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SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 24 . 3/28/2005
First, I am going to say sorry, because this is going to suck. I don't have time to write a longer one, but if I do before you post the next, I'll go annon. and do it, k? So...Rain/Mikey. I wish to hit both of them over the head with shoe or something for being to stupid. Lol. You are right, it did seem like he was flirting, which makes we um...all tumbley inside, but I can't seem to care too much because I love them both, you know? Still, it does make me want to lock them together with their not yet other halves (M/R, C/T) and such lovely things can happen...Heh. SMUT. Can't wait for it, lalala.

Right, so I warned you, yea?

Next chapter soon, I hope.

Lirael chapter 23 . 3/28/2005
Ohh oops forgot to add:

Happy [early] Birthday!
Lirael chapter 24 . 3/28/2005
Ooh. A new chapter.

Rain/Mikey need to get some guts.

::shamelessly tacks up a dozen Rain/Mikey posters::

Hahaha. But really. *Aww...*

I hope they get together before things get too[or even more] fcked up. Or someone manages to come between them. *hops up and down impatiently*

Now that point aside, it is fun how you have all the triangles and quasitriangles.

Whee hee, good story. First time review/reading this, though. Really wish the characters happy endings, even if they don't end up in togetherness.

Also; I like how you arranged the chapter titles. Nice.

Kk. So. Pleease update as soon as you can? ::bribes you with cookies::
Reviewer annonymous chapter 23 . 3/27/2005
Hehe, crazy induced and talking to himself Craig is always cute and lovable! And yes hun, it's -supposed- to remind you of Trent! Hell everything should, because you and him will grow up to monkey sex all your life! Well okay, that's just me but I'm just saying...Hmm, Mikey doesn't like his dad from what I can see. Wonder if his dad is all that bad? Mikey and Noel brother fights rock as always, always cute to see the retort back at each other! Great insight this chapter and I can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully some Rainness because we love him as always! Good job so far, keep it up hunny! _

-Reviewer Annonymous
Reviewer annonymous chapter 22 . 3/27/2005
Aw, Noel was so nice and cheery uppy and cute in this chapter...not that he isn't always! I'm worried here. Is Noel trying to get Mikey and Leila together? I hope not because I love Noel and I wouldn't want to hate him because of a reason like that! Poor Mikey too, all confused about Rain's moodiness. Can't they just kiss and make up and all will be right in the world? Guess we're the only sane one's who actually -understand- this eh? I enjoyed this chapter though, just hope nothing happens between Leila and Mikey anytime soon...or actually wait, EVER!

-Reviewer Annonymous
Reviewer annonymous chapter 21 . 3/27/2005
Well...can someone pass me the tissue please, because it's getting a little teary eyed here? *sniffles* Oh god, it was so sad and poor Rain and Mikey too! Mikey was so damn sweet though, harsh and violent yes...but still sweet! I mean come on it takes guts to punch a guy and than take care of him right after. I love the dialogue and inner dialogue in this chapter, really makes ya think and learn more about the characters and how they're feeling throughout! Leila still "love sick" over Mikey. Rain beaten and moody all of a suddenly. Mikey trying to help, and sweet little moment too! All I can say is Mr. Blue better get his ass kicked sooner or later, and we al know Mikey likes Rain too, no doubt about it people!

-Reviewer Annonymous
Reviewer annonymous chapter 20 . 3/27/2005
I like this chapter, it gives us a little insight here and there. First of all, sorry Leila you won't be getting to kiss Mikey anytime soon and -I'm- going to make sure of that. Also, poor Rain! He got hit by Mr. Blue didn't he? Stupid old man...always knew he was evil! Interesting way to hurt ones self though, never thought of burning myself with the hand dryer. Getting angsty eh? Noel was so cute and funny, hehe choking and all his fault too so he can't blame Mr. Gil! Hehe, cute chapter though, and lemme keep going here.

-Reviewer Annonymous
Reviewer annonymous chapter 19 . 3/27/2005
I enjoyed this chapter, a lot of Mr. Blueness from what I could see! Hmm, I'm guessing Ms. Paige and Mr. Blue may just become an "item" or something like that. Rain doesn't seem to like his father much, I'm guessing there's some history to it so I'll just have to wait and see...I enjoyed the love letter though, really cute. I could just -see- Mikey reading it and all, and Noel was cute as always! Lemme just keep going here eh!

-Reviewer Annonymous
Nolaknowsmyname chapter 23 . 3/23/2005
WOHO! I got mentioned in the review list! lol Honestly, her song is where I got my name from, I love Alicia Keys! She and u both rock! Good chapter BTW after all my side chat. lol

youdontknowmyname (but between u n me its Liz) : )
Miss Lilian chapter 23 . 3/23/2005
heh... wow i haven't reviewed in forever. I'M SO SORRY! i've just had so much going on! but no reason to just sit down and r&r... i'm sorry. it's really good! i thinks it's one of the best stories on FP D but really... where was rain in this chapter? i'm already worried about the poor thing and then he's just not there! i don't know to think!
DragonAtHeart chapter 23 . 3/20/2005
well... craig seems rather confused and insecure... mikey seems mad and noel .. well noel is still a cutie pie so yea ~Dragon
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 23 . 3/19/2005
Aww! You dedicated it to me! *feels completely and totally awesome* Lol. You make me happy and giggly and all that good fun stuff. *huggles* Meh. Much squeeness here. *sighs* On to the actual review, which one be so fangirl-ish. *pause* Who am I kidding...

