Reviews for Recaptured Moment
SaveMeToo chapter 1 . 1/5/2005
AW, that is so cute!
Mango Motercycle chapter 1 . 1/3/2005
Very CuteLove It!-Me
alligater20 chapter 1 . 1/3/2005
this is too choppy. try using more details and adjectives and it might become more personal. i really cant relate to it right now because it is so hard to read. keep working :)
spyder98 chapter 1 . 1/3/2005
This is an alright poem. I should know I write a lot of poetry. I don't post it here of course. I post it on . I have been published before. Maybe you can check it out. Go to and go to search type Adrian Allen. It will come up with two names that say Adrian Neal Allen. I am both of those. My account was screwing up when that happened. Well check ya later. I will have my first story up in 3 days. There is a waiting period before I get to put one on.
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 1/3/2005
interesting.. I liek it a lot