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KarasunoFan chapter 15 . 7/1
I hope I can read this before it is taken down.
Emmy chapter 45 . 6/24
This was easily one of my favorite stories ever on this site and this makes it harder for me to realize that its finally over. I'm really pleased with the ending. Both lex and julian deserved it after everything they went through. However I wished you could've have done a scene in which Julian officially confronts/meets with Lex's parents before the wedding.l I hope you can continue their story through the next one you're planning on writing. All in all I can't wait for another master piece from you.
ozalicedsanjana chapter 45 . 6/11
Anyway, onto the fic.

This ended in an interesting way, I would have never imagined it would have ended up this way. I don't dislike it, although I like tragic stories with tragic ends. After all the turmoil it's fitting that they kind of lean into each other. I like that Julian tried to push her away, leaving her to pursue him, it was a nice change of events.

Is it bad to say I kind of do feel bad for Benji in hindsight? At least from Lex's POV. the whole "I ruined him" guilt, ouch.

Your writing was fluid until the end, very carefree but precise. You're doing Piercey and Annette next, right? I cannot wait. I've grown to love Annette. Just describe Piercey to me and I'll draw him too.

The hospital was so boring, I'm happy to have my laptop back for good ;_;

Mwah, keep shining my friend!
ozalicedsanjana chapter 45 . 6/11
Heyo, this is Sanju, I'm sending here since I don't have an access to twitter, sorry if I'm bothering you u but my foot fracture is almost healed. I miss you, message me on twitter when you're on. I hope your wedding goes amazing, please tell me what's going on with you!
Papu chapter 11 . 6/4
Firstly I started to hate her pathetic father. Giving his own daughter away like that. Makes me mad. Secondly, for a moment I was afraid that she was truly broken but gladly she wasn't... At least yet. Maybe in the next chapter, which will be quite disappointing if that happens. Thirdly I'm kind of relieved that Julian is still the same bastard that he was and even more like one. And lastly I truly wish Lex to be fiery not weak heroine who will continue to stand up against Julian.
Papu chapter 3 . 6/4
Please let her stay fiery and wild. Please don't let Lex be in love with Julian in the next chapter. Oh please!
Papu chapter 2 . 6/4
Finally I found a heroine who has spirit and fire inside her. I'm tired of wimpy females who let the man bully her and then immediately fall in love with him. They are the worst. It always makes me sick to read those and I usually syop after few chapters. But Lex, Lex really seems to be heroine of my liking. Wild and passionate, and won't be broken by the male. I like her.
kate1596 chapter 1 . 5/30
so, here I m finally writing it...
and wow , there r no words to describe what a genius u r... I loved ur story (and lex n julian too). I found the story while randomly surfing through net during april , and I read the complete 30 or more chapters in a single day considering I had my english exams two days later... so u r to be blamed if I flunked( just kidding) then I read the story continuously but was not able to write the review coz my exams were going on... but finally I m writing...

coming to the story I loved it n hv recommended it to every prrson I met, I m a gr8 fan of urs... the story was such a page turnur woth all the twists and turns... it was impossible to stop reading... it was so unpredictable every twist was jst gr8 ( like who could imagine that benji was capable of all this)

the best part were ur leads niether julian was the knight in shining armor(although he actually turned to good) nor lex was the portrayal of perfection... they had their flaws and that's what make them special... this story breaks all stereotypes... every turn nade my heart beat with exitement... (AND YES I SIGN UP WITH FICTIONPRESS ONLY TO WRITE THIS REVIEW FOR U, I was a silent reader before, but I can't really stop myself from writing for u) ...

well there r many more things I want to say especially abt the story... but for now I guess i'll stop... but count me as one of ur fans... I loved ur wprk n enjoyed it thoroughly...
all the best... n keep up ir gr8 work...
Austin jones chapter 1 . 5/29
Fuck you
AboutAs SubtleAs A FlyingBrick chapter 45 . 5/24
Don't feel torn over the ending of this story, and don't doubt your writing ability. Writing is a skill that is always improving despite how good and bad you are, in your case you're extremely talented. You created complex characters and made it work. You tied up and unraveled incredibly complicated plots. Im so happy with the end result of your story and think you've finished it perfectly.

This story is honestly one of my favourites and I don't have many favourites! I'm also a very picky and select reader so you're really on to something if I've been reading your story all this time.

That cheeky little scene after the wedding was great ;) I love a bit of cheekiness in stories :D I have you on my alert now so any new stories will be eagerly anticipated.

Ciao x
AboutAs SubtleAs A FlyingBrick chapter 41 . 5/24
I actually shed a tear when poor Benji died. Lex's speech at the end there reminded me of Emilia from Othello; she says the following quote regarding women's role in a man's life "They (men) are but stomachs and we (women) are but food, they eat us hungrily then belch us out"
smrae chapter 45 . 5/12
I can't believe it's over! I am heartbroken that it's over, but so happy they ended up together. Their relationship was so well developed in this story and you did a wonderful job. The twist and turns in your story were awesome and really surprised me. I am so looking forward to reading more of your work. Congratulations on completing this wonderful story and looking forward to your next!
riverowl145 chapter 45 . 5/11
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your story. I have followed it since Chapter 5 when I first found it and I couldn't stop reading it and I just wanted more! Your dialogues between Lex and Julian were so well written and thought out. I loved the style. I thought the ending was perfect. They just seemed like they couldn't have gone through that and then not have ended up together. I hope this does get published on Kindle. You deserve it!
Best of luck,
Bookworm chapter 45 . 5/10
They ended up together! Ok I know she was hesitant about children but any kids they might have would be adorable monsters. With Julian and Lex for parents I'd expect nothing less. I'm sure with their whole new leaf think they would teach the children manners, but I could see Lex teaching kids how to climb trees and Julian teaching a girl or boy how to throw a punch or something! Sorry for the random tangent. I am so happy you finished the story and I know they were horrible people but together it's like they make a less fiendish person!
Leasah chapter 45 . 5/10
It might sound odd, but I feel contented. It is rarely that I feel this way about a good story, but it is what I feel after a ending that is fitting. By fitting I mean that for one I am pleased with it, but also that it is a believable outcome for all the things that have happened throughout the story. This is in my opinion a masterpiece. (I don't think I have ever said that about any story on here)
The base, the buildup, the character. Oh, the characters. I loved reading about every single one of them. They felt like real people. Especially, of course, Lex and Julian. I love how their personalities developed throughout the story, yet they did not change at all...if you get what I mean. I can completely see what you are saying, when you say that they took over the story from you, haha. :)
The outcome, the forgiveness, the change in perception it is all just so perfectly right.
Feeling contented doesn't mean, however, that I will not miss the story, the characters, the updates. :) At least I have sequel to look forward to. Thank you for that.
And of course, thank you so much for sharing this story with us. Another thing I haven't said about any story on here before: I'm hoping to buy this when it gets published. (...Maybe someday even as a book also...) I really wish you the best of luck with this. :)
I love you. Thanks again...I am not sure if I've said everything I wanted to, but I might another review if I remember I haven't. :)
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