CRAIG IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE. I say this like every review. Lol. But he really is. It makes me giggle because he's talking to himself for that long. I talk to myself A LOT and it's just amusing to read. Um. Going to quote a thing or two because they were cute...

[Why am I mentioning Trent now? Is this note supposed to remind me of him somehow?]

Yes, you adorable idiot. EVERYTHING should remind you of Trent. *nods* And that's what I have to say about it...Lol.

OH FREAKING DEAR GOD. I did not want to read about Mr. Deserves-To-Die. And somehow, I couldn't just not read it.

A Warning To Ms. Paige: The man is EVIL. Evil dammit. Run away and don't look back. Seriously. Oh, and make sure you don't have any lipstick on your teeth next time. it completely odd that I'm talking to the characters?

Mean-ish Mikey still makes me want to hug him. And Noel. *group hug* I hate apologizing to people too. Lol. Especially if what I said is true...God, I feel bad that they have to spend time with their dad if he's an asshole. Does Noel like him? Should I know? Meh. Poor boys.

Completely sucks you lost what you wrote. When I do, I freak. Completely freak.

*psycho laughter* I wasn't playing. Glad you loved it though. Lol. I think you'll do just fine with it. Hehe. *getting excited for it* Me SPAZ. I imagine Trent would be all grins...I think Craig would be very awkward. And CUTE. Because he is. *whines* I don't like waiting. Mehehehe.

As always, continue soon, because updates for this story makes me very happy and fangirl-ish.

Well, meow. Sorry this is so short. My concentration is shot to shit today.

DragonAtHeart chapter 22 . 3/19/2005
it was good. poor everyone is just feeling way to down, noels a real sweetie pie tho, trying to cheer everyone up ... cant wait for the next chappie!~Dragon
favoritesong chapter 22 . 3/18/2005
I was very bored and about to go to bed, but then this was updated! Yeah! And it was good. Today has been a very exhausting day for me emotionally, so this was very therapeutic. Can't wait for the next chapter. And the Barenaked Ladies are cool. But Senses Fail are cooler.
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 22 . 3/18/2005 I think it makes a story interesting when it's a girl as the other 'not really a love interest but like a lone corner of a triangle'. If that makes sense. And I'm not just saying it because I've done it, really. It's the reason I did it. RIght. And now I'm confusing myself. We'll move on, yea? Noel trying to get them together exactly? That's the vibe I'm getting. If he is...EVILNESS. *psycho laughter* Poor girly. MIKEY wants RAIN not LEILA. And all is right in the world. But the girly deserves a pat on the head and a cookie to being sad. Let us hope that cheers her up a bit. I guess Noel can have one too for trying (and just being) nice. *huggles him*

Isn't the Rain/Mikey angst so pretty? I usually spork angst, but you do it nicely. Enough that it tugs at me a bit, but not enough that I'm seriously freaking out. And I do that sometimes. It's not good. At all. I seriously hate to you.

[I guess I should be regretting having kissed him.]

*holds water gun to Mikey's head* NO! You shouldn't. You should replaying the moment in your head over and over again and doing dirty stuff. *pause* Dear god. Wickedly shameful scene came to mind that I might email because it gets to steamy for a review. *laughter* Seriously. he going to tell Noel the TRUTH about why he's so moody? *curious* I'm not sure whether or not it would be good for him to...but your call, of course. I'll be waiting to see.

FUN RAMBLE TIME. *dances around in chair* I love reading your responses, so I'll keep making my reviews long-ish. Lol.

*steals Craig and Trent before running away* THEY'RE MINE! Um. For the moment. *proceeds to stuff them in closet* Come back...well, when they decide to go along with my plans. I bet you can imagine what those are...*innocent grin*

I understand the part about her saying something now. Thanks for explaining it to me. *many huggles* Noel angst. Goodness, in a completely angsty sense, I hope. *takes the tissue and dabs eyes* Tanky. Lol. You shouldn't feel guilty about writing it, you get much love for it actually. It didn't make me want to kill the story. Heh. Like I'd ever actually want to, but yea. Ties in with the previous angst hate chatter.

*starts writing her list of paintful ways to die*

Holiness is overrated. Lol. Don't you think?

Good god, that is long. But it's for can I complain? *grins*

BPH should be updated soon, as in a couple of day, if that's good news to you. This update is a bit slower than normal, but I have a freakish amount of other things to work on.

So...continue soon, doll. *goes to read chapter again*

S.A.E.I. (*hands you her spork so you can get the typos*)
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