Reviews for Life On Drury Lane
Guest chapter 1 . 4/20/2015
dmmit. Get this through your goddamn head.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/28/2013
: )
Wtf-Are-Scrambled-Eggs chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
Please please please PLEASE do another oneshot, but with smut in it! You'd be a fabulous smut writer :)
no-ones-puppet chapter 1 . 12/18/2009
Aww! Absolutely ADORABLE! I love them... if only it could some how transform into a little one shot series... ?

Maybe? _
SatisfyAnEmptyInside chapter 1 . 6/10/2005
Damn right I MADE you write it. And I would so steal them but I’m too nice to ruin them like I know I would. But woo. *lame dance* How glad I am that I did bring it up because this is fucking adorable (like it wouldn’t be.) I just LOVE YOU. And I will force you to write more with my evil spork and erm…threats. Be afraid, muffin. If only for a millisecond…because you know, I’m so freaking scary. I can so beat you with my angst stick, whore. *LOVE*

[This was immediately followed by, ‘I want a muffin. Do we have muffins? I told him to get more muffins. Muffinmuffinmuffinmu-’]

Well, the boy isn’t obsessed, is he? Lol. He’s so adorable in his obsessive-ness. I love how he was talking out loud without knowing it, because then he’s a good muffin boy. AND BLUSHING. Okay, not sure that deserved all of the capitals, but oh well. I like blushing, and now that I read on there is nuzzling so I think it is allowed to stay.

[Ramsey lifted his head to rest it on Orin’s stomach and gave a small, but lecherous grin. “If I recall correctly, I got a little…sidetracked. Surely you remember.”]

Oh, I hear a side story calling. *cough*smutmuffin*cough* And er…I’m just kidding. Sort of. I’m completely no against it, so ahahahaha. Hmm. Shutting up. Orin is so good in his touchy feely manipulating ways. I have to say, I’m proud of you for writing it. For writing them, really. BECAUSE IT’S FLUFFY. Since you know me well enough, I doubt I need to explain that. *fucking murders you with the fluff stick* Oh, and yea, that was full of love.

[“What? What happened? What’s going on? Who died?” Ramsey asked the barrage of questions as he quickly made his way to the end of the couch…“My…Mother and father…” said Orin, his voice sounding forlorn with just a touch of numbness on account of shock….“Your mother and father died?” shouted Ramsey, and Orin looked up at him through a fringe of blonde hair.]

Sorry to paste that whole part, but YOU KILLED ME. Ahahahahahahaha. *laughing, seriously* That feels so panicky person like to me. I can’t stop grinning and cracking up when I read it over. DAMN YOU. Anywho, I’d comment on everything I liked about the scene, but it would be your shit than mine, and I’d hate do that for my first long review for you. Deal? Heh. I love how he say they were going to clean in response to Orin’s question, and HOW HE SPAZZED OVER THE PICTURE. My god, I am so locking you in my closet. Little perverted. *even more love*

I think his parents are some kind of odd demon spawn. Ones that faint, so I give the mom ten points for that. Yay for a cleaned up Ramsey and an all put drooling (or so I’d like to think) Orin. What a lovely picture they must have made for the parent, huh? Ha. His mom is so like…a girl. In a not really bad way, if that makes sense. You so shouldn’t allow me to ramble…

[Finally, he gave a low growl of frustration, and snaked his hand down Ramsey’s arm until he could take the other’s hand in his own. Lacing their fingers together, he bent their arms at the elbow and waved the entwined hands in the air.]

Translation: Yes, mom and dad, I’m his bitch and sometimes he is mine. I do think that wraps it up pretty nicely. Lol. I kind of pity the parents, must have been shocking. Of course, I would be a horror of a parent when it came to it, but that would include lots of pictures to show the neighbors and the people who had enough bad luck end up behind me in a grocery line.

