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Eire Rain chapter 22 . 12/3/2005
Hey, it's me again. Sorry. _

I forgot to ask how on earth you pronounce the name Lija? I was pronouncing it "leah" thinking the J could be silent, but then I realized this is probably only becaues I am reading The Jungle, and a lot of the names in that book are pronounced with silent J's. So I just wanted to know for sure, out of curiosity. It's an awesome name by the way. Okay I'll shut up now. G'night. :)
Eire Rain chapter 22 . 12/3/2005
8,0 words? *sways dizzily* I can't even imagine writing that much for one chapter. That's insane. lol. But I am really glad because I needed a long chapter tonight. Had the worst night ever. A HUGE fight with my drunken parents, which I know won't even matter because they won't remember it tomorrow. Ugh. . . I HATE living here.

Okay, now onto the chapter. I really liked this chapter. It was really sweet. I loved the part when Ben and Lexie were at the lake. That was just adorable.

And Callie and Rob are back. It's just so cute. Now we've got to set Max up with his dream lover, and everything will be perfect. lol.

Got to see Ben shirtless (er. . . got to imagine it). That was nice. _

Lexie and Ben are gonna have sex! *gasp* Well, I already knew this I suppose. . . from the chapter you are having a hard time writing. lol. Well, actually you never said if it was *them* so I dunno. Callie and Rob? Nah. . . not after the way she acted in this chapter. Could be Max and *insert random girl here* but we'll see. :)

Well, this is all for tonight. I am dead sleepy. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 21 . 12/2/2005
Yes, I am very glad their troubles are over. I knew they would be over, but it was bugging me because it hadn't happened yet. They are too cute.

LMAO at Max passed out by the side of the house! I had a good laugh imagining that one.

You write these party scenes really well by the way. I noticed it in NJAS, but I never commented on it until now. It just gives you that out of control "what now?" kind of feeling. lol. Can't really describe it other than that.

Ugh. . . I am so sleepy. I went crazy and posted the chapter tonight, partly because I am tired of dealing with it. It's as ready as it's ever going to be. And I've been pretty sleepy all day, so staying up late was not a plan. Happened anyway though. Well, talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 20 . 12/1/2005
lol. Bootylicious and dancing around in a bedroom. That is something you can only do with a best friend. Otherwise, you will either be killed for annoyance or put into an insane asylum. lol.

I love how you included Damien Rice in this chapter! Because that song is the exact song I listened to when me and Ian broke up. It's The Blower's Daughter right? In fact, I was just listening to it today. Perfect "I'm depressed in that deep sort of way" music. lol. Kind of like the alcohol painting in my diary. hehe. Yeah, I could do with some alcohol right now too, and I don't even drink. That painting is so me. . . all the time. _

Ben is just so cute. With each chapter he just keeps getting cuter. His little mannerisms and his jokes are so adorable.

I'm still a little angry at dad in this chapter. I still think he's selfish, but I guess I can let it slide if Lexie can (considering he's actually her dad and all).

Well, I can't wait for the next chapter. I have a feeling things will be made right with Callie and Rob soon, so I'm not very worried. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 19 . 11/30/2005
Callie's parents strike me as a little psychotic. lol. I mean, come on! It's not a big deal that she's going out (err. . . was going out?) with Rob! I was so mad at them for ruining the moment!

I liked this chapter a whole lot too. I thought the whole Ben sleeping thing was really cute. Boys are so cute when they're sleepy. hehe.

Well, I really really hope that Callie and Rob will make up and get back together, as I am just beginning to trust him now.

I read this much earlier, but I didn't get around to reviewing until now. Lost night, you know? haha. Very good episode I might add. My two bits of entertainment: Lost and this story. lol. _

Well, I'm off to bed now (even though I should be studying). :) Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 18 . 11/29/2005
Yay Max! Hey, I do not have a problem with you advancing the Max storyline. I did not find it boring at all.

Christine. . . okay. Psycho much? Yes. That is just plain scary. She seemed so softspoken and shy before this, but I guess now her inner beast is coming out or something. lol. Even though it was awful, it made me laugh for some reason.

Oh I really hope Ben is back in the next chapter. I'm having some withdrawals here. lol.

Well, Rob was true to his word with the calling thing so I am not too suspicious of him anymore.

