Reviews for My
Dark Shadow Slayer chapter 1 . 7/14/2005
The summary attracted me...I like what this poem expresses, although I would suggest saying "come into her life" rather than "come in her life". But other than that, well done.
blondebabi chapter 1 . 6/18/2005
so, you just doing that because I sent you a nice review for finale. what's your problwm. you should be happy. So, I guess this is the review you expected or now deserve."THIS SUX! I MEAN HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF DETAIL? YOU SURE TOLD THAT TO ME. IT DOESN'T EVEN RHYME! I know there are poems that don't rhyme, but its harder to read, especially when randpm, things come uot of no where. how can she take teh knife, run into the rain, and THEN take teh knife inher bathroom. we're all waiting. my question is, why? That's what a poem needs. A little BACKROUND in the beginning or during. How did she feel! That;s the big thing we need to know. So, yopu kind of justy killed the poem. I know I'm writing this on the "MY" poem or story or whatever. but this had to be said. SO SORRY FOR TRYING TO BE NICE! i hope that's the lasdt review you ever get. no ones gona want to read the storys if there always like this. you just made me hate theatre. And I'm an actress! I can already tell you never wil be by the way you act you premadonna wannabe. oh yeah, nomore bad reviews to us blondebabi's please. we are kind of mad at this situation. so, you just got dissed by 3 actresses. nice. so, once again, SORRY FOR TRYING TO BE NICE!

Timothy Hazelo chapter 1 . 5/31/2005
Wow deep...I was just wondering if your here today, (Tuesday) Instead of was it, Maple-Leaf-a-go-go Land? Anyway, umm, are you uhh...Back in, Hamburger-a-go-go Land? Umm Uhh...Yeah...(Inside Joke that even I don't understand)