Reviews for Awakening
sharp.object chapter 5 . 7/10/2005
Like WHR ya say?

Oh yeah, Romy's 15. was built in a lab. Checked. Raven's really an antisocial freak like Amon. Checked.

Get my point? Everything borrows something from somewhere. But this is different. Its more sci-fi than WHR. The characters are different. The world has a different tone. I've read this and the one before, but I'm not thinking WHR. Now why's that? It could be cause I get more jigs in reading this than the anime ever gave me. Sure it sounded similar which drawed my attention, but it was a whole different deal. Narrow your eyes some bit and yeah, there's the similarity with the Center and STN and Romy's a witch like Robin, but the similarity ends there. Now I'm guessing ya read a few words and decided to send your spike. Ah, review sent for chappie one.

Everything in this world has already been invented. We can only pray and try make it better. Want me to list the things WHR stole and from where? *rolls eyes*

Sorry, got a bit... into this whole defending thing. I was just gonna say that I love Trey and his Palahniuk tattooes. He's evil right? I can't live if he's not! ;)

Loves, F
stella chapter 1 . 5/11/2005
This (and the other fic before it) sounds just like the anime Witch Hunter Robin. Not very original, eh? Especially when you've made "Raven's" fate similar to Amon's. Replace "The Centre" with "SOLOMON", and you've essentially borrowed the anime's plot.