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Animi Malum chapter 29 . 7/2/2005
_; Leaving things hanging like that? NO! You can't do that to me! ;_; It's horrible.

Anyway, yes, my favorite lines form the whole story in this chapter.: "What would you do if I were to kiss you right now?""I would punch you and scream fire.""Why fire?""Because if I screamed rape it would just egg you on.""Oh you know me too well."

Best lines ever.
Nolaknowsmyname chapter 28 . 6/24/2005
woohoo! i got a chappy dedicated to me! woohoo! and it was a great chappy too! yay u! go me! lol
Reviewer annonymous chapter 28 . 6/22/2005
Jus' gotta love the Trent/Craigness in this chapter that's for sure! Aww, and Craig seems so much more fun and playful when it comes to Sugar. I just love it when those two are together in a scene, it's just so fun and lovable...::gushes:: _; And no, I do not hate her when it comes to interrupting those two, I'm sure they'll get another chance later on ::hoping here:: Oh but she's a smart one that kid, she just knew that Craig liked Trent. As we all do, no matter how much he tries and denies it of course. Trent will eventually land Craig, his kisses and other good things will help along the way. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next chapter. With Mikey and Rain together ::showers them with kisses:: and Craig and Trent seemingly nearing their own climax ::sexual pun intended:: XD It's all going as planned! ::sputter:: ::COUGH:: Ahem...well yeah you know how that goes on...

Keep it up kid, love what you're doin' so far. Good work for a fifteen year old and all!
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 28 . 6/18/2005
Well, I’m not as lat as I could be. Lol. Which still isn’t all that great, but yea. At least it’s before another update. I’d like to say sorry for pretty much slacking on my last few reviews. It was quite sucky of me, right? Glad the email did something for you, I guess. Way better for me though for it slapping you back into place. Seeing that this was updated made me really happy. Even more that I’ve read it and know what happened. Woo. *much fangirling*

Hahahahaha. Does Craig share her room? (I can’t remember.) Because if he does, I pity. Pink walls are fucking evil. Bert is a very nice little puppy, it seems, and his name always make me laugh for some reason or anything. Maybe I’m just odd. Playing dolls. Very amusing. Although I think they should have been Prince Jim and Prince Kevin or something. Heh. Oh, how I’d love to taint some children….

*clears throat* Anywho.

The doggie chewed on doll hair. I imagine it didn’t taste too yummy, but then again, he’s a dog. That eats dog food. That’s an eww by itself.

I adored that whole “Trent’s a dog’ thing. I guess because Sugar was like…right behind to defend him and how we’re not quite sure if Craig means it in a bad way or not. When I first read it I assumed he did just because that’s the only way I’ve heard it being used, but then I figured that he has never really given a sign that he disliked him and Craig is just damn sweet. [-Means that you like Trent!] EXACTLY. Smart kiddo. Lol. Of course, she most likely doesn’t mean it the same way, but I’m going to ignore that fact.

Aww. They’re so damn adorable. (Craig and Sugar.) She does good for his character. He’s more…playful, I guess, with her, and that’s a very, very good thing.

Trent makes Craig nervous. How adorable is that? VERY. And then he makes the tense. RELAX, Craig. He only wants in your pants and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Lol. AHAHAHAHAHA. I’d say he screwed himself (almost literally) for saying he offered a favor. KISSES. Very fucking nice.

Oh, and Sugar is now a demon child for interrupting them. Poor boys.

WELL, this isn’t as long as I was hoping it was going to be, but it’s definitely better than what I was giving you before. An upgrade. Yay? Hmm, I definitely hope that you continue this soon, but no pressure. I know you have so many other stories to do too.

Much love.

Animi Malum chapter 28 . 6/13/2005
Okay, as usual, I love it. Got to love the Trent and Craig action. It was so adorable! No, I won't kill Sugar, but I will silently curse her cute and adorable self for interupting things she doesn't understand.

