Reviews for Wisdom of The Mind
violistnumber 1 chapter 1 . 5/23/2005
WOW DUDE CHILL.. U PISS OFF REAL EASY!... GOSH... sry take a chil pill!
Ivy Orion chapter 1 . 5/20/2005
I loved it. "Just a whimsy" needs to find a new place to send his crappy reviews. But as you said, you can't please everyone. I completely loved your perspective and can't wait for another writing similiar to this one.

welchs828 chapter 1 . 5/18/2005
I'm gonna take this point by point. It's more fun that way and I learn more that way.

Knowledge...yes, I agree with you on that one. I like that whole thing about the mind. You could get lost in thoughts, expecially ones of love, and you need to let your heart do the loving, anyways. Though...I wonder if it's alright to think about a crush or a possible crush, on account of that's been my life lately. Go with the flow, yes, but you know, maybe this is the flow?

I like the thing about the mind being your most steadfast's so true. Your mind can't change without your own consent. Very loyal.

I agree that "wisdom" comes from the soul. "Knowledge" is accepted, indeed, by the mind, and "love" is accepted by the heart, and "wisdom" is "knowledge" and "love" combined with a kick. Something you can learn from and apply to your life.

The hunger for answers is greater than any question...I agree. One'll give you the answer. But if you seek knowledge, that's really fulfilling, and then gaining the knowledge makes you feel all important.

I especially agree with the judgement thing. Everyone's ideal is to not be judged or judge. But it's human nature. All them rebels out there don't want to be judged...but look at their weblogs...they judge and hate preps above all.

I halfway agree with the romance novel thing. This goes in a circle, and I will explain. It does good and it does some bad as well...

STEP 1: Girl Reads Book. Blah. It's a romance novel. Shit happens. Girl falls in love with the popular guy. All the time, in the background, there's another guy, a close friend who's not a jerk at all, who the reader falls in love with who the main character doesn't see till later when the popular guy kisses her and disses her. The perfect relationship happens and booya! Happy ending.

STEP 2: Girl Gets Involved in Book. Falls in love with perfect male character.

STEP 3: Sense of Fulfillment. Because of this love with a fictional character, the girl feels fulfilled. She be in love, mon.

STEP 4: Girl Realizes She's in Love with a Fictional Character. Oh. Crap.

STEP 5: Girl Wishes She Could Find Mr. Right.

STEP 6: Girl Walks Around Looking for Him for a Few Days.

STEP 7: Girl Realizes there is No Mr. Right.

STEP 8: Girl Realizes there is Only Mr. Right in Romance Novels.

STEP 9: Girl Gets All Depressed.

STEP 10: Girl Reads Another Romance Novel.

It repeats. Funny, but oh so true. We get fulfillment out of them, and I guess I agree with you that we should make our own romance novels out of life and not care about stupid unreal girls off in bookworld...but it's so hard to find a guy who's interested these days.

Yeah, there's no way to understand the mind fully. Eventually we'll be able to dig into that big ole midocean trench near the Phillipines. The mind, though, will take a helluva lot longer.

Actually, war is natural, but only the verbal kind...not with all these big ugly weapons and crap. I think it was only meant to be a sort of catfight thing. No killing. Along came Hitler...jk...that happened a long time after war started...

I agree with the faith and science thing. You know the Scopes Trial? Well, that's what I wrote my Why I Love Switchfoot So Much essay on. Actually, even today, they're reenacting that in...Kansas or something. I saw it on CNN...a debate about whether evolution should be taught or creationism or both. I know they go hand-in hand, and even if there are non-Christians, then they should teach it, and LET THE DAMN KIDS ACCEPT WHATEVER THEORY THEY WANT. PErsonally, I think there's nothing to say evolutionism and creationism didn't both happen! There's nothing to say that Adam and Eve weren't monkeys! Even so, I'd still love them both just as much.

I agree with the "God puts himself into everything He creates" thing. Actually, when we were little, they used to tell us in CCD that all of our faces were God's face. We all were essentially a part of God. Everything-plants, paper, condoms, have God in created the condom. Sorry...just thinking. But he also created gays and AIDS and HIV and all...which, oh my gosh! John! Or Nick! We learned about HIV and AIDS in Health, and I was INSPIRED! Lol. WEll, they told us that if we all abstained till marriage, then the STDs would go away **BAM!** like that! And the gay people would never be able to get laid on account of marriage. Then again, that wouldn't work, on account of I already know some non-virgins in my grade. SORRY for putting that in this review...and yes, this did serve its purpose in making me think.


-Paige :-)
SpiritualNomad chapter 1 . 5/18/2005
uhh in responce to just a whimsy, there is a very big difference between theology and philosophy. Just because I mentioned God in this I bet you didnt like it, oh well cant please every athiest/agnostic.(nor would I want to please every athiest/agnostic)
Kaiwaf chapter 1 . 5/17/2005
I hate to say it, but this sounds like the rantings of a religious zealot.