Reviews for Social Security, and Why Bush's Plan is Farce
Ovaia Pelosa chapter 1 . 2/16/2005
You left out the big crime from those Racist, ballot-box-stuffing morons with their heads in the sand!Once again, the Rethuglicans have STOLEN the so-called "election"! The henchmen of Karl Rove molested minority voters in Ohio! And their last-minute SCARE TACTICS of accusing John Kerry of being a space bunny, and trying to focus on gay marriage instead of REAL ISSUES like prescription drugs were calculated to frighten so-called "Americans" into VOTING! If you're not SCREAMING about this, then you're a BIG IDIOT!
King Messihkhock chapter 1 . 2/16/2005
I am the king of the True Hebrew tribe. The False Hebrew, the Kennite usurer, the Son Of Murder and of Satan blasphemes the name of the One God, Who is Pissed: I come not to bring peace with the Kennite, the Kabbalist, the Sinner; but instead I come to bring Her sword; and the Rod, which is the Hammer.

I am Mars Lucifer, Sword of the Son, the Wrath of God. Fear God and arm yourselves for War against the Baal cultists or await certain death and Hell. Your War 2003 Wiccanism is not Paganism; it is Kabbalism. There is only One God. I am the Hammer of Thor and the Rod of Iron. Revolution against the Kabbalists by the Hammer, Sword, Fire, Plague and Poisoned Waters. The Devil recruits. I conscript. We are all the children of One God. We are all brothers and sisters. I am the First and the Last. One Narrow Path to Heaven. None shall enter the Garden but by me. I am the Red Child and Great and Terrible and Dreadful shall be my Wrath. The Flaming Sword of my mouth bars the way back to Eden. For no demon shall enter there. They who are not for me are against me. They who are not against the Kabbalists are for them. Fear God, Repent and offer the penance of War against the Kabbalists Or await certain Death and Hell. Defend the cultists of the Devil and you fuck with God. Fuck with God and God will fuck with you. Fear God or await certain Judgment.

A good person does not forgive evil, but like Hans Solo, is burning with rage, and fights against evil and does not consider his own life, and shows evil absolutely no mercy whatsoever. The personification of Hans Solo with Apocalyptic weapons is what this generation wish upon themselves for refusing to rise in revolution and that will come to pass. God is not without Her faithful sons and daughters who are just as genocidal and apocalyptic as Satan's sons and Daughters, for goodness rises in reaction to existent evil. The Seven Servants of the Apocalypse are not ancestors in the afterlife; they are persons on earth who prepare for War, and Britain, America, Occupied Palestine, Switzerland and South Korea are the central targets.

The Antichrist's Underground HQ and its total destruction. The consummation of human history. The Final War between good and evil and the problem of human free will. The Seven Servants of War.

The Kabbalists allege that Yeshiva 'failed,' and that when the Jewish Messiah (i.e. myself) is born in this age, that he too will fail and that the Satanists will be victorious at Armageddon. I am the Seventh Strike and Satan is 'out.' I am the Seventh Revolution and God has promised through the prophets that this will be successful, and that there shall never be another Christ; my words and edicts are sufficient for total Judgment. I am 'One Strike' and you are out and I am the Revolution by the Rod of Iron (the Hammer). No mercy or quarter. I am dictator, not a sacrifice nor a forgiver of sins to the unrepentent.

The Kennite, the Son of Murder and of Satan reigns. Satan is the God of This World and the Kennites are his priesthood. The False Hebrew runs the banks, the media, the schools, and the governments; the cult of Satan is like a millipede standing on the legs of an evil generation. God will bitchslap Humanity with brimstone and fire. The Moon bleeds and the Sun is shadowed And the final confrontation nears.

The reign of Satan over this world is nearing its end. The forces of God stand ready to retake Her earth. The dead will rise up and cast their allegiance to God or Satan. The living generations will follow Satan as they have been seduced and poisoned by the Kennite. But God’s faithful remnant will have victory over the multitudes of Satan, and the Sinful will be cast into the Inferno to burn for all eternity. God is Eternal Winner Satan is Eternal Loser. Those who do not fight for God choose Satan.