Reviews for You Don't Know
method acting chapter 1 . 2/25/2005
wonderful. I can reaally see the anger in your words. I can really relate. Im bored, so im gonna tell you the WHOLE story. Okay, here goes. NO! wait...hold on...i dont like this song. Okay, im good now. Alright, here gose (for real this time) Um..there is this kid named Guy, and he ruined alot of my friends lives. First of all, I went out with him, as a pity thing, (he was my friend and i didnt wanna hurt him) and then we broke up cuz neither of us liked eachother anymore. Then...a year later, my friend Shelbe liked him and he liked her, but he was to shy to ask her out. So he stopped liking her after a bit. then...he asked my friend Kayla out (who is also friends wiht Shelbe) and she was like OBSESSED wiht him, so she was gonna say yes, but hen he TOOK IT BACK. I mean, how awful is that! But he likes my friend Sarah. they are kinda 'going out' but no one knows except me, Shelbe, and Kayla. (And him of corse)So he will probly destroy her (Sarah) just like he has to Shelbe and Kayla. And it just botehrs me, you know! OS this poem perfectly discribes how Shelbe and Kayla feel. WONDERFUL WRITTING!
mysticalfluff chapter 1 . 1/20/2005
I love the second line. ;) Interesting poem.