Reviews for The Story of Kathryn Jenkins
Technopeasant chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
An entertaining take on liberal democracy today, and the influence of money in politics. Of course, your character of Arnold also exposes the primary weakness of current democracies - why should someone need a patron, no matter how well meaning, to stand a real chance of being elected in the first place? If I am to offer any constructive criticism, it is that the tone and pacing of the work is somewhat unbalanced. At times one thinks you are going for a soft romance, the next you have a man suddenly go out and kill somebody. Not to mention, I personally would have preferred a bit more about how Kathryn attained the Liberal nomination, as just sweeping over that does not help make the story feel unbalanced. Still, it is nice to see someone attempt a serious understanding on modern political structure.