Reviews for Rosa
Azaelia Hamwich chapter 1 . 5/26/2005
Aaw!Another great one :)I appreciate your review so much more now because your writing is so amazing and you liked mine!Well doneKeep on writing!
Sakura Himitsu chapter 1 . 4/18/2005
I like it. Nice and simple. _
heavens-calling chapter 1 . 3/19/2005
simple but gets the message acrossgood job
thedarkthatiwas chapter 1 . 3/11/2005
Wow, neat poem! Very expressive, short but sweet. Great work! I like!
Elzzar chapter 1 . 2/19/2005
I like these small things. It's amazing how much you can express with just the right choice of words and placing in just a smidget of a poem.
somefreakylooknchick chapter 1 . 2/18/2005
ugh! Stupid $%# *! uh.. as you can tell, I feel ya.
The Ash File chapter 1 . 2/18/2005
short but from the heart and very very very true. i like it. can you please review my two new poems Soft Kisses of Candy Cane and Tick Tick Eternity? i would apreciate it so much. thankyou...
Biene chapter 1 . 2/4/2005
I hate replacers! (Thats what I call em)gr8 poem
A SeveredHead chapter 1 . 2/4/2005
very well written, i am not good at writing haikus (or however you spell it) i can understand that you're pissed that ur "significant" chose someone else. i've had that happen so many times. ok enough about MY life. lol. anyways vry well written and keep it up!
Fabian Cortez chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
Firstly thanks for the reviews they are always very much inspiring and appreciated.

Now on to this poem;

Damn that's good!




I have a new short up. It is called "Oblivious", My hope is that you enjoy it as much as my other works. "Fingers Crossed for luck on that". See what you think anyway; your thoughts are always valued. :-)
brokenbober chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
This really says something. It is a message to a lost love. Great job.
linaeve chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
enjoyed the lingering bitterness.

Rebecca Kelsey chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
*recalls that feeling* *sigh*

nice poem.
breezy nostrils chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
Aw...I feel the exact same way.

Read "He secretly chose her." It's similar to this poem.
Mistress of Eternity chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
Aww so, sad... *weeps* but amazing, I love it how you can leave such a strong impact with so few words! Well done!


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