Reviews for The Difference Between Man and Beast
HiddenFromYou chapter 1 . 7/15/2010
This was deeply interesting. I have heard the comparision between man and beast before, but you somehow managed to put a new swing on it.

"Man hates, he murders, he loves, he creates beauty.

Man is altogether more civilized" - I love the direct contradictions here. They point out that while beasts kill to protect or to feed, man kills merely because it suits him. The 'civilized' line holds a form of wryness.
ranDUMM chapter 1 . 7/3/2010

This is my review return. I am aware that I am SO LATE, that you probably don't even remember giving me the review. SORRYSORRYSORRY about that, but here it is!

You know, this poem really made me think. Some poems have a great message, and it's true and I understand, but rarely does it make me think. This one truly made me think. I was thinking about what was happening the whole time, and even away from your poem; just generally, is man really better than the beast?

I think that you wrote that very well. A few things could have been written a different/certain way that may have brought out the message better. For e.g.

- "You must ask, What's the difference between man and beast?" I don't feel like 'what' should be capitalised. Perhaps placing that in italics, or quotation marks. The capital makes the sentence awkward to read, that's all.

I feel like you jump a tiny bit from;

- "Can either of the two say that their life is the fuller? / The eagle is not content to stay at the nest." I felt like there was no connection between the two. I can sense the connection, and I know what it is, but it again breaks the flow of writing, and makes the sentence structures slightly awkward.

Other than this, I have no criticisms. I LOVE your choice of content; brilliant idea, I love the way that you've written it; your concept is good but it wouldn't have worked if you hadn't written it well - which you have. Great, awesome work :)


P.S - SORY AGAIN for the overdue review. :(
lianoid chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
Have you ever read Mark Twain’s essay The Damned Human Race? It’s rather brilliant actually, and includes several of my favourite quotes by him. He talks about the difference between animals and man, and even goes as far to describe the animals as the ‘Higher Animals’. One good excerpt from it is:

“The cat plays with the frightened mouse; but she has this excuse, that she does not know that the mouse is suffering. The cat is moderate, unhumanly moderate: she only scares the mouse, she does not hurt it; she doesn’t dig out its eyes, or tear off its skin, or drive splinters under its nails man-fashion; when she is done playing with it she makes a sudden meal of it and puts it out of its trouble. Man is the Cruel Animal. He is alone in that distinction.”

I think in his essay he captures the point you’re driving across in this poem perfectly. I think this poem is a good first attempt at touching on the topic, however, because I’ve read Mark Twain’s essay many times, whenever I come across another writer’s work that touches on the same topic, I unfortunately can’t help comparing it to Twain’s essay. I understand this was written many years ago, so your writing style has probably changed quite a bit; it might be interesting to see your take on the same subject again soon.

I understand you were under certain constraints because it was a sonnet written for school assignment, however I still think it would have been nice if you had delved a little deeper. Like I said though, this was a good first attempt.

Raingypsy chapter 1 . 8/13/2009
Great job. It was really well written and thought-provoking. :D I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Kalista Jia chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
Very interesting thinking.

THat is why I am against people killing spiders. (Though I am scared of them, I still don't have the heart to kill them. What makes our life so superior than theirs? Because we are bigger? We can dislike their appearance but we still don't have the right to kill them. Ok enough of my 'weird' kind nature moment)

I really like the idea of this poem. I feel relate. *smile*

The way you described the punch is nice too.

The words flow well.

Nice poem!
Serina Subterfuge chapter 1 . 11/4/2008
This is a very good poem, actually. It can be applicable anywhere, anytime. For short, it's a bit like a poem of all time. Men before, as well as men today, behave like beasts. They kill their fellow men, their children, their family, etc. They abort, they kill...even monkeys are better in childcare! The whole image about the tortoise really brought a smile to my face. It was probably because it created such an image of the thin line that divides life from death and the determination needed to survive and live. Your last two lines wonderfully summed up everything you have written.
Sercus Kaynine chapter 1 . 3/6/2007
Incredibly true, and nicely written. Man can get so full of himself sometimes...

Anyway, nice going.
Ariel of Wonderland chapter 1 . 2/15/2007
Nice. Very nice, and with good points. Yeah!
Twizzlers chapter 1 . 4/6/2005
Anlaina this is so good! When you read it in class the other day, I didn't really understand it (I think it was because you were talking so fast, haha!), but now that I have it in front of me, I really like it. It's so original, like I would never think of writing about something like that. Do you get what I'm trying to say? Cause I think I'm having trouble communicating today. I really like it and I think that you're incredibly creative. : )