Oh, you evil woman of…something. I would copy and paste the whole fucking licking part if I wasn’t afraid you’d hurt me for it. So I’ll settle with random parts and lots of capitals to show my love and my fan girl-ish need to re-read it over and over again. *pause* That really makes me sound like a pervert. Hmm. Oh well. Not like I’m /not/ one. But yes. LICKING. Should be done in everything, everywhere, and only between two humans with dicks (working or not, I’m not picky.)

[In utter fascination, he followed the small blood trail and ran the tip of his tongue from knuckle to fingertip, waiting for the reaction. The brunette’s trembling grew more evident and he sucked in a ragged breath, shakily exhaling.]

*DEADDEADDEAD* You. NEED. To. Write. More. Kissing. Scenes. Really, really, really true. A great thing (when are they not) made even better by a fainting mother. Such goodness, isn’t it? Lol. And it was damn funny, so you laugh Ramsey, and you pin innocent boys named Orin to counters whenever you’d like. *slightly off today* I’m sure that shows. Heh. *love* Parents and such parents.

[‘Ramsey must be rubbing off on me,’ he mused as he listened to the rhythmic sounds of their shoes slapping against the wet sidewalk. ‘I didn’t used to be this twisted.’]

That feels like denial. I bet he was on of those closet twisted people. *nodnod* Such a shame. If they weren’t in the closet, there would be so many more tainted people in the world. Would be a lovely thing, don’t you think? Aww. Pet names. Ramsey is so damn…*cuts off to pinch his cheeks* Hahahaha at the shiny eyed girlies. Amusing, very.

[“If you’re talking about that thing I do with my tongue, I’m afraid I can’t reveal that. It’s a trade secret. Surely you understa-”]

*raises eyebrow* I know I’d like to /know/ what exactly he’s talking about. Hahahahaha. *fucking pervert* It’s adorable, the whole holding out thing. SO thought he was talking about sex, but he was only talking about Orin’s dear muffins. I do see how it would be more scarring though. Lol. Catholic. School. Boy. *completely shoves in closet* You are mine now. Give me your humor. Now. Please?

[“Shut up!” Orin shouted, but it came out sounding more like, “shuh-ah!”, and Ramsey believed that he was going to have a heart attack.]

I’m sure his parents taught him not to talk with his mouth full. Heh. But he’s damn cute, so it’s okay, unless he was spewing stuff because that’s kind of icky. You see what happens to me when I review late? I get really off topic. I should be put down.

Copping a feel on the sidewalk. That sounds REALLY promising…*reads on*.

[“It’s eight in the morning,” said Orin. “It’s far too early for groping.”]

Is there a time too early for groping? I think not. Groping is a 24 hour activity. But hey, a rain check is better than nothing. CORRUPTING. Yes, he did. Lol. And it’s a freaking lovely thing to see. Even better when he gets all out of wack about it (excuse me for thinking something with hands down pants with that one.)

And the ladies. Well. Angela seemed pretty cool, but the others seem like the terrors. Annoying terrors. Heh. […softened as he leaned into the touch like a kitten…] AW. The image makes me into a fan girl puddle. And possum chow. How I love that boy.

[He tugged on the slim wrist that dangled above his head, sending the boy sprawling on top of him.]

The last scene was just CUTE and LOVELY and FREAKING SQUEE WORHTY. I adore you and this story even more that I’ve re-read it (and no doubt will do it another million times later.) I’ll know where to go when I’m in need of a fluff fix.

Should I say thank you?



(my typos love you too.)
Silent Dreamer 136 chapter 1 . 6/4/2005
Wonderfully done! I was laughing the whole time. I love the fork fights. And when Clara Montabelle fainted, that was priceless! Musta been some surprise. Great job!
Maggie chapter 1 . 6/4/2005 I said before...go into more detail in the kissy scenes! I'll help you with it too. Maybe. _

All in all, this is an excellent story. It kept me laughing most of the time. It was a cute story.

Muffin Men rock!...Ahem. I'll be going now...before I make a complete fool of myself.
PirateGrrl chapter 1 . 6/4/2005
I love Orin’s absence of an inner monologue throughout this story. It’s so hilarious that he doesn’t even realize that he’s speaking aloud. XD So cute. HAHAHA! “We’re going to clean.” Orin really is anal isn’t he … um … Yes, I said it. *snicker* anal.

