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Quadrophenia chapter 7 . 3/9/2008
This is such an interesting story. I like Simone's character-it's unexpectedly pleasent. And I think their lives are so interestingly intertwined, not predictable at all..I have no idea what is going to happen or where everyone is going to end up. Since it's been about three years since you last updated, I guess I will never find out what will happen. But if you do visit back, you should definetely update! I'm sure whatever you write will be brilliant.
Fairytale Gurl chapter 7 . 12/30/2007
this is really good!

ah college essays! yale is due tomorrow!


btw grace is pretty normal. i'm asian and applying to 10 schools.

hahahahha and i actually have exactly 1490 on my sats (onyl counting verbal and maths) hahahahha. had a lecture from the parents for that cause i didn't study at all and apparantly all their friends children have 1550. whatever :P

so have fun with uni apps. i still have to polish mine! AND UPDATE SOON!

you write really well!
OoohLookACat chapter 7 . 3/23/2007
oh interesting plot line.

i like Simone

she seems...normal

and not judgemental

and Elisha seems cool

but i already hate Reagan and all those superficial types.

Jordan seems alright...from what i've read so far.

can't wait for more

your harbor chapter 7 . 7/31/2006
Can't wait to read more about Reagan's anorexia.

your harbor chapter 6 . 7/31/2006
Wow. That was definitely one of your best chapters.
your harbor chapter 5 . 7/31/2006
Another good character introduction... now I have to read more. ]
your harbor chapter 4 . 7/31/2006
I really liked the introduction of Elisha, and how she first met Simone. Elisha's my second favorite character next to Reagan. And I can't wait to read more about her. Elisha, I mean. ]
your harbor chapter 3 . 7/31/2006
I really liked how Simone was introduced to some of other characters in this chapter, and I like the character of Katie. She probably wants Jordan to fall in love with Simone... hah.
your harbor chapter 2 . 7/31/2006
I really like this so far, and how your characters are developing. So far I'm liking Reagan - but I generally love characters like her. GREAT JOB.
your harbor chapter 1 . 7/31/2006
Okay. So I just had to check out your story since the plot sounds promising and there are multiple PoVs. And so far, I love it. And have to add it to my favorites. I'm on to read more! *adds to favorites*
thebirdflies chapter 7 . 10/4/2005
I like this. Very interesting twist at the end. You happen to have those often, which makes this story really amazing. Yay! Grace meets Darren! This will go over...interestingly...(I have somehow managed to make Grace my favorite, all because she shares my name. I'm sorry! I love all of your characters, I swear! I really do!)

Living-Dead-Girl09 Again.Not Signed In chapter 7 . 10/3/2005
Yes! You updated! Reagan is probably still my favorite character even if she is the 'Ice Queen'. Lol. Update as soon as possible! bibi
explosionsss chapter 7 . 10/2/2005
Hey thanx for the update. I absolutely adore this story, it's so refreshing and new.

Keep up the good work

Pyth chapter 7 . 10/2/2005
Wow! I was just flicking through fictionpress and picking stories at random when I came across this one - I am most dearly impressed. You, my friend, have talent. I mean, wow. This should be published when you finish it.

...if you want a beta, too, I'd love to help. **
thebirdflies chapter 6 . 10/1/2005
Very interesting. It fits in well with the packing sequence. I like it!

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