Reviews for The Last Hope
Relaen chapter 2 . 9/16/2005
dude, this story rocks. i love your descriptions, they are fantastic. i can totally picture everything. I can't wait to read more _ *hugs*
Relaen chapter 1 . 9/16/2005
Dath is cool! i like him :D Eian rocks too :D *skips away to read next chapter*
CarrCarr chapter 2 . 5/14/2005
*sniff* Why did Malcolm have to die? I really liked him for the short period of time he existed. I gotta say the most heart wrenching part was when Jacks stabbeed him in the chest. Whatever you do, please kill Jacks off slowly and painfully.

Poor, poor Jade. I guess it's true that your past always comes back to haunt you. Can you make her life any worse, Tab's? Something in me says yes. *cough* second cup *cough* But at least Dath wasn't a jerk for the story telling. Question. Do Dath and Jade blush easily, cause it was too dark to tell.

Gotta love Eian though. If only all big brothers were like him. He is by far my favorite character and needs more time in the spot light. *starts shaking pom poms* Go Eian! Go Eian! Go Eian! Oh yeah, and...torture Dath!

_ It pays to be friends with the authoress. Second Cup here we come.
Casey C chapter 2 . 5/12/2005
YES! I was very excited to find an update when I popped on this morning _ *beams*

Hmm, so we going to find out about this guy you dropped hints about last chapter? Nice! Argh, poor Malcolm. And poor Jade for having to witness it. Jacks, huh? Bastard. Grr. *grins* I'd strangle him if I could.

Aww, yay for Dath. I like him already, I don't think I mentioned that in my other review, so I'll mention it now _ I'm glad Jade told too. lol! Loved Eian's frisky comment, as well as the cute exchanage between Dath and Jade.

No, no getting caught *grins slightly* Stupid bastards don't deserve to catch them anyway. Good work with Dath's thinking and nice little addition of Jade trying to get her pants back on. Hmm, who exactly is Dath again? Do we know? Nice shot by Jade too. lol! And Jade's monologue comment was priceless. Seriously *grins*

Nice work and totally worth the wait _ Loved it!
Cass chapter 2 . 5/11/2005
yet another mesmorizing chapter tabitha, good job. you are surely getting better at your writings and i eagerly await the next chapter. keep up the good work :D
CarrCarr chapter 1 . 3/26/2005
Lol! It's just as funny as I thought it would be. THat bed scene was to die for. Poor Eian and Dath. HA! Yeah right, What ever torture you decide to do to dath in the future I'm 100 percent behind you. There's just something about seeing guys like that suffer. *evil grin*
Getuie chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Why are all your female characters in your stories little brats? ;-) I mean, throwing your pants at someone, really!

I like the way you give your stand on things, like magic, and yet weave it so well into the story. You make it directly spoken and still have it kinda 'hidden' behind the fact that 'mother said' it.

All the other stuff, I have commented on before. The time, the style, the way it's set, etc. etc. I'm not going to say it again (since I forgot most of what I said anyway).

Update... Pronto.
Cass chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Awesome first chapter! the only thing that i found wrong with it was your mix up with names. there was a dan mentioned and it's hard to tell if it was supposed to be Dath or Eian :) try to pay attention to the names :Pcan't wait for the second chapter!
Juu-Chan chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Interesting start T-Chan but here's some thing I got issues with... and I hope this doesn't get cut off!

"I closed my eyes and blinked away the tears."

To visualize that then she would close her eyes then just reopen them to blink away her tears. It's almost a pointles action. Did you mean "I closed my eyes to blink away the tears." or something to that affect?

"A messenger boy ran onto the stage through the back door and headed towards my uncle."

Until now you have capitolized the word 'Uncle' why did you stop?

" “Eian, it’s our only hope….. it’s her only"

Proper grammar dictates that you only use 3 dots, and you have 5 going there. You've done this more than once.

By the way you do realize that 'but' should NOT be used as the first word in a sentence other than dialogue. Try using 'however' or something to that effect. You did that a couple of times.

"occasion, but ""stand, but it ""Eian, but""century, but I would""themselves, but it was"

Do you see the reoccurring problem? When using the word 'but' or any other word like it in a sentece your supposed to use a semicolon a space the word and then a comma. Like this: "themselve; but, it was" Alrighty?

"Ooh burn!” laughed Eian. :Do I have to separate you two children?” "

I think you can figure that error out yourself...

" I crossed my fingers that the type of atmosphere that Micah’s café would present would be much different than that of the pubs. "

I'm not sure why; but, that sentence seems to be awkward. i think the awkwardness is around the would present would. Changing that around a bit may help it.

" back here and attackLord Voiran.” ""UncleVoiran"

Typos! You missed a space!

" It was evident Eian was only moments away from falling to the ground he was laughing so hard.” "

T-Chan, you added a quotation mark where no one was talking. ; Well there I'm finished. Everything else seemed to be ok to me.
Casey chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
Here's my real review _

Great first paragraph, it really grabs you fast. Wow, crazy, crazy Uncle *laughs* I loved your description of how the Uncle fell. The comment in there that their mother said was really interesting, took a couple reads to totally understand it, I'm not sure how it could be done differently though.

I'm curious why they didn't flee earlier even though they had escaped, is there a reason there I didn't get? Because I wondered that throughout reading it. I love the names too, I'm not sure if mentioned that in my other review or not. Hmm, so Theresa is gone. Hope she ends up okay, poor kid. Smart move by the uncle, he may be scum but he's smart...Huh. Very curious, interesting job introducing this character who Jade seems so petrified of, can't wait to see how that all works out. And Eian doesn't know about him? Or whatever this story is? Even more curious.

So how far in the future is this? It seems they've regressed a lot...haha, I loved how you through the spider in there just as a bit of realism in the midst of this frantic escape. Nice. The banter between Dath and Jade is really great, that reminds me of Jay and Jez, that they can keep it up no matter what. It adds a really nice element to the story. So the man that Jade hates/fears and the slums are connected? Nice clue dropping *laughs*

So how old are Eian, Jade and Dath? I'm not sure you ever say. She was betrothed to Dath? *blinks* Who exactly is Dath? I'm really curious now. *blinks* Wait, now Eian's calling her Lil? Did I miss something or was that a typo? But Dath's reaction was great. I like him already. Good ending to the chapter! And great first chapter for that matter...
clair-a-net chapter 1 . 3/15/2005
That is so awsome. I like how this story is starting out so far. So this story takes place in the future? Cant wait for you to update. clair_a_net
Casey C chapter 1 . 3/15/2005
Hey, awesome start! Thanks so much for posting it for me! *feels special* I'm also very glad I had enough time to get on and read it. I'll review again truly when I have a bit more time and can read it for more of the details and not just the general thoughts.

But I'm loving it so far. Dath's great and the banter he and Jade have going on is hilarious. Eian's a great name too. Very, very interesting plot, love that too *grins* I like how you combined background information with action and their escape, it was really well done. I'm already waiting patiently for the next chapter *laughs* Great work! (and thanks again for all the NIEE reviews!)