Reviews for Caesar's Revenge
dollface and her cancer chapter 1 . 5/3/2005
...But I like the Caesar poems!

The theme is painful, but it's triumphant, cocky, bold, too. It's very a stylized, brilliant idea. I like the series a lot. Particularly this one.
welchs828 chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
I'm glad you said in your summary that you were slowly getting over it all. Bravo. You really have every right to be angry, however, I'm glad you have the courage to pull yourself above that. To pull yourself out of that ditch on your own. That takes a lot of upper-body strength.

Anyhow, I'm also glad you're no longer wallowing in self-pity as you sort-of were in your other Caesar poems. Once again, you've got right to. However, self-pity is the worst, most pathetic kind of all pities. Now, though, it seems that you've realized you can fight back. I'm sure you've known it all along. But you've now finally figured out HOW. HOW to fight back. HOW to hit him so hard he'll be knocked off his feet. And land on his bum. You'll use his devious methods and give him a taste of his own medicine. EVEN BETTER, you won't go so far as to kill him, for you realize that would put him out of his misery! You're going to push him to the bottom and turn people against him, but you'll keep him alive and make him suffer! And while he thought he had the best method; he thought he had it all figured out, while you were at the bottom, on your own bum, you had the time to find the flaws in his plans and perfect them so he WON'T be able to redeem himself the way you will be able to.

My littlest sister uses that learning technique against her older sister. When my just-younger sister lies or kicks my littlest sister in a new way or whatever, my littlest sister will learn to lie and scheme like that and use it regularly, or kick my other sister so hard, it hurts. Only, she'll find all the flaws and learn to lie or kick beter than my just-younger sister. It's funny, actually-especially when my mom catches them going at it.

Well, that's all, I think.

Laterness,-Paige :)
brkn wings chapter 1 . 3/16/2005
Hey that was really good.. i liked it alot..i like the way u used that he would be ur puppet im not sure why but i rly liked the way it sound