essie chapter 9 . 3/23/2007
This is a super terrific story. I read the "I'm gay, happy" one and it was ok but this is one of my favourites now.

I like Noele. I like the fact that she's quirky and slightly insane. I think she was a good influence on Noah all these years. Imagine if he had Kendall as a sister growing up. I doubt he would be all zen and stuff.

I can see the resemblence of personality between Mikhael and Noele too. It's in the genes baby. Kind of gets you thinking that "nature versus nurture" debate. I'm glad Kendall isn't all cool and everyone's just gonna be all friends suddenly.

Plus I like Freddy. I have a crush on Freddy! _ I would have a bigger crush on Tyler but he's Noele's and I don't cruise on another's turf. heheheheh

I hope you update sometime!
XShadowxWolfx32X chapter 1 . 3/7/2007
cool. hopitals suck
decadebydecade chapter 9 . 1/16/2007
AGHH! Okay lemme see if I can get all this to make some sense (I will probably overuse the phrase "I love-" many many times. You've been warned):

1)I LOVE THIS STORY! (its hilarious! and anything that makes me laugh during school is a godsend!)

2)I think I love Tyler Durton more though. He's SO funny and insanely cynical. (as this story is published under "Romance"-HE BETTER BE WITH NOEL. Or else you will break my heart. And make me cry a river that will rival the Nile and Amazon put together.)

3)And Noah! He's such a loyal sweetheart! I love it when he goes all protective-brother on Noel, it's adorable!

4)I didn't like Noel at first-she was a little bit too snobbish and dramatic. But then seeing her through Tyler's point of view totally changed that. Don't know why seeing as how he's mostly condescending to her-but it changed my opinion of her. Now I can happily say that she has grown on me and I find said characteristics endearing. (Geez I sound obssessive...)

5)I'm afraid that I'm a little bit (cough) biased when it comes to Kendall though (for obvious reasons). I really don't want to like her! Seriously. I mean, she basically uproots everybody and kicks out a family member, then expects said family to welcome her home with loving arms? BLAH! I want to kick her! But don't kill her off or anything like that, I mean don't get me wrong, I like her plot-wise, but she bugs me to death-you know? (sorry if that made no sense whatsoever)

6)I love you! (for the reasons mentioned above)

7)My sole disappointment: I thought this story was completed-now I have to wait for it to be finished! (wails) I demand updates! (they don't even have to be fast-just don't leave me for like a year wondering if you and all the characters died or something. Regular updates would be great.)

8) There's an 8 but I think I forgot it...OH! okay, just want to clear something up and make sure that I'm not super confused, is Mikael the Russian? Or did I totally make that up on my own?

9)At the risk of sounding repetitive I have to say: I LOVE THIS STORY!

Okay. I think that covers everything. Update soon. Really soon preferably :)
love it chapter 9 . 8/12/2006
Love it chapter 2 . 8/9/2006

