Reviews for Thin Red Line
i reviewed your other poem not telling which one chapter 1 . 4/1/2005
Hey. Cool. I love poems that go on about something...describing it...making it obvious, and such. And then they make a point that isn't so obvious. And you could apply this to SO many things in real life...oh, the symbolism. I love it.
Proh Crepitus chapter 1 . 2/4/2005
Pretty much the same as my review for the other one that was blatantly about cutting... But yeah.
Kirona of the skies chapter 1 . 2/3/2005
Ooh. I like. It could be interpreted in many different ways. Like, it could be a single blemish on an otherwise perfect piece of cloth, which could symbolize some aspect of life or something...but, I ramble. Great job, Nika-chan!
Rabit157 chapter 1 . 2/3/2005
Note oh evil bitch. Who seems to have formed quite a stong opinion despite not knowing anything about me...?

I'm dyslexic.

I can't spell to save my life.

I admit that in my bio and the last thing I have time to do is go and check through 80 times to pick every thing up!I spend enough time trying to that in my own work.

I write How I speak. It is a styalistic thing I belive I have out lined somewhere or other.

One might also like to note while on the subject that, in short, you have no concept of a disource marker or and inserted incomplete. You may aslo like to not that what you have done is to spam me and that I'm afraid is against the ruels! I could if i were the spiteful kind you seem to be send an email to the nice people here and complain.

You may also like to note that this reveiw was posted after a reveiw which I put up only lastnight. Or at least before I noticed you'd reveiwed. I'll admit that it is not you who have inspired this reveiw or my ones to your friend who you so rightly stand up for but mearly the fact that some of us have horrible periods and that are so irregular and cause such nasty mood swings before hand that one can never tone down ones,er, lingo. Thus every one who recive such a review in that period of time is duely appologised to.

Oh and you might like to know (as I take a genuin interst in people and always give a seccond chance that the format of your poem is good although it lacks rythum in places and you might like to put a space between On and a in the last line. Just a thought.

Bye. Cuervo

p.s. If your going to use reveiws in this way or get your own back the best way I find to do it is to leave a really scathing reveiw. Pick on every last detail swear and if you ant to be really eveil leave a load of anonimous ones that say the same things. I hint for the next time you try to dis some one in a fragile stat of mind.
somefreakylooknchick chapter 1 . 2/2/2005