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Beatrixx Ripley chapter 1 . 5/25/2007
i liked the combined story thing
thatonemistake chapter 8 . 9/20/2005
Ok... so it's not letting me create a review for Chapter Nine... so I guess I'll just review it for this chapter... which mind you, I totally agree that that cliff-hanger was cheap... Anyway, nice chapter, really glad Cedric didn't die and all. Um... Take advice though, pal, little less FIGHTING! Curses to the long chapter!

Forever Ben's stalker,

Ben Wuest chapter 9 . 9/20/2005
JEZ! This took up my entire Activity Period! Holy CRAP! But hell yes, it TOTALLY made up for the previous cliff-hanger, dude, and it was all completely awesome. Once again, really (REALY) long fight scenes, always a plus... and we of course have a lot of progress as well. Very unique, especially since you're temporarily running solo here. Anyway, nice to hear from you after a long wait, and I'm glad to see that the cliff-hanger on this one wasn't nearly as intense as the last one. Thank god Cedric is alive! (Not that I really expected for you to kill one of your 'representations') Outtie,


P.S. RE_stalker is reading this one as we speak.
Ben Wuest chapter 8 . 9/1/2005
DoR! This was SO cool. I love the suspenseful ending, you bastard. Now look! I'm going to worry about Cedric until my birthday! (That's the day I end my Hibernation). I am sorry to hear that Anters didn't help (ha, though thanks a lot, Josh, for telling me; spoiled the surprise, A-hole ;)), but I think that we all have to make choices in life, and many of the times it will disappoint one person or another. That person just happened to be you. Don't take it hard, and you two had BETTER not get into a fight; I'm getting too old for this baby-sitting crap ;). Anyway, I'm in study hall right now, and I've gotta go,

the resident evil player.

PS And F-U DoR for the cliff-hanger!
Ben Wuest chapter 7 . 8/16/2005
Gah! And NOW it lets me, after I've already MADE the fudging review for this chapter on your other story! Curses! Oh well, I only wanted to test this out to see if it would let me. As I said in the other review, I really liked how you brought us into the realities of what being Cedric and Element is like at home; it added a nice effect. I cannot wait to hear from you all again after my hibernation, and I'm sure you guy don't need me to be a success! By the way, Anters, you sent me an e-mail... but what was the point of it? Oh well, just thought I'd tell you 'yeah, it worked'. Good luck you two, and I'll see if I'll see ya before I go!

thatonemistake chapter 7 . 8/15/2005
Ben and I are online and reading this at the same time, so expect one from him very soon. Alright, down to business; I love how you show a bit of their personal lives outside of all the vampire huntings and explosions and painful damages to their bodies. You two are very talented, and Ben tells me that Dragonofraven writes on the side? You should tell me how to get to that, I would love to read your works sometime (don't bother, I'll actually just have Ben send me the link). Oh man, so Ben is going to be going into hibernation soon. You know what that means, right? Yup, that means it's going to be my turn to write fan-fics for his Book of Games series. I'm excited (and the system he and I created is just too complex for ME to explain, but be sure to ask him if you care any). Well, I don't know what else to say. To Anters: Good job, keep it up. To Dragonofraven: Good job, keep it up. To Dragonanters: Update soon, I know Ben and I will be checking in with you soon.

thatonemistake chapter 6 . 8/15/2005
Oh my... losing circulation in the image-creating fraction of my mind. That was a lot of fighting, and it was all completely kick-ass. I'm with Ben when I say KA-BOOM! The battle was explosive, and I'll admit that even I was a bit worried that Cedric was going to die. But then I remembered 'Duh, it wouldn't be a co-op book if one of the two characters were to die). So I'm curious; are the villains owned separately or did one of the dragonanters specialists create them? I guess I shall wait for a response in this instance.

Ben Wuest chapter 6 . 8/15/2005
Swoosh! Ka-blaam! "Well isn't this fun?" Sizzle-hiss! "Holy water? Oh my god!" Pow! Ka-boom! "Shadow Masquerade!" Cha! Cha! Cha! BOOM! "Who's running, bitch?" -girly voice- "Aa, my car!" Kay-powee! Swoosh! "Dark Tornado!" "Holy Fist!" "Dark Torpedo!" "Holy Fuck!"... Wait a second... No! You... You killed/severly damaged Cedric! That's like killing Kenny! You bastards, don't kill him, don't kill him! Grr... then at least update before I go into hibernation... (see account for details). To: Anters Thanks so much for thanking me, that's nice of you. I should do that in some of my stories...To: Dragonofraven You'll never believe this, but I actually read the whole thing from beginning to end! No skimming, and I found nothing bad (except possible death of Cedric... he was one of my two favorite heroes). Really REALLY awesome, dude, and I hope to hear from you both before I go. Until then,

