Reviews for this is yours
Jason Daniels chapter 1 . 10/23/2005
this peace seems a little too suttle (not like i can criticize you i dont think to higly of my own work) but i did notice it some of the underlying factors in this peice were too hard to find. you push and pull in so many directions i get lost and i have to re read each line like 4 or five times to make sense of it. once it comes together it makes sense and i can understand, though vaugely the concept thats trying to bee seen here. this could be your style though and i just wanted to note something i personally saw within your work.

by the way you reviewed to a peice of mine saying it needed revision called home version 2. i would appreciate your input as to how to go about this because i have no clue. my email address is located on my profile thank you and keep writing no ones perfect not even shakespear.

live on the edge...
lovelikeamixtape chapter 1 . 3/20/2005
What a gorgeous piece.. I love the format too, it has a nice rhythm and I like the repetition.. great work.