It was very nice...*plots to sleal the plot for a sneak peak* _


Animi Malum chapter 27 . 5/15/2005
*tacklecling* Yay! Mikey and Rain! I love it! And they were so adorable too! And, I happen to find that I'm sideing with Mikey, and certainly finding a dislike for his father. It was so sad, though, making Noel cry like that. At least he was sorry about it. Keep up the good work. Have a Mikey and Rain plushie! *hand* _ Enjoy.
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 26 . 5/10/2005
I read both new chapters and I loved. A lot. I'm crazy busy and can't seem to find time to write a decent review, which is why I'm doing it for this one so HOPEFULLY I get around to leaving one for the next. SORRY. You know I adore. They're together! *dancedance*
Nolaknowsmyname chapter 27 . 5/8/2005
Yay! He finally asked and Mikey said yes! YAYAY!
Reviewer annonymous chapter 27 . 5/8/2005
AW...*continues for another few hours* I JUST LURVE EM'! Finally Mikey and Rain get together, a long time in the making I must say! When they got together I was all squealing and everything else, I was just too happy because of it! Don't you hate it when there are characters who you know are MADE for each other, and it seems to take them forever for them to realize it? When you KNOW they have to end up together, and you feel just like locking them in a closet so they'd FINALLY understand! Rain was soo sweet though! And Mikey was crying, crying I tell you! And even Noel...*sniffles* Mikey was really angsty this chapter though, being all mad with his dad and all. His dad seems like a nice guy though, I'd like to know more about their relationship and I have a feeling you'll grow on it, so no worries on my part. And I just Loved everything they had to say, from Rain asking Mikey to be his boyfriend, to Mikey wanting him too...just squealing moment(s) GALORE! I can't wait for the next chappie though, take your time though, have a rest. All this writing will tirer you out soon enough, so enjoy yourself. I'll just enjoy Mikey and Rain's getting togetherness immensely, and nice make out scene too! *BIG grin* XD *huggles Mikey and Rain* You two are just too cute for your own good!

-Reviewer Anonymous
Reviewer annonymous chapter 26 . 5/8/2005
Hmm, can't wait to meet their father in the next chapter. I really like Ron though, he seems like a cool character, I seem to already love em'..._; Hmm, Rain was flirting...*sings* But holy geezus, 105 pages? You crazy woman! *smacks back of the head* How can you write so much? Not that it's a bad thing...*cough* Right, lemme' read on eh?

-Reviewer Anonymous
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 25 . 4/19/2005
First thing...I'll admit to you, it's a bit harder to read when there is all of this Mikey/Craig stuff floating around, because I'm so not a multi-pairing person. As in I like certain pairings, neither of which contain the same people. Call it a downfall, if you will, but yea. Absolutely squicks me. Anywho, I shall rant about your slower update because...well, you said please. Lol. I did check back religiously for an update. And you let me down...*sniffles* Hahahaha. I am so kidding there. Oh well, don't worry about it. As long as you update sometime, right? The time wasn't THAT long either. It could've been worse. I would break down the chapter like I did before but a) see the first part and b) if I don't write soon, someone is going to kick my ass. So, all in all, it was a (very?) good chapter. Really long too. You get definite points for that.

[Craig groans this out, kneeled over the porcelain toilet with Mikey standing behind him, watching him closely.]

That is repeated twice, if you hadn't caught that yet.

All that is left to say is I hope you continue soon. Sooner, even. But of course, no presure. Heh.

Love ya.

Lirael chapter 25 . 4/19/2005
::psycho eyes:: .$ Haha, know what's interesting? I just read the book. I'd got the pseudonym before that; I like names with the 'ae' arrangement. Mostly for the ambiguous pronounciation bit.

Not only that, but my birthday was 3 days ago. Yay! So. ANYHOW.

*aww* This chapter was cute. Really nice/sweet of Mikey.

Although I am, quite shamelessly, a Mikey/Rain shipper. ::tacks up a huge banner::

It just seems that Rain really needs someone, like Mikey. O.o

Or maybe this story just hits too close to home, with the brother I've got. Aack, I am getting offtopic again.

Anyways. Really, really nice chapter. I do so love your writing style. Plus, long updates are teh awesomeness.

Bit early perhaps to be saying this, but I hope it turns out well for the characters. Especially Rain. He's getting really down. ::gives him a squishy huggle of death::

Oh yea. Hahaa. This review is getting a bit long. So. 'til next time.

.$ xDD

Reviewer anonymous chapter 24 . 3/29/2005
Very good chapter, I really enjoyed it even with the while wait so no worries about that! As long as you're still updating I'm fine. I would hate it if this turned into an unfinished or something like that! *sulk* Poor Rain though...he actually cried too! Aww, Mikey will hug away and other things his problems soon enough! Hehe, Craig seemed so confused this chapter..too cute! Mikey a bit flirty eh...hmm interesting. We'll have to read up on that, eh! But very good chapter once again, enjoyed it much! Can't wait for the next chapter!

-Reviewer AnonymousP.S. take as long as you want *smile*
xXblankXx chapter 24 . 3/29/2005
DragonAtHeart chapter 24 . 3/29/2005
it was good ... i think mikey scared and embarrsed the hell out of por craid at the last bit there. anyways it was good. kepp ity up. i love this story!

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