grrr chapter 9 . 8/5/2006
update mother fucking now bitch NOW I WANT MORE ON STUPID KENDALL AND EVERYONE update
love it chapter 5 . 8/5/2006
ah ::tear tear:: i ... ::sniff:: LOVE YOU!
Menebar chapter 9 . 7/19/2006
SHOCK! HORROR! A shame really, poor Noel. A little pain never hurt any one... she'll get over it... eventually. Sorry it's taken me a while to review. Had some interent problems. I do have to say that this chapter was amusing, according to me, I liked it. I can't believe you've taken down IGH! I'm soo sad. But I understand how you feel completly. My inspiration is also gone, I haven't written half a chapter (or less) in a little while too long. Yes, sad really. I'll eventually get around to it, in the not so distant future. Or a little longer than that. Actually... quite a while longer than that, but fear not! Anyways, keep writing and maybe I will one day. It's better you than me! Love it! Keep going! XOXO! .:HannaH:.
your fav. stalker chapter 9 . 7/14/2006
where is this update you were talking about? the one you supposedly had written ? i've been checking everyday and have been SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED daily *sniffles*. and you didnt even write any long emails so your creativity mood couldn't have leaked anywhere! why pico why? why do you torture us so? as a faithful customor, i demand an update (before school conquers again). cheerios :) have a good hol! don't do too much (if any) work and just remember to... wonder where the rum has gone? rightio. bye bye
your favourite stalker chapter 9 . 7/8/2006
:o was that an update pico? i am shocked! after 7 months! dear god the apocolypse has descended upon little earth. have no fear! i read the story immediately after you updated. only not the latest chapter. i had to start at the beginning cause i had no idea what had happened :). and i didnt see you at bondi! where were you pico? hm? leaving me so disappointed in the rain with a broken heart? i came back from canberra the day before btw. right right back to the review. GREAT! though i'm really HATING tyler. kendall is gorgeous though :) just because she's shy and she's a geek (hehe). and of course, geeks rule the world. that's why i hope that you'll make her feel loved soon (hint hint). my compliments to you for being able to step into tyler's shoes with such ease. he's a funny one *taps nose*, very witty and capable of speaking. that's says something about you, ey? but alas! he SUCKS! because (da da da dum ze 3 reasons!) 1. he's cold and arrogants. he finds fault with everyone and he hates kendall! :o 2. he's got a 10m pole stuck up his rear end 3. he's inconsiderate and he's a chauvenistic bastard because he's got emotionaly and mental issues because he hates everything. he should just write an emo song and get it over with. or you could just chuck him off the cliff (which i know you want to do). don't you pico? yes? thought so. you know that devilish nature in deep inside of you! OMG you DELETED IGH? (your reply to Menebar caught my eye). why picorelli why? have to read your reasons later, and they'd better be good! just out of curiousity- who are the characters based on? anyway, fabulous chapter (as always). germany lost :( the end is nigh! ah!
Mira61 chapter 9 . 7/3/2006
So Funny, I love the story!
pixy-dizzy chapter 9 . 7/3/2006
ZOMG! It's up! YES! I lo0o0o0ve yoo00oouu! (Take that, ) And damn but I've missed Tyler to itty bitty pieces! He's so smexy-cool. I mean, he reminds me a bit of Rupert Everett (who is gay...) but whatever. I know my dearest darlingest Tyler is meant for Noel and I won't rest until they're together. don't know what an ambassador of Quam is? -le gasp- Go! Go! Fly, Fleance, fly! Go get 'Jerry Maguire', the movie, now! And then you will know what I'm talking about. Si si! And wow, I'm very traumatized for you...your brother's friend sounds vair scary. I'd lock myself in a closet, too.

"Don’t be idiotic, as if Tyler Durton would murder you in your own penthouse.

True, he’d probably do it in some forlorn alleyway and manage to have a concrete alibi saying he was kilometres away in Tahiti." -snickers- That is so Tyler.

"Yeah, I’m pretty witty this early in the morning." No way! I use that line all the time. Weary, sarcastic, pathetic tone after something really lame and everything, too.

"I will leave school without Kendall and thus leave her stranded without transport!

Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I’m one bad ass guy, wouldn’t you know." -throws head back and howls with laughter- I LOVE Noah! I think he's my favorite character, next to Tyler. I love him! I love his general...I don't know. I don't know how to describe it, but I LOVE it and I want to hug him because he's so damn adorable. In a hot sort of way.

It's very difficult to distract a stubborn person when their mind is set on something. I know from experience. And so I sympathize with Noah, Freddy, and, if three quite intelligent and amusing people can't succeed, I shudder to think what would happen if Noel decided to...blow up the world or something. We'd all just die, actually. There would be no hope.

And please don't apologize for Noah's lameness. I love lameness! It's because I'm lame myself, so I see lameness as a form of humor.

SOCCER! I TRIED to watch it, but I've been away in anti-cable land, and the only channel my grandparents had that showed the soccer tournament only showed it, like, once a day, and it was in SPANISH and it sucked. And so I have no idea what's goin' on right now. Who's in the quarter finals right now? Actually, never mind. You probably won't have updated soon enough to tell me. -baleful glare- Kidding. You know I love you, especially for not giving up on this story and for getting that chapter up, so now you're back in the game!

...I was going to say something moderately intelligent and witty just now, but I've forgotten. I mourn for the loss of the wittiness. Anyway, I'm giving you a HUGE hug-like, monstrous. Like...I'm gonna kill you with this here hug HUGE-and hoping you update soon. Okay? Okay. INSERT LUFF!
la mocha chapter 9 . 6/29/2006
I hate Kendall. Besides having an incredibly stupid name to go along with her incredibly stupid personality, she's now managed to further ruin Noel's life. Rawr. I look forward to that showdown. Please update soon!
why can't I just be tall chapter 9 . 6/29/2006
yay your back (jumps up and down happily until head gets hit on sharp mean cupboard) I never really lost patience as patience is a virtue I do not have (I don’t actually think I have any virtue at all really but never mind, I don’t :D)great chapter you really are very clever and funny and I’ve not yet eaten much sugar today (only a little bit of chocolate this morning for breakfast) and that proves your funniness as every thing seems much funnier with sugar anyways must go, hope you update soon
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