Reviews for The Combination
Rikku Abdul chapter 3 . 6/10/2005
Hey, this is a pretty good poem!

The format is kinda odd, but I like weird formats, even though I can't do them very well myself...

And it makes a lot of sense, even though you only used a few words each line. They're quite good poems, and I liked 'em.

And I can relate to the author's notes. I can never seem to write poems when I want to, so if I got a poetry assignment or something, I'd be screwed... I just suddenly get inspiration from something or other, and start writing it. Then it's done in like five minutes. But unlike you, I'm never depressed when I write depressing stuff, cuz when I'm depressed, I sure as heck don't feel like writing anything.

Thanks for your review. You tell it like it is, huh? :-) Oh, well. I'm not mad, though I know a few who would flame you like no other, to the point to which you would go insane. I like people to be honest, so thanks for being honest.

How would you know my story is in the past? If you'd read far enough, you'd know it wasn't. And it's under the fantasy category. It doesn't have to take place on earth at all.

Shawn is supposed to be quiet and all that, but he's a little depressed, for reasons no one knows yet. Before, he'd always been quiet.

Keira, I hate to admit, doesn't have much of a character... for some reason, she is the hardest one to develop... You're a hundred percent right there...

I'm not mad, just a little down... I like my characters, I know they're not perfect, but they're the only thing I feel good about... was there anything else I needed to work on, or anything you actually liked about it? Sorry, I'm being stupid...

I hope you don't mind my rambling. You don't mind flames, so it would seem like you wouldn't mind this, but if you do, please don't get too mad...

Well, I really liked these poems! Keep up the good work!

And again, thanks for being honest in your review!

~Rikku Abdul~
lazigirl chapter 3 . 2/10/2005
wow those are so cool! they make so much sense, and yet so little. i love it, as usual. hey- my sixth chapter is up! please r&R it, and i hope you will continue posting things like
Nova-Janna chapter 3 . 2/7/2005
Though I'm not quite sure where you were going with this either, it was very interesting. Had a strange feel to it, but it was a good strange. All right, I'm just babbling, but the point is that these were well-written and incredibly interesting to read and think about.