Mrs. MJackson chapter 1 . 5/24/2005
Aw, you just made me sad :( See I'm moving and I have to, go to a new school next school year. I only have two more days till summer break, and I'll be leaving all my friends behind. I've already made those promises, about how we'll talk and what not, but I know I'll never see them again. Aw it's so sad...I never really thought about it, til I read this poem. I love it really, but it just made me kind of sad, i think it made me realize that I'm leaving my highschool, all my friends, my favorite teachers, and my wonderful counselor behind. Now i'm going to be depressed for a while, lol. I've been signing everyone's year books saying, i'll keep in touch, when I know it's going to be hard to keep in touch with those many people. Now I have to finish my Junior and Senior year at a new school, where I only know a few people sad.

IT'S YOUR FAULT, YOU JUST MADE ME REALIZE WHAT ALL THIS MOVING IS MAKING ME LEAVE BEHIND... o well i guess i would have had to face it sooner or later...

anyways, i really liked the poem, just a bit sad, since i only have two days left, i think i might cry, so many people i'll never see again. Oh my god, i gotta get all their numbers and emails and everything tomorrow.

well, i can't wait for your other poems. Just, dont make me sad next time, lol. but honestly, i really did enjoy reading this poem, it was quite deep if yah ask me.
TwystedFate chapter 1 . 5/24/2005
Penelope Darling chapter 1 . 5/24/2005
This is super! I can totally relate, very well-written. Keep writing!