Reviews for My Beautiful Mistake
roni chapter 28 . 8/25/2006
i'm so blown away right now, i kind of gotta go pee. which is.. er, supposed to be a kind of compliment thinger thingy. ...yup .

anywho, i very much love this story, and will without a doubt pounce on your other stories ... at a later date; i haven't budged from the computer since i started reading this - which would perhaps explain the need to go pee thing, but maybe not . anywho, bed and bath beckons

tootles. and thank you - for... writing, i guess. it was, and is, very very touching.
Mi-Lu chapter 27 . 4/21/2006
Great story and I do think that it sounded like it wasn't suppose to end there. I think a sequal would be good because then it would explain what happened when she went back to live at her old place and what went on with Ryan. In college would be good because at least we'll get an idea of what was happening those years before.
swimchickslam chapter 28 . 4/21/2006
yess a sequel! :D
sweetone0018 chapter 26 . 2/26/2006
Oh wow I loved this story it was amazing!
Paula chapter 28 . 2/11/2006
Awesome story! I love Christine and her wacky personality! I find it funny that everyone goes by their middle name, because I use my middle name too. :D Oh. Just wanted to let you know about some things in your story:


Christine met Mark who was apparently on a business trip so he couldn't make the wedding. But in Chapter 24 Ryan tells Christine about his real father and metions that the guy she met at the wedding wasn't his real father. So yeah. :)

Well that's all. I like your writing style and keep up the great work! :D

P.S. In the last chapter you spelled Ryan's first name like ALAN when you spelled it liked ALLEN before. Alright I'll shut up now. :) :)
Alenor chapter 28 . 2/11/2006
oh i love this story. can't wait for the sequel. cya later.
EnchantedKorean chapter 28 . 1/22/2006
OMG...tat was da best romance story i've read on this entire website! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A SEQUEL!I want 2 c chris & ryan end up 2getha 4eva...plz...i cant say it enough...I LUV this STORY!
C chapter 28 . 1/5/2006
haylee chapter 6 . 12/20/2005
it would be so much easier if i could hate rachel...
haylee chapter 4 . 12/20/2005
wait. so she just left her cell phone on the plane?
haylee chapter 3 . 12/20/2005
just a heads up: you switch tenses in this chapter (at the top). at first it's in first person, then you switch to third person for like one sentance. its not very realistic how he's just drawn to her from seeing her. it seems more like the physical attraction is doing the drawing. he can't just want her, he doesn't even know her and he does have a girlfriend of three years or something. sorry for the flame- it's just my opinion.
Juniper Nights chapter 25 . 12/20/2005
love the story so far
Stephanie chapter 28 . 12/14/2005
Not sure if you're still working on the sequel idea, but I thought I'd give you my input. While I think this is completely brilliant, I would love a sequel!
a monday survivor chapter 27 . 10/9/2005
Sorry, I was so cought up fixing the typos I never really reveiwed. Its really good but it despretly needs a sequel. WRITE A SEQUEL OR I WILL BOTHER YOU TILL THE DAY YOU DIE!
lilxseeker chapter 28 . 10/8/2005
wow this is a great story! good job!
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