Reviews for Savage Brutality
Emmy chapter 35 . 3/28
Awww poor Benji! He deserves much better than Lex. He needs to be with someone as kind, gentle and understanding as him.
Guest chapter 35 . 3/27
Man, my head's spinning by how contemptible everyone is in this story. Is everyone so self-serving in real life? If they are, i must be living in the clouds because i haven't noticed it.
That's not to say i'm not enjoying this story. It' s fascinating watching these people tear each other apart while also somehow self-destructing at the same time. What carnage! I'm just glad i don't know any of these people in real life.
At this point, i must say i don't really care who ends up with whom. They frankly all deserve each other. This is what happens when messed up people have too much time and money and privaledge on their hands. I bet if they all got honest jobs, then their self-absorption and desperate need to 'win' (ha!) In order to fill up their meaningless lives would dissappear.
i don't think any of these characters can be redeemed. Not in a day, a week, a year... certainly not with one 'noble' decision after lifetimes of idle complacency spent wallowing in the decadence of inherited wealth and status. Their sense of entitlement makes them utterly revolting, at least to me.
Its awedome! Really!
Bring on the bloodbath! :)
Leasah chapter 35 . 3/27
Brutal...That's the only word I can think of reading her rejection of Benji's proposal.
I kind of felt sorry for Benji in this chapter. Come to think of it, I always do when I read about their past. I would say I wish him happiness, but I don't see Lex being very happy with him, however sad that may be. I am kind of looking forward to the moment they will meet, though. This is all a bit scary.
Also something I forgot to say in my last review, I loved the Lex and Annette collaboration. :)
Thanks for the update!
smrae chapter 35 . 3/24
Great insight to Benji and his story with Lex. You are so detailed it's awesome. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Emily17 chapter 35 . 3/24
Hey! I'm loving all these updates! :D Man, she just needs to be with Julian! Can you at least tell him if there's ever going to be a love scene between Julian and Lex? Because I imagine that power struggle would be very hot! as always your writing impresses me and I continue to look up to and admire you for this beautiful work of art.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/24
Things are really getting close to the end. I hope you can somehow keep the story going a little longer. Btw just curious but will there be a spin off with Lex and Julian?
Guest chapter 34 . 3/24
Hey Lisa! It's Sanjana from Twitter. I haven't heard from you in a while. Let's chat this week. My birthdays on the thirty first I feel old.

Anyway this is getting super super intense. I didn't expect her to actually be able to leave. I'm really excited to see where this goes. Is it bad to say I don't want her to end up with Julian at this point?
Benji chapter 34 . 3/24
This was a great scene with Margaret. I hope things go well for her moving forward; I think the way her relationship with Lex has grown is really satisfying.

And, she's out! I'm in suspense about how this will unfold. Given that Julian recently came to sort of a crossroads in how he should handle the Lex situation, I really have no idea how he'll react to this development, or how things can be repaired at this point (although I do hope they will be). Also, I liked that having escaped, Lex doesn't really want anything else to do with Annette, hehe. Just a very functional partnership between them.

That line, "He loves me. I enjoy his company, what more do I want?" solidified to me that Lex cannot end up with Benji, and things are somehow going to work out with Julian. Because that's not really a ringing endorsement for Lex to enter marriage with. So, I'm curious!

I hope you'll update really soon. As we get closer and closer to the end, though, I'm sad this story will be ending. Especially since you said you'll take it down for editing soon after. Please say it'll be available to buy, on the Kindle marketplace or on smashwords or on some other client. I'd love to properly own a copy, digital or otherwise; I've had too many beloved stories on this site disappear for "editing" and never resurface anywhere I could find them. Along those lines, I hope you'll continue writing on this site? Or somewhere else you'll make accessible to us? You did mention a spinoff to this story. I've really looked forward to all the updates on this story, and good stories online are getting harder and harder to find!
Guest chapter 34 . 3/22
These last two chapters have been so fantastic! With every new development in this story I felt a wide range of emotions. The man to man talk between Piercy and Julian really helped me see a new side of Julian. I think that little heart to heart helped Julian realize how different he can be from his father. Ahh he finally realized/confessed his love for Lex! I can only hope they can get their happy ending
and not make the same mistakes their parents made.
In the beginning I really couldn't stand Annette's character but you've redeemed her in these last few chapters. There has been so much character development when it comes to her and she has almost become independent like Lex.
Lex is undoubtedly my favorite character in this story. Her spirit, wit and strength is really inspirational. Even with everything that has happened to her she still has the ability to sympathize and understand the hurt and anger her captor feels. She has grown so much as seen by her friendship with Margaret and her new found appreciation of religion. I sincerely hope you have good things planned for her. I know the nature of this storybis dark but I can't help but hope that theres a silver lining somewhere.
Great job on keeping us on our toes and thank you for the updates!
smrae chapter 34 . 3/21
She escaped! Wow amazing the struggle Lex went through right now. Well done chapter looking forward to the update. Thank you for updating so quick :)
Leasah chapter 34 . 3/21
Whoa...It has happened. I don't know how to feel about this. It is like so much is left undone, but I'm sure I feel this way because Julian decided to let her go last chapter. There is a sense of loss because of it. If he hadn't made the decision, it might not have been there. I don't know.
One thing I do know is that Lex's head has been messed with so thoroughly that she might not find rest.
Also, I can't see her happy with Benji. I mean normally I'm like: Oh, she might fall in love with that other man if he loves her hard enough. But Lex's doesn't seem that kind of person. I don't see her falling in love with him.
So much is going on in my head for this story. I can understand the combination of Lex's feelings, dread and excitement. I'm so curious to what will happen. How will Julian react? How will Lex deal with it all? Will Margaret be alright? I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks for the update!
Root27 chapter 34 . 3/20
I've been following your story for quite some time now and every time I get an email alert of an update, I pause what I was doing at that time and I go read your story instead. It's that good. One of the main things that make me love your story is that Lex continues staying the same strong character she has been from the start. Yes, she grew more in character and suffered a lot, but she continued to be a strong willed woman and I love that. Too often while reading other literature I stumble across a female character like her in the beginning and then she transforms into a complete stranger. Also, I cannot help but enjoy reading every interaction between her and Julian. Their dialogue is really delightful to read. The whole escape plan with Annette has made me angsty and I wonder what will happen next, when Julian will come back home and see no Lex.
I cannot wait for the next update! This story is very gripping.
augmentedDREAMS chapter 34 . 3/20
Oh wow. I absolutely loved these last two chapters! Was Julian planning to let Lex go? I can't wait to see his reaction to Lex's absence.