“I’ll take that as a giant, flaming ‘never’.”

HAHAHA XD Giant. Flaming. Never. *fucking DIES*

Have I ever mentioned the fact that Orin’s last name has got to be the coolest/cutest surname EVER? It’s Montabelle, for Christ’s sake! And I just love Ramsey’s theatrics. (Ramsey gave a mock gasp and clutched at his heart with both hands, including the one of Orin’s that he was still holding.)

(“All I heard was ‘get off’ and ‘lap’. What were you saying, again?”) Oh yes. XD How does Ramsey know what I’m thinking? I love that damn kid.

Orin deals out a lot of abuse in this story. HAHAHA! It’s playful, I know and OH SO VERY funny. XD

I love how Orin just nods to his Mother and Father. He’s definitely one of those ‘don’t touch me unless you’re Ramsey’ kind of dudes.

(“…It’s home.” The last part came out without thought, startling all three of them. Uncomfortable silence followed.) Heh. Kind of makes me think that he unintentionally insulted the home he had with them. Am I right? Or am I wrong? LET THE RECORD SHOW.

I just love that Ramsey kissed Orin’s Mom’s hand…. AND SHE GIGGLED. XD

(Devious little bastard.) That about sums Ramsey up. And I LOVE it.

I also find the fact that Orin had to wave their entwined hands around in the hair before his parents could get the point … EXTREMELY AMUSING. XD That was funny. PRICELESS, indeed, my friend. INDEED.

And apparently to Orin, Ramsey’s finger-licking good. Interesting revelation and I enjoyed it. But now… I hunger for chicken. I wonder why … Hmmph … The kiss? WONDERFUL. You are AMAZING, Dear muffinFACE. AMAZING.

So, Orin’s mom fainted and they left! HAHAHA! XD Too fucking funny! I just love the fact that they both cracked up afterward, because hey … it was funny and they did quite a good job scaring the living shit out of Orin’s parents … or at least his mother, anyway. :D

I love Orin’s muffin obsession and that he just shoves the entire thing into his mouth leaving Ramsey in awe of his ‘mouth … ability.’ HAHAHA XD.

(“shuh-ah!”) HAHAHAHA! I can picture this in my head so clearly. It will haunt me for life! HAUNT ME FOR LIFE! XD

Mph, groping-rain check. OH yes.

“Um, you’re out of the groping and it’s in the sale ad this week.”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. I’ll tell you what: I’ll get you a rain check coupon and they should be in next week. You should get them for the sale price, is that okay?”

“Perfect! But I was kind of hoping …”

“Well, *looks around furtively* if you come over here behind the meat counter, I think I can give you some groping … for free.”


(“Geez,” Ramsey groused, “You hit bloody hard for such a little guy!” He ducked again on instinct, waiting for another glared balefully at him. “That’s not what you were saying yesterday,” he said, and then stopped, eyes widening.)HAHAHA, Ramsey is rubbing off on him! WHOO! XD He’s so nasty and corrupted now. In other words … NORMAL.

You know that the neighbors crack me up to no end. Tammy … hahaha, COVERED in leopard print … her daughter, Krissy, a cookie cutter version complete with chatterbox, and the other daughter, Angela. One who seems to know a lot more than she chooses to voice aloud. I LOVE THEM ALL.

Positively the two CUTEST/FUNNIEST THINGS in this chapter: (“My appetite toward muffinry is completely insatiable.”) XD and (they’d walked sluggishly home, stopping only once when Orin spotted something shiny and went to investigate.)“OH! Stop! Ramsey, it glistens in the sun! What could it be!”“It’s a penny.”“*shoves in pocket* Goes toward the Muffins for Orin Foundation.”I LOVE THIS DAMN STORY. AND I LOVE YOUR FACE.

Write more. You are one of the funniest people I’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing.