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Need 'n' Know chapter 10 . 3/14/2007
Seth is so slow. Peter just said, "Seth McLane just called me pretty!" LOL! And the following, "Of course he is. What else would he be?" Is just like, "Yes, Peter is pretty." XDD I'm sorry, random me. :P

Okay, "man" plural is "men."

Poor Anna. That's all I can say... *sniffs*

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 9 . 3/14/2007
"Anna Banana"? Well, at least he's gay, lmao. Peter. _ ...

You say "happy reading" huh. O I say nothing.

Um, yes... well, if only this story was all edited by the time I was reading it. Some of the errors just get on my nerves. Repetitive errors. Sometimes with dialogue not being right and all... do you try looking through a book with dialogue? That helped me out a lot. And different books have sorta different dialogue, with the hyphen and the commas, but that's all the difference I can see, really...

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 8 . 3/14/2007
You keep saying "defiantly." Example: "... that’s defiantly not something you should..."

Nev, now is that short for something? Hmm...

Looking at the date, it's been, like, two years. x_x Omg, you're still a live, right? I remembered what you said in chapter 1, but... :S

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 6 . 3/13/2007
Kyle, what an ass. I love the name, but he's an ass. Ignorant fool. *slaps him* Man...!

Pfft, swearing, we're not all saints, like you said. I know... I was never used to profanity before, but ah well, an author's gotta do what an author's gotta do. No wonder the eff word didn't appear. Geez! You're too nice! *gags you* I mean, face it! The readers, I mean. ;;

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 5 . 3/13/2007
Yeah, that's so sad. I know, bitch. *spits* Anna's right! Shut up, Rae!

Hmm... geez, read, read, read! x_x Reviewing steals my time.

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 4 . 3/13/2007
"I have bag"?... Geez, Seth, grammar... or... huh... sorry, this part is just like, "Seth is illiterate... and everyone says he's a druggie." :P Well, yeah, I guess, just fix up that sentence there, Seth.

It's funny, we're all in love with Seth. He's so cute... *drools*.

Need 'n' Know.
Need 'n' Know chapter 3 . 3/13/2007
Well, I spoiled myself. Read your A/N at the end there. Damn it...!

Weird... guys all living in a house... do they clean? *gasps* Dirty, dirty, dirty!

Yes, I had a good reading. Thank you so much!

Need 'n' Know.
fabricatedviolence chapter 19 . 3/13/2007
Ok, so you said three weeks. You updated it (being this story) on 10-something-05. it is now 07. I dont think its really fair to the rest of us waiting ... nah im just kidding I love it (being the story) and I really dont think its fair to leave it(again, the story) like that for... years... literally. Anyway i hope you are not in a comatose like my thoughts are saying but are actually awake and just choosing to ignore writing/updating until you get one more review to get to 1909 reviews. i hope i was lucky number 1909 and you will continue to write this story. I'll be checking every day

Need 'n' Know chapter 2 . 3/13/2007
Anna, so funny, already on that first paragraph! Haha, I mean, wow, girl, are you SERIOUS? O_o

For a drunk, he can sure use big words. *looks up gallivanting*

You know what? Forget tenses. This is, like, 1st POV, and eh... who cares. Just typos. Like "you're/your." But that was all...

Aw, they're getting along just fine! *squishes them together* You know who I mean, right? ;;

Need 'n' Know.
TeeJayHo chapter 19 . 3/10/2007
Keep going! This is an awesome story, don't give it up.
AlexisLovesYou chapter 19 . 3/9/2007
how come you havn't updated in a while I really like your story and was really bumbed when there wasn't anything more to read.
Lady of Confusion chapter 19 . 3/3/2007
I know you havent updated in a long time. but you have a really good story going on here. if you can will you update soon. but if not then ok.
Need 'n' Know chapter 1 . 3/3/2007
"She thought he was capable of murder"! Lol, that's funny. Ah, another Seth. Oh, no, nothing's wrong, just that I've noticed the name "Seth" being used a few times here and there. Just random, sorry.

Aw, poor girl. I don't know why I'm reading another story when I should be finishing up a few... but no need to worry! Onto the alerts, this one goes! *clicks*

Pretty short. Yeah, can you tell I'm not used to short stories? Lol, nothing to it.

My first impression of Seth isn't very... it's just a first impression, nothing strong, nothing weak. I guess I'll see more of him, huh. First POV, less confusion, just with Anna's thoughts. I like reading 1st POV. _;;

Ok, just got the tense on the last sentence, I thought it should be: "Funny, she never did explain what a sonnet WAS." Because, you know, past tense and all... ok, fine, I don't know.

Good luck with the editing. This story isn't finished yet, huh? I'll stick with it as long as you decide to finish it, Behind-these-eyes. (How weird, saying that. O_o It's your penname, so I'll call you that, if you don't mind.)

Be back in a few days. x_x Onto alerts, I gotta remember that.

Need 'n' Know.
Pyrgus chapter 12 . 3/1/2007
aye! loves! can't wait til i can finish reading!


tendons chapter 6 . 2/25/2007
Alright, so I really can't complain because I have yet to post anything, but I've been reading your story. You haven't posted on these since, like, '05, and I don't know if you check these things, but okay. I know you're still writing and on this're just not posting any chapters. (This is going to be long, though.) First of all, I really like this story. It's not my favorite, but it definitely has its moments. The only real problem I found was the characters. (You don't even have to listen to any of these; they’re just suggestions.)

Awhile ago, Vigniti Tres posted a comment, saying that the father was too flat a character, and I agree. Make him more than an abusive sort drunk. Maybe he was slightly better until the mother left. Maybe drinking is to forget some of pain, and it just so happens that he's abusive when he's drunk (a person's state when intoxicated varies greatly). The same goes for Seth's mother and maybe even little sister (although I'm not sure how important you want those characters to be).

The same goes for Anna. You've given her quirks, which is great, (IE, Breaking Benjamin, the apple thing, etc.) but she seems too perfect to me. She's beautiful and smart and quiet and shy and broken, and nothing's wrong with that but maybe you make her snap at somebody. (She fights with Kyle, but it's so provoked I don't really count it.) Maybe you can give her a dry sense of humor that makes her come off as rude to some people, as unintentional as it is; she can even apologize after. Maybe you can make her a klutz or slightly ditzy (not stupid, just not brilliant). Give her a bad sense of direction or something more than the sound of people eating apples that irritates her to no end. Make her a bad runner to balance out her art skill.

You aren't supposed to follow all my suggestions for Anna, but I just wanted to give you a list of examples. I'd appreciate it if you chose a couple or made some of your own because I think it would make Anna a more loveable character, and it would make me feel good that someone listened to me :D I like her a lot as it is, she just irritates me at times, haha.

That was too long, wasn't it? I apologize. ;-;
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