I'm sorry, I haven't written much in this update but it's in the middle of the night and I'm sleepy. Promise, the next one will be quite lengthy and full of thought.
Benji chapter 33 . 3/20
Ahh, I don't think I can fully express how much I loved this chapter! Great scenes of both our leads.

I love the interaction between Annette and Lex. Strong ladies! Strong ladies helping strong ladies! Strong ladies who are strong in different ways and have mutual hatred but occasional begrudging respect for each other! There's a lot to love there. Oh, and it really touched me that when Annette entered the room, Lex appeared to be praying. That's a really huge and depressing indication of how far Lex has fallen emotionally. That's what I like about your writing, that there are all these character threads that are set up earlier on - Lex's tenuous, skeptical, but often fearful relationship with religion as established earlier. It felt natural in its inclusion earlier in the story, but worked well to set up that subtle payoff.

And what Julian really needed was this bro heart-to-heart with Piercey. I love the way Piercey levels with him, calls him out on things he's done wrong (good to have somebody else in Lex's corner), and remove the drama from it all. Like that moment where he goes "aw, come on, obviously she feels bad about the horse." And his continued championing of Lex there - that she only acted callous because of everything Julian had said to her. Piercey's the quintessential example of the "rake with a heart of gold." Despite his womanizing front he is ultimately encouraging Julian's relationship with Lex and speaking out on her behalf. He's kind of forcing Julian to step away from all these emotions he's let make him irrational for the last I-don't-know-how-many chapters. And again, someone chastising Julian for not calling her a doctor! I'm glad that wasn't allowed to drop; Lex does seem fine now but it's good that it's regarded as a big deal in the way of carelessness.

It was great to see this pivotal moment of revelation on Julian's part. This could be the beginning of him redeeming himself... hopefully he isn't too late. And now that it's basically out in the open (on Julian's side at least) that Julian loves Lex and Lex love Julian, well, that's really the first step to mending things. Oh, I loved when he was coming down from his anger and considering what to do, whether to forgive Lex/her family, his line of "that would be a hell of a revenge plan!" That made me laugh.

I feel bad for Benji, but at the same time I'm like, catch her Julian! Stop her before she goes off to marry Benji and everything is ruined! Especially since Julian is the one who possesses the means to absolve her parents' debts. Lex deserves to look out for herself if that's what it comes down to, but knowing there's a way to work things out for everybody of course I'm going root for that.

I'm so beyond excited for the next chapter. Hopefully it arrives soon! And hopefully we get another confrontation between our leads. It looks like things are really coming to a head. Do you know how many chapters are left? Or, I'm not sure if I want to know. Maybe it's better to be surprised what pace things move at. I don't know, answer at your own discretion!
Benji chapter 32 . 3/20
Bless Piercey. I love his jovial manner and the way he calls Julian "Wolfey." I love that Julian is clearly in the midst of some dark gothic brooding and Piercey's essentially coming in and elbowing him in the ribs like "Bitches, am I right?"

It's pretty intense how frightened Annette is of Julian. And I'm glad, coming in as an outsider to this situation, SHE is at least concerned/horrified for Lex. And a voice of reason regarding how bad it is that they didn't call a doctor. I also like hearing from her perspective her uncharitable (but not totally unwarranted) thoughts about Lex. I can't stand those stories where everyone seems to think too kindly of the main characters. And that makes it even better, seeing her dislike of Lex and still having her be horrified on her behalf.
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