Jenae chapter 5 . 7/26/2005
hi there. Well, the story is pretty good, but the fight sceens are WAY WAY to long, try and cut it back just a bit. (this is mainly to DragonoFraven)I read a few of the reivews you have sent. I don't think it was at all nice of you to mention that Anters stories are painful to read, or that his grammer is bad. I can see that your not all that great when it comes to grammer yourself, so i wouldn't talk. I know myself, that i tend to make errors, but i dont point other peoples out. It is normally an accident, but you dont haft to say it was painful to read. Also, if you have a problem with a story, then why bother sending a review? I'm sure you don't want people to complaine about your work of art or anything. I do like this story, i wouldn't send such a reivew if i didn't. But, just thought i let you know, that you went over the line. Anyway, please hurry with the next chapter.
Destro1990 chapter 1 . 7/22/2005
Hey... This is pretty good. I know it is late in the game to see this but... yeah. Anter might not know me, but maybe DoR does. I really like how discriptive you two where in this chapter and I must say congratulations on the first chapter... even though you have 5 now. I will review the other chapters and I have a feeling that they will be just as good.

Eternal LuckDestro1990 or DesP.S. if you want to feel good about yourself... check out the stories that I have written... there should be 4 or 5 when you look at this... if you look at this.
thatonemistake chapter 5 . 7/7/2005
I totally agree with Ben on this one; the mix of humor and supernatural suspense really makes this chapter a fun read. I almost want to say it seems classic, but I've only seen something similar to this once before (not a big anime watcher, is what I'm saying; but I do think I saw something like this in an anime before), so how the hell should I know? But it's the classic idea that Element is not afraid of the gun, but insists on his chicken-wings that makes my point on the classicism of this chapter. All in all, I also agree with Ben; this is beginning to unfold into one of my favorites on this site as well.


P.S. Sorry both of you are going to be gone for so long. Oh well, have fun, update soon after, ok? I'll keep in touch.
thatonemistake chapter 4 . 7/7/2005
I'm impressed by your works once more, dragonanters. Lol, I loved the opening scenes with the meditation; it's kind of what happens to me on some days... (mutters) damn pigeons...

Even at this point I am interested in seeing how much 'power' these two can create in their abilities. You were correct in your writings (and this isn't word-for-word, I don't copy/paste when I make quotes like these) 'You have the potential to be a powerful fighter, you just have to learn how to become.'

thatonemistake chapter 3 . 7/7/2005
Lol, I love a story like yours; the kind where the two main characters (Element and Cedric, from what I interpreted) are always at each other's throats until something bad happens (fight-scene) when they set aside their issues until later and kick some ass. Really good chapter, you'll be hearing from me soon.


P.S. (Paraphrased) Ben says 'Sorry for skimming.' He's going to be out of town for a while, and, well, I'm basically his little messenger girl when he's not around. So... there you go.
thatonemistake chapter 2 . 7/6/2005
Heh, wow. That was brilliant. Sorry I didn't review for the first chapter, but I'm not like Ben - I review when I feel like it, no offense, I hope? Anyway; spectacular fight-scene (and my apologies; I read what Ben reviewed... I'll have a nice chat with him later...). Dragonofraven; you are awesome. Keep up those fight-scenes, while I have one of my own with Ben.

Ben Wuest chapter 5 . 7/6/2005
Fascinating. Lol, I guess I should get this out of here first, so as to save the better for the laster (intentional): dragonofrave; I honestly do apologize with my greatest of whole-hearted apologies, for I completely understand what you are saying. You have to take into context, however, that although you really are the most skilled author of fight-scenes I have ever seen the work of (and that's no lie; I admire your abilities), you still have an audience of mixed opinions. I hate it when people do what I have done to you (and it still boggles me why I even said it, if I hate it so much...), but in the end, I suppose that since their unique criticism helps me, I hoped that my 'criticism' could help you as well. I don't know anything about you (I don't even know your name, just for proof), and I probably never will if it needn't be done, but I do truly hope that somewhere inside your brilliant, descriptive imagination, my criticism helped, and I apologize once more if it didn't.

With that said, I end my review with this; this chapter was very well scripted, with the perfect feel of supernatural existances and theme-humor (the demanding of chicken-wings, of course). It is beginning to tell me that in the next matter of chapters (whenever they shall be), I will be completely convinced that this will be one of the greatest stories on fictionpress that I have ever written.

Just for your support, I have asked that a very close friend of mine take a look at your story. I hope 'its' reviews will help (she doesn't want me to tell anyone her 'secret identity' until I am finished with Volume Two... heh, she's a bit odd this weekend... too many martinis, I suppose...).

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