Reviews for Fugitive Hotel
tranCendenZ chapter 1 . 12/21/2004
lili brik chapter 1 . 12/17/2004
mm, fits my pessimistic mood nicely.
EternalTimexX chapter 1 . 12/15/2004
well the lines r very short but thats nt a bad thing bc it flows the whole way thru... good points too...
Mayaj chapter 1 . 12/15/2004
Not... really... it. I lost interest half way through. It's got (here comes the word of doom) potential, though. You could mold it into something a bit more... substantial.P. about the speech in the previous review, you're the same age as my Little Baby Brother and I was in Big Sister mode... just be careful Kiddo, we don't want you stuck in a facility that has no internet access, now do we?