Reviews for Confessions in a Letter
Blue Screen of Death chapter 1 . 2/2/2007
Basically my mind is thinking two things. 1) Vampire *snort* 2) Creepy (in a "cool" way).

Personally, I remember places and things by images; but with people, it's voices I recognize. So that brings what Esurio says in the end closer home...Makes it doubly creepy, that what he would remember would be screams...their voices. (it also makes me sure that I will never become a serial killer, but thats nothing new...) Other than that, it's an amazing story...? Letter, confession - piece, I guess. A graceful name, creative MO, and...I basically love his tone. Not just what he says, but -how- I can picture him saying it.

Staring you into the eyes, while calmly annoucing he has blood on his hands and that all those people died because of him.

I do wonder who he sent the confessions to...
J'Adore Les Phoques chapter 1 . 6/5/2006
Euh... twisted and freaky.
Darkstar92 chapter 1 . 9/27/2005
hmm...very catchy, i love it to death! but is that just the letter or is there more? i suppose it would be the end of it...very good, closed and delivered perfectly. my applause.
NotJustAnotherVillain19 chapter 1 . 3/13/2005
I really like the proverb in the beginning, it was nicely incorporated into the story. Interesting how the narrator says "you're just all animals", not him (or her). This was intentional, correct? I was confused with the whole victims section, maybe make it a bit clearer. I would also like some information about the narrator before his first murder-who was he? What motivated him so much as to take his mother's body down and kill the guy with the same rope? Most kids would cry and such but this guy is totally different and I want to believe him but its kind of hard without some important details. When he talks about taking money from the corpses, and not being bothered by it, I dont believe it. A kid of 13 who isnt sad that his mother just died and that he killed someone? I need more information on this kid before I can believe that. The hanging of the foster parents is a bit unreal. First of all, where were the other kids at the time? Wouldnt they hear something or notice blood? Besides, there is no way a kid could haul two dead bodies (adult bodies for that matter) without causing some attention in the house. Sure, if they were hanged from the second floor where their bedrooms are (Im assuming) it wouldnt be too hard to drag them to the stairs but again, there would be noise and blood and the house full of foster children would notice. What about an investigation from the police? What ever happened with the murders? I think the narrator's opinions of the police should be included; he obviously thinks he can get away with it because the police wont figure it out. The ending, especially about the voices, is very good. I really like the force and detail in that paragraph. Good piece, just needs some revision and detail.
slave to the voices chapter 1 . 3/11/2005
Great work. I loved your descriptions and how you developed your killer. I wrote a similar piece called "To Whom It May Concern", check it out if you get a chance. Nice job, keep writing.