Madison acting even stranger in this chapter and I'm starting to wonder. I'm also starting to think that it's not just plain old bitterness over her dad. I dunno.

Anyway, I guess this is all for tonight. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 17 . 11/28/2005
Ah. . . I don't want him to leave! He's so cute and nervous. I hope nothing happens while he's gone. . . like one of them meets someone else. Because they really need to be together I'm sure of it.

What's up with Maddy? I know she's a brat, but something seems a little wrong with her in this chapter (more than usual).

"Alexandria restrained herself from clawing out the girl’s eyes."

I laughed out loud at this line! It was just so randomly placed. And it reminds me of myself and Ian's biker-girl. hehe.

Speaking of me and Ian, the first part of this when they are caught kissing reminded me of this really stupid thing that happened to us. We were just hanging out in his room, and then I went to leave and somehow. . . just *somehow* his belt had come undone. So we walk out there all grinning with our hair messed up and Ian's belt undone and his dad was just staring at us and, then we realized it. And it was SO freaking embarrassing! This could be part of the reason why I don't get along very well with Ian's dad. haha. Probably the most embarrassing "parent gotcha situation" I've ever experienced.

I am so tempted to read on tonight. I've already enrolled, written, and I've even done my homework for once so I have nothing to do. But at the same time I don't want to finish this story because then I'll have nothing to read. lol. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 16 . 11/27/2005
I'm reading! I'm actually reading! OMG! _ *freaks out* It's okay, I'm calm now.

I love Ben and Alexandria. They are so precious. Callie and Rob are cute too, but now you've sewn that seed of doubt in me and I can't turn back. . . lol.

Max needs to get with his true love and stop breaking hearts. haha.

Harrison reminds me of a frat boy in my English class who I really hate. That guy really pisses me off, but you write his character well at least.

UGH I just reminded myself of school tomorrow. Kill me.

Well, I will read more tomorrow night. How much is edited now by the way? Just so I know when to stop. Well, talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 15 . 11/23/2005
I liked this chapter. It was a Max chapter so of course I would like it! lol. I liked getting some of his back story, and learning about/seeing his prick brother. haha.

I hope you didn't purposefully plant that seed of doubt about Rob and Callie because you have something evil up your sleeve. lol. But yeah, now that it's mentioned, I'm on Max's side. Which means I'm wondering about them too. :(

I'm interested to learn more about Max's secret little crush there, and if he will ever do anything about it.

Well, sorry I can't say more. I am dying with allergies right now. Seems like everytime I read this, something is going on with me physically. lol. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow so my mom lit a fire and lit all of these candles. . . and I'm just *asthma* *can't breathe* *cough cough gasp wheeze* Lost my inhaler a long time ago, so this means I am stuck taking Benadril. Yay! I'll be knocked out for the rest of the night. lol.

Well, talk to you later. I was gonna say "Happy Thanksgiving". . . lol. . . then I realized I can't. Well, happy holidays in general. _

Eire Rain chapter 14 . 11/21/2005
AW I *loved* this chapter! It was so, so sweet. The beginning started it out and I just knew, "I'm gonna love this." Well, I think I can live on my love for this chapter until you can edit some more. lol. It was super long, so that helps. . . I can't wait until I can read more though! :)

Ben is so hot. And Rob is so hot. Hell, Max is so hot! OMG they're all hot! lol. Wow I'm scary.

I contemplated reading this wearing sunglasses because I have a splitting headache for no reason. It's suddenly too bright in this room even though I turned out the light. I took the gov. test and got a 72, so I cried a bit because I think I'm just gonna have to give up and drop that class or fail it now. And I think my eyes just swelled up or something because I am in some serious pain right now. . .

On a lighter note, this chapter cheered me up. _ haha.

In answer to your question from earlier: yeah we are at the prologue. I re-read it about a week ago and I was like, "What? JULY! What was I thinking?" so I had to change the time setting to May. Hope no one notices. lol.

Well, I'm gonna go take a bath now because maybe that'll ease my headache. UGH. . . it hurts to have my eyes open. It's like a hangover without the perk of getting drunk the night before. lol. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 13 . 11/20/2005
Ugh. . . that dad pisses me off.

It's true. He's incredibly selfish. I'm sorry, but anyone who does that has issues with selfishness and should not be a parent. Poor soon-to-be child. I am completely on Alex and Madison's side right now.

