Reviews for Fire
CT Moore chapter 1 . 5/11/2005
I like this one. I don't say that often. Good grief, I don't review often any more - but I like this one. *grins* Do you mind if I add it to my favorites list?Phoenix in nature.

The first stanza rings true. Folks don't ever seem to believe in magic, or in phoenixes or dragons or unicorns (Shakespeare, " will I believe in unicorns...") The question at the end there is wonderful, serving to make a rather nice point.

"Gilded in fire..." A nice line. Very nice, actually. "Molted feathers" is not quite as good. I agree with the idea, definitely, but molted doesn't sound so nice, I think.

"The stars..." That entire stanza is excellent. So is the next. Song and tears - beautiful imagery.

The mist... the ashes... Poignant, and I think you've got the order here correct. Song, then tears, then ashes, and when it's followed up in the next stanza you get the impression that the phoenix was just reborn again, young and strong and bright with love of life. *smiles* Can you tell I'm enjoying this?

And the last three lines, repeating the question theme, serve as an emotionally charged repeating of the sentiment earlier, but now,seeking confirmation of something already dimly grasped, not so much of an unknown any more.

I love this poem. I think I'm now going to go check out some more of your things...