Reviews for A Day as a Woman
Snowgoose chapter 1 . 12/2/2008
Hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and as both a girl and an anthropology major, I feel pretty qualified. Gender roles can get interesting-did your class ever talk about the Aka tribe of central Africa?

I was a little confused regarding the leakage (No cramps? A panty liner sufficed? And you were referring to blood, right?), but I don't blame you if you're shying away from the topic of menstruation... I wouldn't really want to write about it either, especially for a class assignment.

Very entertaining overall. Anything that makes me snort pepsi up my nose is worth reviewing.
Numbers 31 chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
I didn't like this at all. Here are a few reasons why:

First, the writer assumes that breasts and vaginas are what makes a woman. He wakes up, feels himself up, and determines that he's a woman. Being a woman, to the author, is all about having certain "factory standard "body parts and not how one feels on the inside. That makes one think: if a woman has a mastectomy then is she no longer a woman? If a person lives like a woman and identifies as a woman not really a woman if she was born with a penis?

After taking a shower, the writer puts on a halter top and jeans. Why? Because he "has it" and wants to "flaunt it". After all, that's what women do. Really, writer? All women wear halter tops and jeans (or just revealing clothes)? Does that mean the definition of "woman" is someone who wears halter tops and flaunts it? Earlier the writer made the impression that breasts and vaginas are the definition of a woman.

Then there is that author's note. The write, obviously a man, has to assure the reader that he doesn't know anything about girlie clothes. No, that would make him less of a man. And he is a man, don't forget that! He's just doing this paper for a school assignment (so says the other author's note). He would never know anything about clothes at Victoria's Secret because real men don't know those things. Only women know those things.

This really made me mad when I read it: "Doors were opened for me and I showed my appreciation with a “thank you” and a smile—how all women should react for something so small and insignificant." The male author wants us to know how women should react. "This is how you're supposed to act, woman," is basically what he's saying. If a woman acts in any other way then she's not acting the way she should. She isn't being a proper woman. So we've narrowed the definition of woman down to people with breasts and vaginas, who wear halter tops and jeans, and who politely thank men for opening the door for them. If you don't do these things then you aren't a good woman. You're not doing what you should.

The writer makes us know that, as a woman, he's still into chicks. He's a lesbian for the day. This keeps him from having to talk about how he'd check out all the guys and their hot asses. Being a man's man (who can't be bothered to learn things about women's clothing) he can't write an essay about being attracted to the cock. Maybe he thinks real women don't really lust after that kinda thing?

And he "almost" wants to tell the men hitting on him that he's a lesbian. That "almost" just means that he appreciates the attention, that he likes the reactions he gets when he flaunts it, and that he likes being a tease. Now we've got a more specific definition of woman: has tits, flaunts them with a halter top, says "thank you" to men opening doors, never craves good sex with men, and is a bi-curious tease.

The Dave Chappelle quote was also telling. After being verbally harassed by some jerk the author reminds us readers that he's wearing a "ho's uniform." He probably had that harassment coming for wearing what he was wearing. This made me confused. Does he think that the standard outfit for women (clothes designed to flaunt it) is also a ho's uniform? Maybe we can refine the author's definition of woman some more: a bi-curious and polite tease with breasts and a slutty outfit who doesn't go around having sex with men.

I can't give a good review because of this narrow definition of what a woman is. For an essay on sex roles, the author seems to think that the role of women is to be sexually attractive (but not sexually available) while smiling and being nice to all the guys out there. Of all the roles the author could have explored when waking up as a woman he chose a very stereotypical one.
Cashaholic chapter 1 . 9/8/2007
I'm cashaholic, currently reviwing in the names of reviewers found.

HAHA, sorry... I have to laugh. This is just too funny xD, haha. Do guys really think like that? ... hum, interesting much? Anyway, I think your writing is pretty good on the whole. THere are not much mistakes I can make out, just one (i think):

"as I guy a loved to look at oh so much" - as a guy I...

But on the whole, this is great. very very entertaining indeed. haha, funny - even though its not meant to be.

x. Cashaholic
M.D.Irvine chapter 1 . 9/1/2007
lol this definitely cracked me up. yeah and you never want to were high heels for a long period of time . i only wear them for formal *i have no choice* occasions.

interesting i love the i didnt bother with makeup since i thought it would mask my true beauty in the first place- u r really sirius about this. u rock! lol

umm yeah u captured some of the things girls go through. Even with all that and much more, I dont think I could imagine being a guy and yall might have it easier in some ways but more difficult in others.

there was a point i wanted to make in this review but i honestly forgot. sigh ill send an email or something if i do remember.
PandasAreCute chapter 1 . 8/31/2007
It was funny to think that's what a guy would do as a girl, and also interesting. I do think if a girl were to become a boy she would find it difficult. Everyone's who they are, changes are always a little hard if not a lot, right?

You did amuse me, but not to worry, I didn't laugh too hard.

But is it not more common for a guy to open the door for a girl he finds attractive? So to be honest I think that factor doesn't relate to everyone. Also...for a long day I suggest wearing flat shoes. haha.

Really nice piece of work. )

Cinn chapter 1 . 12/6/2005
lol, that's all I can say.
The Proxy Ninja chapter 1 . 7/5/2005
Being a woman is -much- like that, yes. Multiply all the worry over little insignificant things times TEN, then add that on top of the social pressure of dealing with many -other- women and their insecurities in a tight-spun network, THEN add homework, an idiot boyfriend, some stereotypes about woman, and peeing sitting down and going a day without a pad- that's sort of being a woman.

You don't really start feeling like a woman until you've had your third gallon of ice cream in the same night. And this isn't from dealing with your own problems, it's from having your ear chewed off by some other gal.

Fortunately, I've been blessed with a family of three brothers, two guy best friends, and a girl best friend who is far from the typical female.

Ahem. All that aside, this was hilarious. XD
Sharpes chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
Haha, reminds me of that movie where a guy and gal swap bodies. Can't remember the name though. :P
gangster-dolly chapter 1 . 2/25/2005
Lol, wonder what that really would be like :P.

biminator chapter 1 . 2/13/2005
hmm. Interesting.