Okay. . . I'm feeling really bad for Ben right now. Poor thing walking to her house in the rain only to get smacked down. :(

I would've hugged him and made him hot chocolate. I think deep down, she wanted to do the same but she was a little too in shock. I don't think it was because she's still mad at him.

Well, this is all I have to say for this chapter. I want to read on, but I won't allow myself because I know I'm gonna be nearing the end and regretting reading so fast. lol. Talk to you later.

Eire Rain chapter 12 . 11/19/2005
Oh this has to be short! I just got home and I saw you wrote me an email and I better reply to it. lol. I saw it has the chapter in it! YAY!

Okay, first I have to say I would totally pay what little money I have to see her throw an ice cream scoop at Ben's head too. Max is not alone. lol. Not because I hate Ben, but just because that's awesome. :)

I like that you haven't had them meet-up-and-make-up yet. It keeps the tension there.

Well, this is gonna be all for tonight. Gonna reply to the email now. _

Eire Rain chapter 11 . 11/18/2005
Really, really cute chapter. I liked the whole date scene with Callie and Rob. (the falls especially)

She didn't meet Ben. I half expected her to but *shrugs* I know they have to eventually get together because he brought her mint ice cream which is just. . . aw _

Your question- "Keep Marty's pov in NJAS rewrite or not?"

Uh, you mean after she gets run over and he's feeling all guilty? I think that was the only time we were in his POV but I could be wrong. If that's the time you are referring to then, yes, deffinetely keep it. For one thing, she's unconscious and can't narrate. lol. And for another, it was really interesting to see inside his head at that moment.

Yay I hope you really do send me NSM ch. 1 tonight! Except I can't read it till tomorrow morning because I am going straight to bed.

I spent the last two hours in absolute torture. I was just trying to read *one* damn chapter of government, and it was so boring I just couldn't. I kept carrying the book everywhere with me, trying to get inspired to read it. lol. I even had it in the bath with me (that sounds wrong). lol. I finally pushed myself through it! And now I am mentally and physically exhausted since I had originally planned to go to bed at seven tonight, and it is now nine thanks to my procrastination. Ugh. . . I am gonna sleep so late tomorrow (for me this means 9:30 haha)

Well, goodnight. _

Eire Rain chapter 10 . 11/17/2005
Lol. I prefer Advil liquid-gels myself, but yes Excedrin is good too. Anything but Tylenol. Ugh. That crap is like flour in pill form. Does nothing.

Okay, enough talk about over the counter pain relievers. lol.

I like Ben a little more in this chapter, but I hope he never drinks again because he is apparently unpredictable when he drinks, which isn't good. I don't think he'd want to screw up his chances with Alexandria even more tho.

Did I ever mention that I love that name? Because I do. One of my favorite girl names (I know I say this a lot, but my lists of favorite boy and girl names are *huge* so I'm not just saying that. :).

Still really, really adore Max. He's still my favorite.

I liked that there was no Alex in this chapter. Gives you a nice "what's going on behind the scenes?" look.

I know I'm reviewing early because I can't review when I get home tonight, as I'm sure I'll be dead. lol.

Well, I look forward to reading more tomorrow. Bye bye.

Eire Rain chapter 9 . 11/16/2005
The cops were a bit lenient, but hey. It's a small town, they were probably just trying to be nice. You're drinking age is like eighteen right? lol. That still gets me that America is so stupid about that. We send 18 years olds to fight in Iraq, but they can't have a beer. *sigh* Doesn't make a bit of sense to me.

Anyway, I didn't think the cop thing was a big deal, and I wouldn't have noticed at all if it wasn't for your author note. Loved the note at the beginning too. "sex happens". lol. Especially in the woods at drunken parties right?

I like Max though. With each chapter, I like him more. I like that he is so protective of the two of them. That's really sweet.

Okay. . . Ben. No. Just no. What's he thinking? . . . Now I'm stuck. I can forgive him because *technically* he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing, but I also can't forgive him because even when a person is drunk, they still have self control.

I am betting that she forgives him though. I probably would too. For the purposes of reading this, though, I will be keeping a much closer eye on him from now on.

*yawns* Gettin' sleepy. I'll be reading more tomorrow as usual. :) Later~

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