Reviews for Only Night
Nabiki Watase chapter 1 . 2/27/2005
oh. . . you naughty. good song though. i hope im not too annoying since i'v been reviewing your works so much, but i can't help it, your poetry/songwriting is just too good!
trashedfaith chapter 1 . 2/26/2005
Hey! I know this! Lolx. It's the song we wrote last night... or was that already morning? Harhar. You uploaded a lot, lil brat. I can't read them all now. I'm bored but lazy. I posted a poem just now. Check it out. It's called: Lost Love. It's for ya! Harhar. Muah! Miss yah so much. Oh before I forget, there might be band practice this week, but since you have your exams next week, then maybe just after it. So gots to go now. Gonna go offline and figure out something to do. Can't sleep. Insomia's taking over again, dammit. Miff. I'll try calling you tomorrow. Just pray for signal in that place you're goin' to. Harhar. Ops! You don't pray! Joke. LOLX. I'm kidding. Bad joke. Okay. Anyway, this is getting long and it's not supposed to be used for chat, so I'll get back to the topic: Nice song. Love it. The lime-ness in it! oohh... lolx.