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serwaverider chapter 23 . 8/22/2016
I was liking this story but I'm going to stop reading here. Ward made an effort, unacknowledged by Christian, to make his first time special. Losing his virginity to someone who didn't bother to use protection, consider Ward's feelings on the night of or even later. Christian is not worthy. Ward is not mature enough for the situation he has allowed himself to get pushed into at the party. Then he is unfaithful to boot.
Jessica Jewell chapter 30 . 11/18/2011
Oh, where to begin. Well, I think I shall start with saying that I did very much enjoy this story. It was well written, and often times I got odd looks from my room mate for the laughing I was doing.

However, I must say that I don't like Edward. I think of all the characters in the story, the narrator is my least favorite. He's selfish, whiny, and willing to just throw himself at whomever it appears.

I feel that the ending was rush and abrupt. It's like BAM! Colin and Edward are together. I feel that Colin is a saint for remaining by Edwards side through all of this, especially since he liked him and had to watch the selfish brat give himself away to others.

I also have mixed feelings about Edwards first time being with Christian. I so wanted his first time to be with Colin, so I was hoping something would interrupt them, but at the same time, I felt that his first time needed to be Christian. Perhaps you felt the same way, hence your decision on making it so. I don't know.

I wish I could read your mind. It might make this whole story a lot easier to /agree/ with. I say agree because I love the story, and it's going to be on my favorites as well as you getting added to Author Alert, but I didn't like some part. But, I am not the author and therefore have no say.

Oh, I would like to say that my favorite characters are Kara and Colin. They are just good people, all around. Love them! I would really love a story centered around Kara, just sayin'.

Oh, and if you really want a challenge, I think re-writing this story in Colin's POV would be an amazing hit. :3
Russle chapter 29 . 8/20/2011
Ooh, Kara! *Hugs her*

Update soon...?
Russle chapter 19 . 8/20/2011
Milkshake...? What the crap! XD And i lolled at the ending too... Pfft!
Russle chapter 13 . 8/20/2011
Eddy! Don't do that! Kick his ass!
Morganea chapter 27 . 1/19/2011
First to comment again! Thank you so much for taking your time to answer to my "Edward bashing time" lol. Sorry, i dont usually leave reviews or complain about writers character that way. It's just that Edward reminds me of a girl I met when i was in Canada. She wasnt really my friend so i couldnt say anything. Now I'm venting out all of my frustration on your character LMAO... I know that the character are going to be revealed as the story goes, so I am not completly fixated on their behavior as of right now. I read your story in one go Sunday, so i left a review charged with all the emotion in me lol... You have to know, I LOVE your story ; it's bookmarked and on my toolbar (no kidding). Even Edward and his wishy washy behavior (i had to reuse the word, too funny) can't turn me awy from your story.

Anyway on to this chapter review. Edward, boy you really are a child. You need to grow up and stop hugging Colin like that. Go see my hottie Christian. I really do love Christian(even if he gets kinda bad, please make him happy .
MyLifeSoundtrack chapter 26 . 1/17/2011
YES! Another great chapter, update soon!
Morganea chapter 27 . 1/17/2011
First time reading that story and i must say i like it ... although Edward really pisses me off. What and who does he really want ? Rayne, Christian or Colin ? He's just acting like a slut (sorry but that's what i think) Going out with Christian, bitching out all the time and now kissing Rayne ? And now what did he want Rayne to say ? "I love you too, leave my best friend for me" I mean come on dreaming too much ? Rayne and Christian are best friends so is he really that okay with destroying heir realtionshihp? The way i see it, he's going to destroy Rayne and Christian relationship, destroy poor Christian's heart, is already abusing of poor Colin (what with all the touches and everything?) and might not even end up with Rayne. His character is so indecise and not sure of what he wants, he gives me a headache. One day he's all "all i want is Rayne". The next is okay "Christian for me now". Then "I dont like seeing Colin with other people". Then we are back to "Rayne again" Is the story supposed to end as a foursome ? Because the way things are going, i think that would be the only end result of this story.

I like all the other characters of your story however, especially Christian and Kara. Colin too but Christian and Kara first. Kara is the only person who is trying to make Edward see where he's wrong. Cristian is just suffering and doesnt know how to express his feeling really. He needs to find someone good for him; it shoud have been Edward but he's acting too much like a * right now. Cant you make him stay with someone perfect for him? I would have liked to sse him and Colin together. Don't ask me why, I am just weird like that. Update soon please ?

Chap 25 and 26 are the same by the way. I couldn't understand where chap 27 came from ...
blackcherry21 chapter 25 . 1/8/2011
no if you don't update soon i'm hunting you down!
MyLifeSoundtrack chapter 25 . 1/7/2011
Another awesome chapter no matter how short.
MyLifeSoundtrack chapter 24 . 1/5/2011
GAH! I Love this story so very very much. You know, I've been reading it since it's days on Adult Fanfiction dot net and I've periodically checked to see if you've updated and... surprise, surprise, an awesome update.

I fuking love it!

I can't wait until the next chapter and I... I... I don't know how to express in words how much I love this.

So glad you're back!
silverdragon4736 chapter 23 . 8/1/2008
Bloody buggering Hilarious and Hot! Brilliant! Update SOon!
erin2468 chapter 23 . 4/11/2008
oh oh oh! *dances around* they kissed!

so um, yeah i really like it :D hope you update soon!
CrayonMentality chapter 1 . 3/29/2008
"Colin never really fazed by my rampant homosexuality calmly handed me a tissue to dry the drool off my face. Now there is a considerate friend."

That made me laugh so much, this looks really cool and I can't wait till I have time to read the rest of it.
Siren Xenophon chapter 1 . 1/4/2008
Oh my god. I love it so far. Your writing style is so humorous. I was laughing the whole time while reading this. Short chapter, but infinitely good.
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