Reviews for B3 Bullets, Blades, and Blood
Hunter Farral chapter 36 . 3/19/2009
Does the story end here or will you continue? Personaly, if you end it there it just seems unsatisfying. I hope you make Croix and Sara go back to the light. You should also make Francesca and Koji have a kid that would be really cool. I haven't really written a review before but im just expressing my thoughts. If you really wanted to, you could continue this story onto the next generation. With all the hybrids and demons, it opens infinite doors and possibilities to story changes and plot twists. Just dont make anyone die. It really sucks when people die because they had personalities and the reader may have connected to that person. It's also sad that Croix and Sara both went evil they're is much more potential for a fight with good v. evil. When the chapter ends, and Sara and Croix leave you should have them conceive Ivy, you could say that could explain why Ivy seems really dark sometimes because Croix and Sara would both have been evil. you could also add a third party into the mix, sort of like Serpentine but weaving everyone else into their diabolical plot, ultimately causing all forces to join and take them down. Once again it is similar to serpentine but she would be a pawn as well. Croix should also stop loosing Sara it'll only lead to more heartbreak and make your story seem extremely repetitive. Im also terribly sorry if this review makes you angry but i have a tendency to over analyze and pick apart things to get how they work. try leaving chapters with a cliff hanger more often because it makes people guess. Slight cliff hanger work well to... in my story i end with a slight cliff hanger i use it to make it seem like the obvious will happen but then you can do a 180 and make surprise and intise the reader to keep reading, and crave for more. by the way what is elly's unique power? or did you just put that because you couldnt come up with one? i dont mean that as an insult. It could also have been that Elly wants to keep her power a secret from the others in the group. Clearly you are most likely Catholic and i love the way you insult God it's just way to damn funny. Another question comes to how come Elly doesn't have anyone to love other than her family? Will you introduce him later or make her lesbian? If you do make her lesbian i would say Kanako. what happened to kanako any way? and the FP force and the soverign knight (sorry if thats not what she's called)? You might also want to try making Sara stop having mood swings it just makes your story repetitive as well. Make her the sweet Sara and bring croix back to normal. Sorry if this insults you in anyway once again i am just expressing my thoughts. Have fun continuing writing your stories i added you to my story alert :)
francesca valentina lyubishka chapter 34 . 1/21/2008
i love it as well as the little insert about fran and kiji callme ore write me and hopefully we can get more in the start of it later hun have fun:)
insane in the brain chapter 30 . 7/5/2007
This is awesome! Now why am I the only one who can't write action scenes? Are you a guy?

[Hours after their departure from the Realm of Endless Death, Serpentine’s burnt body rises from the floor. Serpentine sheds her darkened skin and resumes her human-like appearance.] When you say burnt, you mean charred and black or disintergrating into ashes burnt? Seeing ashes rise would be neat xD
palinka chapter 29 . 2/13/2007
i love it. you always make me so happy with the twists and turns we make in the story. thanks for involving me in this. later
Aurora chapter 28 . 10/8/2006
Oh z that was the best story ever love...YOu must send me info each time you add on..

Aurora Valentine...Wife of Vincent Valentine
angel chapter 28 . 10/6/2006
i love this. it is alittle shorter than the others but i am liking how you are putting it together. call or send me a message soon. later
angelica chapter 25 . 1/22/2006
ah! you are fantastic i am so so so so so proud of you .,. the story is out of this world.:" i cant wait for the next one. i am so ecstatic. you are too brillant to ever put in words.

i thank you for letting me share in it. francesca is my inner heart and you make her shine beyond anythign i could ever do. thank you so much.