Reviews for Los Gitanos
TheMuninn chapter 1 . 3/11/2005
Your poem is beautiful, is just...I don't know. Cute.

Well, I'm a spanish speaker so I hope I can be useful. Here I corrected a bit(I'm not perfect in english, so I can't help that much xD)

Los Gitanos

¿Dónde están las vías y ruedas?

¿Dónde están las riendas y bridas?

¿Qué ocurrió a las noches bajo las estrellas?

¿Y la libertad del campo y la alegría de la vida?


¿Por qué perdieron la ropa y el baile?

¿Por qué perdieron la música y la canción(1)?

¿Por qué los gitanos fueron forzados a quedarse y trabajar en la ciudad?


Oprimidos bajo el reino de Franco

Forzados a rogar(2) y robar

Sufrieron crueldad a manos de los payos

Y en las calles tuvieron que trabajar

(1)It can be "y el cantar" too, what sounds better is uo to you.(2)Beg literally means "rogar" but... with beg your meaning to ask for money and help? If is that, then it's better using "pedir" or "mendigar"

Hope that helped a bit. You're practicing your spanish? good luck. I have friends that are doing the same and they think is awfully difficult, because we have a complex "conjugación"(sorry, forgot the word!) of the verbs and sentences in general(I agree with that, english is easier, thanks god _ ) I think that writing in a foreign language help you a lot to improve it(here I am, writing nonsense in english xP).
BlueDragonGirl1 chapter 1 . 2/25/2005
Ok, I do not speak spanish fluently nor am I of Spanish blood. I just came here to translate a couple of spanish poems and test my skills, so I really cannot give you any advice. But I can assure you that your poem is beautifully written and has a lot of feeling in it.